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This article covers Criminally Insane prisoners for PC version

Criminally Insane inmates (often shortened to just "CI") are a new type of prisoners and main feature of Psych Ward: Warden's Edition DLC. They feel a constant level of suppression and require new padded cells and psychiatric help to reduce some of their needs before they ignite and kick off.

Intake[edit | edit source]

Criminally Insane prisoners can be requested via Intake tab in Reports book, the same way as other security level prisoners. They require a padded cell or padded holding cell for housing and padded solitary cells for punishments. CI cells and other rooms can be designed the exact same way as for normal prisoners. Padding is added automatically once the rooms as marked as padded. You can also add extra padding by changing the floor type to padded floor which will cater to prisoner's safety need.

Criminally Insane prisoners are very profitable on intake but become less so afterwards.[1]. You get $3000 for every CI prisoner you take, which is higher than any other security category, but they only give $150 daily payment for each, which is on par with Medium Security prisoners.

Prisoners turning into Criminally Insane[edit | edit source]

Regular prisoners can turn into Criminally Insane prisoners if their needs are ignored for too long. It's possible to turn off this feature in the Map Settings accessible from main menu:

ESC > Extras > Map Settings > Prisoners can turn Criminally Insane.

Behavior and handling.[edit | edit source]

Most of the Criminally Insane prisoners will be doing exactly the same things as normal prisoners and you'll see them trying to satisfy their needs by going to places like Common Room, Canteen, Shop or Library. Like normal prisoners, Criminally Insane inmates can also acquire and use contraband.

Some of their needs will be more problematic though. Those are:

  • Privacy,
  • Comfort,
  • Safety,
  • and Freedom need.

All of these as well as their suppression level are constantly growing up and a regular psychiatric consultation sessions are needed to lower them down and help prisoners stay calm. If a criminally insande prisoner's suppression level maxes out, they will ignite and kick off, causing them to start attacking things, prisoners and staff.

Criminally Insane inmates cannot be subdued by regular Guards as they run the risk of injuring them in the process. Instead, CI inmates must be handled by an Orderly, who will use sedatives and Straitjackets to subdue unruly CI inmates.

Because Criminally Insane inmates are, as the name says, criminally insane, you will sometimes see them doing weird things such as:

  • Ghost fighting and punching the air
    • This can potentialy result in them accidentally injuring other prisoners or damaging things
  • Collecting and stacking up stuff
  • Doing things that guards and other staff members do, like searching cells or moving food trays, prisoner uniforms, laundry etc.
    • This can potentially result in them trespassing into restricted areas
  • Panicking, running around looking for shelter
  • Running around in circles, sometimes around furniture and sometimes around nothing at all
  • Committing nudism by stripping naked, even outside the showers
  • Feeding imaginary pets or friends through the perimeter fence by carrying their food tray with them, during eating time.
  • Getting into relatively harmless fights with other stackers, if caught stealing from other stackers stash.

and more.

These are caused by their unique traits they arrive with. When they search cells and/or furniture, they may actually uncover contraband. In such cases, there should be a guard available to remove said contraband from the prison.

Traits[edit | edit source]

Some of the criminally Insane inmates may have their own unique traits that change the way they behave:

Programs[edit | edit source]

Criminally Insane prisoners attend only to Psychiatric Consultation sessions, and Well-being programs (Alcoholics Group Therapy, Spiritual Guidance, and Behavioral Therapy - see their locked privileges in the policy report). They cannot be employed to work through Prison labour in the workshop, laundry and other places. Sometimes you may see CI prisoners moving around uniforms and other objects but that's just because they are insane.

Other[edit | edit source]

  • There is one premade prison created specifically for Criminally Insane prisoners called The Farm. You can access it from the main menu (ESC > Extras > Premade Prisons).

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • A CI Inmate can appear as a special visitor on the Xbox One edition of Prison Architect

Gallery[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

  1. They cannot be employed to work through Prison Labour