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CleaningCupboard.png Cleaning Cupboard
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  • Minimum Size: 3x3
  • Indoors



Used by:


Other Information:

  • This room must be researched before it can be used.
  • After researching Prison Labour, prisoners can be assigned to work in this room.

The purpose of the cleaning cupboard is to allow prisoners to be employed as cleaners in the prison. Once constructed, Bleach will be placed into the room, and used by the prisoners to clean the prison whilst the regime is in Work time. To assign prisoners to work here, use the Prison Labour section of the Logistics view.

The Cleaning Cupboard is available after you research Cleaning from Bureaucracy. To assign prisoners to work, you will also need to research Prison Labour.


The size of your Cleaning Cupboard will determine how many prisoners can work from the room.

You can have 1 prisoner working in the Cleaning Cupboard for every 4 square metres of space, up to a maximum of 100 prisoners per room (at a room size of 400 squares or more).

The most efficient (and easiest) size per prisoner employed you can have for a cleaning cupboard is a rectangle (or square) whose area is divisible by 4.


  • It is not necessary to have a Janitor or even to have Janitor researched to have prisoners work on cleaning the prison, but he will clean staff only zones of your prison.
  • If you design an area to be off limits to prisoners, sometimes all cleaning tasks will be assigned there, effectively stopping your prisoners cleaning.
  • You do not need to retain either the Chief or Foreman on the payroll once the necessary research has been performed.
  • Bleach will be automatically taken to the Cleaning Cupboard by the Workmen.
  • Prisoners will still clean even if there is no Bleach in the Cleaning Cupboard.
  • Note that Prisoners will steal Poison from this room, a source of Contraband. However, poison is smelly contraband, and can be sniffed out by a Guard Dog.
  • To combat this, one may put all the rooms that have sources of smelly contraband in them in a thin corridor with just one exit. At the end of the corridor, place a Guard Dog. It will sniff out most, if not all, the contraband.
  • As the Cleaning Cupboard is a source of weapons, any fight starting there could quickly become very bloody. You may want to restrict which prisoners are able to go (and work) there.