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Date of the last article update. Content based on The Sneezer
5/2020 | The Sneezer
Type: Staff
Cost: $500
Daily Wage: $100
Toughness 5 HP
Other Information:
  • No requirements

A cook is a staff member responsible for keeping your prisoners fed. He works in a Kitchen and uses a cooker and Ingredients to cook Food. Cooks carry stacks of ingredients into the kitchen(s) from the delivery zone and storage room them in a fridge. After preparing food in the kitchen, the cook places it on a serving table in the canteen or kitchen. Additional jobs cooks perform are collecting dirty/used serving trays in the canteen, carrying them to a sink in the kitchen, washing the dirty trays, and returning clean ones to the serving tables in the canteen. Any uneaten food on the serving table after mealtime is over will be turned into garbage bins by a cook for a workman to carry to the garbage zone.

Additionally, a cook will lead the Kitchen Safety and Hygiene program for prisoners in the kitchen. Once they passed it, they may assist the cooks with their duties.

Your cooks will only prepare meals for meal-times scheduled in the Regime; if none are scheduled no food will be prepared or served. The cook is an essential when starting a new prison as it helps to satisfy your Prisoners' hunger need.

One cook supplied with five cookers, five fridges, and several sinks will feed an average of 20 prisoners per two hour long mealtime in your regime.

Cooks are also responsible for distributing meals to staff rooms and staff canteens. However, those meals are delivered from external production facilities and won't be made by the cooks in your local kitchen.


It costs $500 to hire one Cook and $100 per day for wages.


  • To complete the first grant, Basic Detention Centre, you need to employ two cooks.
  • While prisoners love to murder janitors and gardeners during riots, they rarely touch cooks.