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  • Minimum Size: 2x3
    (without "Small Cells" being researched by the Lawyer)
  • Enclosed
  • Indoors
  • Bed
  • Toilet


Used by:




Other Information:

A cell is a basic Room for holding one Prisoner. Obviously, it is one of the key parts of your prison, and you should plan to construct one for each prisoner that comes under your care. A cell is always preferable to a Holding Cell for keeping your prisoners contained, not to mention happy. A multi-inmate alternative to the cell is the Dormitory.

In the beginning, a Cell has to have a size of at least 2 x 3 squares. The Lawyer may research "Small Cells", which will remove the minimum size requirement completely. With a bed and a toilet still needed, this then makes an effective minimum size of 1 x 3.

Cell Grading[edit]

All cells and dormitories are graded on quality/luxury, on a scale 0 - 10 (shown in Logistics -> Room Quality). Better facilities will result in a higher room grading, which will have a positive effect on your inmates.

See Cell Grading for details.

Cell Block[edit]

Cells which are accessible from the same hallway or room are considered to be part of a block. In the Deployment screen, cell blocks may be used instead of individual cells to expedite assignment of Guards and security zones. Be careful how many prisoners you connect with continuous hallways as anger may be passed from one prisoner to the next causing a Riot. Breaking up blocks into smaller chunks with doors is a good way to keep prisoners manageable.


  • Apart from affecting the cell's grading, extra objects (and maybe more of them, e.g. Pool Tables or Weights Benches) allow the prisoners to easily fulfil their needs without any other people making trouble.
    • This is helpful for all prisoners, but especially in maximum security wings, where prisoners may be locked up large parts of their days.
    • Be aware that more objects in a cell also increase the time it needs to search the cell.