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Carpentry Apprenticeship Program


Carpentry Apprenticeship Program


Locked Grant

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Carpentry Apprenticeship Program is a default Grant available to you, that has Pre-Requisites that need to be completed before you can accept it.

In Game DescriptionEdit

Offering carpentry courses to your prisoners can teach them a valuable skill they can use once they are released, and allow them to produce high end furniture in your workshop which can be sold to increase income.

Hints and TipsEdit

  • This tasks requires a number of beds to be completed (10)
    • Beds are crafted at the Carpenters Table by a Prisoner who has passed the Carpentry Apprenticeship Program
    • Completed beds will block space on the tables in a Workshop until moved
    • Beds can be moved to your exports room by workers
    • Beds will be automatically sold from exports, which is not reducing the total number of beds produced
    • Beds produced prior to starting the Grant are not taken into account