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CEOs Letter.png CEO's letter


The CEO's letter is an introductory letter received from The CEO of Prison Architects Corp. when starting a new prison in Sandbox Mode.

Other Information:

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It outlines basic information and a few starter tips on how new players can get started. It is presented to the player during the Bootstraps campaign chapter and every time a new sandbox prison is started, where the letter appears as part of the initial to-do list (top left of screen). The letter describes Utilities, information on the needs of prisoners (in this case about hunger), how to begin with just a Holding Cell instead of individual Jail Cells and information about the Warden.

Letter Text[edit | edit source]

Dear Sir/Madam,

Congratulations on completing your basic induction - you are now a fully qualified Prison Architect!
Soon you'll be designing, building and running your own prisons starting from nothing but an empty plot of land and a few stacks of bricks.
Before you get started, I thought I might share some important lessons with you.

1.  Every prison needs a Warden - he should be one of your first hires.
Build him a nice office and he'll open up a whole range of advanced facilities via the bureaucracy system.

2.  Individual jail cells are expensive, especially early on when funds are very tight.
Save money by starting with a single large Holding Cell, which can be shared between many prisoners at once.

3.  Get your Kitchen and Canteen up and running before the first prisoners show up, and be sure to hire some Cooks - nothing irritates a prisoner more than an empty stomach!

4.  Building a prison is an expensive undertaking, and you need to become a master of raising large volumes of money through grants and contracts.
You can access these grants through the 'Reports' screens.

That's about everything - good luck!

The CEO,
Prison Architects Corp.