Brick Walls

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Brick Walls



Walk Speed:

Not Applicable




Indoors & Outdoors

Other Information:

  • This material can be generated when starting a new map.
    (Generate Buildings)

Brick Walls are one of the two wall types a foundation can be made of, and like the Concrete Walls they can also be built separately, e.g. to create Rooms inside your prison buildings.

While they look different from the Concrete Walls, they currently cost the same and seem to crumble just as fast.

All walls and fences may be destroyed by fire. If the Events option is used in the game, they may also collapse at random occasions.

If Escape Plans are enabled in the game options, then prisoners working in the laundry can steal uniforms and craft ropes from them. These ropes then can be used to climb fences and walls, and they will be left behind, so other prisoners can use it to escape as well. For walls, these ropes are required, as opposed to the fences, which strong prisoners can also climb without ropes.