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Release Notes[edit]

Alpha-1 was the first build, released on 25-09-2012, release notes were not part of the package.

Known Bugs[edit]

There are a multitude of bugs, including, but not limited to:

  • [Bug] Long Todo list interferes with building menu tooltips
  • [Bug] Different prisoners on reload
  • [Bug] Hiring while paused can exceed daily cost limit
  • [Bug] Capacitors
  • [Bug] Foundations placed at map edge cannot be built
  • [Bug] MAC Version: Opens in small box in screen
  • [Bug] Game stuck in bottom right hand corner of the screen on Mac
  • [Bug] Game crashes after deleting a Holding Cell
  • [Bug] Prisoners use holding cell to nap during free time
  • [Bug] OS X Lion fullscreen/resolution broken
  • [Bug] Sleeping doors
  • [Bug] Prisoners go nude to walk through shower room.
  • [Bug] Can't build because an area is Too Dangerous
  • [Bug] Crashes after some runtime.



Alpha 1b was a Mac-only release, with some mac-specific bug fixes. It was released on 27-09-2012.[1]


  • OSX 10.6 problems not fixed


Released on 03 Oct 2012. Second attempt to fix the Mac OS X 10.6 problems.

Chris stated that he used an older SDK build for this version, which should fix the problems.[1][2]

Bugs fixed[edit]

  • As of user reports the OS X 10.6 problem seems to be fixed.[2]