Armed Guard

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  Armed Guard
Date of the last article update. Content based on The Sneezer
3/2021 | The Sneezer
Type: Staff
Cost: $1,500
Daily Wage: $350
Toughness 15 HP
Other Information:
  • Required: Chief
  • Required Research: Armoury
  • Can be recruited by warden for 1750$ a day

The Armed guard's purpose is to suppress nearby prisoners, stop misbehaving prisoners and help quell riots. Armed guards will not perform regular guard duties such as opening locked doors, escorting prisoners or searching prisoners and their cells.

Before hiring Armed Guards you need to unlock and build an armoury. You can only hire as many armed guards as you have guard lockers in your armoury.

Unless set to patrol, your armed guards will stay in the armoury or security room. Armed Guards will only use their weapon if the Freefire emergency command is active or they are fearing for their life, they will instead use their fists. When an armed guard shoots, a shotgun shell will drop to the ground.

When an Armed Guard is knocked unconscious, his shotgun, jail keys and tazer (if they have one) will be dropped to the ground, obtainable by Prisoners.


  • Their standard behaviour is to use their fists.
  • Will only draw and use their weapon if the Freefire emergency command is activated or they are close to dying.
  • Will loudly shout at prisoners to give them a warning, and a chance to stop misbehaving (surrender) before firing, unless they are attacking members of the staff, in which case they will fire on sight.
  • Will draw tazers before using their fists to stop fights. After tazer used, they will use their fists to stop fights. They will not use tazers when Freefire order is issued.
  • Prisoners will surrender if an armed guard is shooting within 4 squares distance. A maximum of 10 prisoners will surrender per gun shot. Fearless inmates will not surrender.
  • Armed guards do have a higher accuracy when firing ranged weapons than other people, being 70% instead of 60% for tazers and 90% instead of 70% for all others.

Hints and Tips[edit]

  • Protect your Armouries well, during a riot or large escape attempt prisoners may choose to raid the armoury and arm themselves with various firearms.
  • If you wish to suppress your prisoners, having Armouries in areas such as the canteen, yard, workshop or shower, which are often visited by your prisoners, or having armed guards on patrol there, is a good idea. They will suppress nearby prisoners and respond to nearby incidents. Just keep all the effects of suppression in mind, you'll slow your prisoners down and they'll take more time to get places.
  • Due to their high hiring cost and wages it is generally not advised to hire and keep armed guards around unless you have an unruly prison with frequent fights or riots.
  • While having Freefire will allow your armed guards to quickly stop misbehaving prisoners, this will also anger other prisoners and might incite more misbehaviour or even a riot.
  • Armed guards can be killed faster and easily if confronted against large rioting prisoners or big gangs as they have low HP.
  • Prisoners may feel troubled by the presence of armed guards on site, translating in an overall increase of the Danger level in the prison.
  • Armed guard can shoot through the gaps between the metal bars in the barred fence. They can also shoot through fence.


  • When staff needs are off, armed guards and snipers are the only staff to go to armoury or the security room instead of the staff room when tired.
  • A prisoner shot by an armed guard won't necessarily die; they can also be rendered unconscious or usually surrender after sustaining the gunshot wound.
  • Shotgun Shells will vanish in 10 to 12 in-game hours.