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The Common Room is an indoor area for your prisoners to satisfy their recreation needs during Free Time. Commonly used objects inside of the common room are:

Also used for the Alcoholics Group Therapy program, which needs a Chair for every participant. It is led by a Psychologist, takes 2 hours per session and allows group sizes of up to 20 prisoners, if there are enough chairs.

The Alcoholics Group Therapy program and the Visitation Rights grant are the only two reasons to have a common room in a prison. The objects that can be placed in a common room can be placed anywhere, most notably the yard.

Room Grading[edit]

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Room Grading

If the Cleared for Transfer DLC is being used, a common room may also have a room grading associated with it. This grading affects the sector grading of the security sectors that the common room is designated for.

Common Room is graded on a scale from 0 to 10 (shown in Logistics -> Room Quality).

Each of the following objects increase or decrease its grading by 1 point:

Size.png Room size
Up.png 1 if common room is at least 25 squares big.
Up.png 2 if common room is at least 50 squares big.
Computer Station.png Other
Up.png 2 if common room has at least 4 computer stations installed.