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Danger/Thermometer levels

Other Information:

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The tooltip of the danger level display in the UI is giving some information about the complaints.

The overall level of hostility in your prisoner population is displayed at the top of the screen after you have hired a Security Chief. If moused over, the indicator will provide additional information such as the number of complaints, satisfied inmates, and recent punishments which have been handed down. Danger or commonly temperature level increases as needs go unmet. You can lower the danger level by providing additional amenities, allowing more time in the regime to satisfy certain needs, or by hiring more guards to deal out punishments.

When the danger level rises too high, then it is recommended to lower it fast or there may be an unexpected full-scale riot, depending on how many prisoners are angry because of their unmet needs.

Factors affecting the danger level of your prison are:

  • Increase of Danger:
    • Prisoners have critically unsatisfied needs.
    • A Riot is occurring nearby.
    • Riot Police are on site.
    • Armed Guards are in service.
    • There was a recent death in the prison.
    • Prisoners are searched without finding anything.
    • Nearby fights - prisoner vs prisoner or prisoner vs staff.
    • Staff members who are disappointed in their job.
    • Gang leader being punished.
  • Decrease in Danger:
    • Prisoners who feel they are well treated (all needs met).
    • Prisoners who had a good meal.
    • Prisoners who have been calmed recently from the Chapel.
    • Staff members who are satisfied with their job.
  • Neutral - No increase or decrease in Danger:
    • Recent punishments have been given to other prisoners. (Deterrent)
    • Prisoners are suppressed. (Compliant)
    • Prisoners are locked up for no reason, which is caused by activating Bangup.

If staff needs are enabled, staff being "pissed off" also increases the danger level. However, this effect doesn't have a strong impact on prisoners. Staff being well taken care of will have a calming effect on the prisoners as well.

Choosing The Pacifier as a warden permanently reduces the danger level by 25 points, with the addition of his presence calming prisoners.

Alternatively, having the mutator "Danger Zone" active will permanently increase the overall Danger Level to maximum, meaning you will experience many more more fights, riots, and escapes.