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Released on January 30th 2013 with details here.

The video for all new features can be found here.

Change Log[edit]

Color coded uniforms

All prisoners are now classified based on their risk level - grey (min), orange (normal) or red (max).
Note: The Category of a prisoner is an estimate of their risk level, based on their convictions. However their true risk is determined by their traits.

Criminal History

All prisoners now have Bios where their criminal history can be found and the time they have to stay in prison etc.
Click on any prisoner to review his Rap Sheet. Prisoners have (internal) traits which determine if they are violent, destructive etc. These traits determine the Prisoner's likely response to their needs not being met.

New Sectors

You can now set sectors for maximum-security (MaxSec) or minimum-security (MinSec) prisoners in the deployment screen. You can only set cell rooms to MaxSec or MinSec. When the sector of one class is full, all new prisoners will go to free (white) sectors or holding cells.

Intake Control

If you disabled 'Continuous Intake' you can change what class of prisoners you accept (MaxSec, MidSec or MinSec) in the report screen.

Minor Edits/Bugfixes

  • Edit: When a prisoner gets stuck they will be escorted to their cells by guards
  • Edit: High Risk Prisoners tend to be larger
  • Edit: Doctors have a healing-range of 10 blocks
  • Edit: Building frameworks look more 3D and have shadows
  • Edit: Links to latest version, terms & conditions and buy page in the main menu
  • Bugfix: The tape measure dragging sounds will no longer play unless you are laying out construction orders.
  • Bugfix: Prisoners don't glitch through doors anymore while escaping
  • Bugfix: The game sometimes crashed on saving/loading on high resolution monitors
  • Bugfix: You cannot call unlimited firetrucks
  • Bugfix: A dead or unconscious firemen will no longer drop his firehose continuously