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Released on February 21st 2013 with details here.

The video for all new features can be found here.

Change Log[edit]

Name-in-the-game / Face-in-the-game

The community database of personalised Names and Faces has been imported into the game, which you can view from the main menu option "Names in the game".
Around 30% of all randomly generated prisoners will now include a custom name and bio taken from this database. You can manually transfer any prisoner from this list into your jail - they will arrive in the 8am delivery.

Only Guards can open doors

All locked doors must now be opened by Guards using their keys. Prisoners and staff must wait to be let in. The exception is the doors on each jail Cell, which open automatically when the prisoner should be let out.
Office doors are never locked - anyone can pass through at any time. You can right click on any door to open it manually.

Alarm buttons

Under "Emergencies" there are two new alarm buttons:

  • LOCKDOWN immediately closes and locks all the doors in the prison. Guards will not open doors for anyone. However they will unlock doors on their way if you move them somewhere.
  • BANGUP instructs all prisoners to return immediately to their cell (confusingly, this was called Lockdown in alpha6). Prisoners will obviously ignore this alarm if they are misbehaving.

Game Options menu

From the main menu you can now access an Options menu to control the application settings like graphics, sound and game settings.
Under GRAPHICS you can control the screen resolution, fullscreen/windowed setting and select one of the filtering modes:

  • Multisampling uses fullscreen anti-aliasing (4xMSAA) to improve the sprite render quality
  • Supersampling renders everything at double resolution then downscales to your screen

Both improve the game visuals at the cost of reduced performance.

Minor Edits/Bugfixes

We have disabled autoload of previous saved games for now, until we can fix some loading issues (the game now launches with a new empty sandbox).

  • Edit: You can now press F11 at any time to toggle fullscreen
  • Edit: You can press ctrl-p at any time to save a screenshot
  • Edit: Prisoners can now be re-categorised (Max/normal/Min) from their rap sheet
  • Edit: All research times have been halved
  • Edit: Many parts of the render system have been optimised - some visual glitches may occur in entity animations
  • Bugfix: Building lots of fences whilst paused caused endless delivery of empty boxes
  • Bugfix: Prisoners were no longer bothering to run around the yard whilst exercising
  • Bugfix: The main build toolbar was sometimes scaled wrongly at certain resolutions, leading to an annoying scrollbar in the lists of objects/rooms etc
  • Bugfix: The game will no longer crash on launch if your previous save game was corrupted.
  • Bugfix: Fixed a major performance bug in the renderer, causing occasional extreme frame lag.