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The first Alpha update fixes some bugs and adds gameplay elements. It was released on Oct 18th 2012.

Chris and Mark made a video to show the new stuff of the Alpha-2 update, check it out here.


  • Deployment mode
    • New screen in the toolbar, unlocked in the usual way by the Security Chief
    • You can assign Guards to the sectors of your jail
    • You can draw Patrol routes within the sectors, and your guards will follow them
  • Intake options: When creating a new map there is an option called Continuous Intake
    • "Enabled" behaves like Alpha-1, i.e. a semi-random number of prisoners arrive every day
    • "Disabled" means prisoners only arrive when you have capacity to fit them in
    • Max. 24 prisoners per day either way
  • Newly created sandboxes have a Time Warp Factor, which governs the speed of the game clock.
    • Large maps now "slow down" the game clock by 50% to give entities longer to get around.
    • Medium maps slow down the game clock to 75%.
    • Small maps run at 100%.
  • The game now saves thumbnail PNGs when you save a level.
    • These are displayed in the Loading / Saving screen when available
  • Large Pipes can now be built under existing walls
  • Fixed: Game now runs on MacOSX 10.6 or greater (issue with libcurl)
  • Experimental Fix: Game should now run properly on Retina Mac screens
    • It will default to fullscreen at the lower (non retina) resolution
    • You can force Retina resolution (2x higher) in preferences.txt with screenW and screenH
  • Fixed: Some needs should not be displayed to the user (e.g. need for a Weapon)
  • Fixed: Prisoners will no longer sit on chairs or use any equipment in any Office
  • Fixed: An issue where goods and Prisoners in a supply truck could be left behind on the road
  • Fixed: Prisoners would sometimes become stationary zombies after being escorted from the deliveries zone (AiTargetSet flag not cleared)
  • Fixed: Room type was often forgotten after a Save & Load. Room type would show up after load as "None". Note: Save games with this bug will still be broken on Load. The game will assign these rooms type "Cell" as a guess.
  • Fixed: An issue that caused Save Games to load very very slowly (appearing to crash) if you had created a single very large room
  • Mealtimes [Secret]


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