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CCTV Monitor

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  CCTV Monitor
Date of the last article update. Content based on The Sneezer
3/2020 | The Sneezer
Cost: $1,000
Size: 3x1
Toughness 30 HP
Used in:
Other Information:

CCTV Monitors exist to enable Guards to activate CCTV Cameras to see through the Fog of War where guards are not present. A Guard will be assigned automatically to a CCTV Monitor, if there is an available guard (not deployed in any room, or for patrol, or needed for tasks like escorting prisoners).


  • CCTV Monitors must be connected to cameras using the "Connect" tool.
  • A single CCTV Monitor must be operated by one Guard, and a Guard can only operate one monitor at a time.
  • A CCTV Monitor can be connected to as many cameras as you wish, but because it has only eight screens, it can only view eight cameras at a time. If the monitor gets connected to more cameras, it will slowly cycle through them.