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tägl. Lohn:




Belastbarkeit (HP):


Weitere Informationen:

  • Required: Warden
  • Required Research: Legal
  • Unlocks Research: Kleine Zellen
  • Unlocks Research: Legal Prep
  • Unlocks Research: Death Row
  • Unlocks Research: Dauerhafte Bestrafung

The Lawyer grants access to a variety of legal loopholes and helps you bend some of the rules for greater control over your prison by performing his research tasks:

  • Kleine Hafträume (ohne Mindestgröße nutzbar)
  • Dauerhafte Bestrafungen (wie unbegrenztes Einschließen oder ewige Einzelhaft)
  • Death Row (unlocking the Execution chamber)
  • Reduce Execution Liability
  • Legal Defence (avert the Game Over event once per game)

He is unlocked by the Warden's research and needs his own office.

Though getting the same $200 daily wage as the other administrators, the Lawyer is much more expensive to hire than all other staff in the game.