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Armoury.PNG Armoury
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  • This room must be researched before it can be used.

The Armoury can be unlocked by the Chief for $2,000. Once unlocked, the player will receive the ability to build an armoury along with its equipment and the ability to hire Armed Guards. Each Armed Guard requires his own Guard Locker, and will rest in the armoury - unlike the other staff members who rest in the Staff Room. Also Snipers need the armoury in order to be effective. Without an armoury, snipers only have a suppression effect, but won't be able to shoot at prisoners or give warning shots.

The armoury will become a primary target during riots. Prisoners will head for the armoury to equip themselves with weapons: Rifles, Shotguns, Guns, Tazers and Batons. They will then spread throughout the prison. The most dangerous prisoners are the first to break into the armoury.

Once the player has built an armoury, the Snipers, Armed Guards, Guards and Dog Handlers will come to collect their upgrades if they have been researched. If the player has already researched the items, newly hired guards will spawn already wearing the upgrades and the price will be deducted on purchase. Each armed guard spawns with a shotgun and a tazer.

Note that each Guard must first attend a Guard Tazer Certification program before being able to equip a tazer.