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You can download this build here. Read the forum post or watch the update video.

New Food Supply & Demand System[edit]

  • All cell blocks are now assigned a specific canteen to eat in, permitting accurate demand calculation per canteen.
  • All kitchens are assigned specific canteens, such that every kitchen serves at least one canteen, and all canteens are served by at least one kitchen.
  • A new button in Deployment/Logistics can be used to manually override these assignments. This new system permits accurate calculations of supply and demand in all canteens.
  • Hover the mouse over the Canteen supply/demand icon to see a breakdown of the calculated demand per hour.
  • All prisoners will now eat at meal times, not just the very hungry ones.
  • Some prisoners will leave wasted food behind if they are not that hungry.
  • "Ingredient Teleporting" from alpha 26 has been removed.
  • Chefs will now cook whatever ingredients are available in their kitchen, rather than requiring specific ingredient types.
  • If cooked food is available in a canteen but there are no serving trays, a stack of serving trays will be instant-purchased.

Reform Program Scheduler[edit]

  • Advanced players can now click the "Edit Schedule" button to manually set the times and locations of all Reform Programs.
  • Programs set manually will be 'pinned' in place, and will not be moved by the auto-scheduler.
  • New programs can be created by clicking in the schedule.
  • Right click on programs to cancel them
  • Existing reform programs screen now moves camera to current assigned room when mousing over.
  • Reverted to old style colour scheme: Yellow = prisoner on way, Green = attending class.

Phone Tap Object[edit]

  • Built in a security room, connected via wires to phone booths, and manned by a Guard.
  • Allows you to listen in to prisoner phone calls, revealing their Reputation, and arranged contraband throw-ins.
  • CCTV research renamed to Surveillance, and includes CCTV equipment and phone monitoring.

Names In The Game: Report Offensive Entry Button[edit]

  • All entries in the Names in the game list now have a "Report" button. Click on this button if you feel the bio is offensive and should be removed from the game.
  • The number of clicks on any entry is recorded in our database, and we will review all reported entries and remove them as appropriate.

Game balance[edit]

  • Reputations rebalanced: Legendary, Volatile, Deadly are all less likely.
  • Contraband smuggling via deliveries has been halved.
  • Prisoners needs now start at zero.

Miscellaneous Changes[edit]

  • Deployment/Jobs screen now shows staff-only work rooms as grey instead of green.
  • Assigning prisoners to work in those rooms will produce a flashing red warning message saying "STAFF ONLY".
  • Render change: Different wall types no longer blend weirdly, e.g. fences, perimeter walls.
  • New Reputations:
    • Skilled Fighter: Can sometimes disarm an opponent during a fight.
    • Expert Fighter: Can sometimes take a weapon from his opponent during a fight.

Bug Fixes[edit]

  • Fixed: Markers continuously popping up over Guards during fights
  • Many language typos and fixes. Thanks to RGeezy911 for doing this work.
  • Fixed: Blackscreen bug with certain Intel GMA cards
  • 0004332: [AI & Behaviour] Issues with Chef AI (Chris) - resolved.
  • 0004274: [Control & User Interface] AA Program - 'Removes' spelling mistake. (RGeezy911) - resolved.
  • 0002272: [Gameplay] Inconsistent naming - Cook or Chef (RGeezy911) - resolved.
  • 0004139: [Control & User Interface] Failure Condition: Bankrupt - Disastrous spelled wrong (RGeezy911) - resolved.
  • 0002305: [Other] CEO phonecall (RGeezy911) - resolved.
  • 0001647: [Other] Shears item name misspelled as "Sheers" (RGeezy911) - resolved.
  • 0000783: [Other] spelling mistakes in Language File (RGeezy911) - resolved.
  • 0000476: [Control & User Interface] Maintenance is misspelled in Bureaucracy screen, elsewhere (RGeezy911) - resolved.
  • 0000073: [Other] Missing apostrophe in CEO dialogue (RGeezy911) - resolved.
  • 0002681: [Control & User Interface] Typos: In descriptions of CCTV cameras and Holding Cell (RGeezy911) - resolved.
  • 0005187: [Control & User Interface] Possible misspelling in Grant description (RGeezy911) - resolved.
  • 0006688: [Graphics] Black Screen with game running the background (works fine in Alpha 25) (John) - resolved.
  • 0005835: [AI & Behaviour] Piles of dirty clothing not being dealt with (lim_ak) - resolved.
  • 0006824: [Gameplay] rubble needs to be repaired (lim_ak) - resolved.
  • 0006823: [Gameplay] Water pump continues to supply water after being dismantled (lim_ak) - resolved.
  • 0003579: [AI & Behaviour] Guard Dogs get stuck at the entrance of Kennels (John) - resolved.
  • 0006033: [Graphics] Flashing power symbols after foundations are bulldozed with lights installed. (John) - resolved.
  • 0004767: [Graphics] Single Electric Cable Invisible (lim_ak) - resolved