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Cell Grading[edit]

All prison cells are now graded on quality/luxury, on a scale 0 - 10 Factors that can affect the cell grading:

  • Room Size
  • Outside facing window
  • Desk & Chair
  • TV & Radio
  • Bookshelf
  • Shower


Prisoners are entitled to better quality cells (if they exist) as they build up time for 'good behaviour'. You can see a prisoner's good behaviour time in their tooltip. One day good behaviour is worth one point of cell quality. As soon as they misbehave, they will lose their nicer cell and go back to quality 0. Your guards will automatically swap prisoner room assignments from time to time, to try to match everyone to the right cell. New incoming prisoners are entitled to an 'Average' cell when they arrive.

New view: Logistics -> Room Quality. Shows the current grading of all cells in your prison. The colour coding gives a rough guide - green means excellent quality, red means poor quality.

Shows two numbers over each cell, in the form X / Y

  • Y is the current grading of the cell
  • X is the grade that the current occupant is entitled to

Behavioural changes[edit]

Prisoner's chance to misbehave is now affected by the quality of their cell AS COMPARED TO AVERAGE. E.g. a prisoner in a below-average cell is now more likely to misbehave than before. Prisoners staying in above-average cells are less likely to misbehave, because they want to keep their room.

Misbehaviour / Temperature changes[edit]

  • Prisoner 'boiling point' now factors in punishment/reform/health/security
This means prisoners become less likely to misbehave over time, if you successfully punish/reform them, and take care of their health and security
  • Prisoner tooltip now shows time since last misconduct (good behaviour time)
  • Prisoners with long sentences ahead of them are now more likely to cause trouble than before
  • A prisoners re-offending chance is now recorded when they first visit the prison.
This value is visible in their Rap Sheet, under 'Grading', in the tooltip for Re-offending rate.

New room: Mail Room[edit]

Allows your prison to receive mail from the outside world - i.e. letters from inmates families. Bags of unsorted mail will arrive every day at 6 am, and be taken to the mail room. Prisoners work within the mail room to sort the mail into satchels, ready for delivery. Prisoners or Guards then take those satchels around the prison and deliver the mail. Prisoners experience gains in Family, Recreation and Comfort when reading mail. The incoming unsorted mail is a new source of smuggled contraband.

New item: Radio[edit]

An additional luxury item you can place in a cell to improve it. Prisoners can listen to a radio for recreation (very similar to the way TV works).

Fire (continued)[edit]

  • Fire now destroys utilities like pipes and electrical cables.
  • Fire trucks will now leave dead and unconscious firemen behind.
  • Firemen now take 75% less damage from fire than other entities.
  • Entities now react better to fire - avoiding it where possible.
  • Fire-engine siren sound now shuts off correctly.

Bug Fixes[edit]

  • Deliveries, Garbage, and Exports must now be at least 1x3 (previously would have been ignored if less than 3 high)
  • Fixed: Sometimes loading a prisoner based on a Name-in-the-game resulted in corrupted body and head sprites
  • Fixed: Movement commands from the player didn't show up unless the entity was itself on screen
  • Fixed: Typing '%' into input fields causes the game to crash.