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Other Information:

  • This room must be researched before it can be used.

When a class is scheduled using the Programs system, either inmates who are both qualified and interested in taking the course or guards not having the tazer certification yet will arrive in the classroom to learn, depending on the program. Inmates are rated according to their attendance and concentration level during the course, which will affect their pass chance at the end of the program. Note that each Prisoner or guard requires a School Desk to sit at during the class, and the number of desks may limit the number of inmates enrolled.

For the prisoner programs, Foundation Education Program and General Education Qualification, the Teacher is an external employee who arrives just before the class is to begin and uses the required Desk placed in the classroom to conduct the course. Navigation time for the Teacher to reach the classroom may impact the attendance rating for the inmates enrolled in the class, so make sure there is an efficient path from the classroom to the outside. Both programs will take 3 hours, with the Foundation Education Program being able to be attended by 20 prisoners, while the General Education Qualification can only be attended by 10 prisoners per session.

The only program for guards is the Guard Tazer Certification, led by the Chief. The program is limited to 10 guards per session and will take one hour.

The Classroom requires Education to be researched.

Room Grading[edit]

See also:
Room Grading

If the Cleared for Transfer DLC is being used, a classroom may also have a room grading associated with it. This grading affects the sector grading of the security sectors that the classroom is designated for.

Classroom is graded on a scale from 0 to 10 (shown in Logistics -> Room Quality).

Each of the following objects increase its grading by 1 point:

Size.png Room size
Up.png 1 if classroom is at least 25 squares big.
Up.png 2 if classroom is at least 50 squares big.
Window small.png Windows
Up.png 2 if classroom have at least two outdoor facing windows.
School desk.png Blackboard.png Other
Up.png 2 points instead of 1 if classroom have at least 10 school desks installed.
Up.png 2 if you equip the classroom with a blackboard.