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Story Mode

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A campaign is a mission surrounded by a story told with Polaroid photos.

It is recommended to play the campaign before approaching the sandbox game mode, as the campaign also serves as a tutorial to the complex gameplay of Prison Architect.

Campaign LevelsEdit

  1. Death Row (introduction)
  2. Palermo (food)
  3. G.A.B.O.S (riot)
  4. Conviction (prisoner welfare)
  5. Bootstraps (epilogue)


The objectives of the individual chapters are described in the respective articles linked above. Not all of them have to be met to finish the game, some are marked as "optional" and thus are not required (except for some Steam Achievements).

There are no failure conditions for the campaign chapters, so you don't risk to lose the game if you have some troubles at the beginning.

See Winning and Failure Conditions for more information also on how to win or fail in other game modes.