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Released on Nov 1st 2012 with details at

A video of the new features was posted here:

Headline Features[edit]

  • Fog-of-war / Visibility system
    • You now lose visibility of the indoor areas of your Jail over time (Roof covers up the area)
    • Guards reveal the area around them - spread them out to keep your jail fully visible at all times
    • Fog of War is optional and can be toggled when creating a new sandbox
  • CCTV system
    • Unlocked by the Security Chief after Deployment
    • CCtv cameras can be used to uncover fog-of-war instead of Guards
    • CCtv cameras require monitors - each monitor station allows 3 cameras
    • Monitor stations require Guards nearby watching them (One guard can watch a lot of monitors)

Other new features[edit]

  • Researching "Deployment" now unlocks Guard Patrols immediately, rather than requiring a separate research project
  • Guards who are deployed within a sector will now stay within that sector unless ordered away by the player
  • You can now press R to rotate objects during placement
  • You can now press Q and E to zoom in and out
  • Metal Detectors improved
  • Low powered electrical items no longer take damage from water, nor electrocute people in water
  • High powered electrical items should never be allowed to touch water ;)
  • Holding Cells no longer count towards your prison's capacity. (And no longer affect intake of prisoners)
  • You can now disable the checkerboard room pattern if you wish, to provide a cleaner look
(Controlled by preferences option "RenderRooms")
  • The PC executable now has an icon

Bug Fixes[edit]

  • You can no longer use the "Dismantle Object" tool to dismantle fire (Mantis case 0000020), polaroids (0000258), vehicles (0000005)
  • Lights can now be dismantled (0000234)
  • You can no longer search dead prisoners
  • The "Incident Reports" objective was sometimes remaining hidden when it should be displayed
  • You can no longer rotate the following objects: Light, Tree, Electric chair
  • Saving a prison with a '#' symbol in the filename would cause the game to fail to start on next run
(Preferences.txt would remember the map filename and the game fails to autoload the prison on startup)