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Deliveries room.png Deliveries
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  • Minimum size: 1x3


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A delivery zone accepts item stacks from Supply Trucks. Prisoners will often try to smuggle illegal items into the prison via the trucks, so it is a good idea to put a patrolling Guard Dog next to the deliveries and to use Metal Detectors at entry points to detect these intrusions.

If there is no Reception, also the prisoners will arrive here.

The only difference between this room and Storage is that Supply Trucks have their goods unloaded in this spot and prisoners may arrive here.


  • When your prison grows, consider building a Storage room at a central spot to reduce walking distance.
  • Consider placing the Storage next to your Kitchen with a door leading to the Kitchen. This helps the Cooks make food faster since they don't have to run long distances for ingredients.
  • Not all items need to be delivered via trucks. Those will be automatically teleported to Storage, so it is a good idea to not make the delivery zone too big.
  • If delivery zones are high enough (vertically), multiple supply trucks can be unloaded at once.
  • If the delivery zone is on the same level as an exports or garbage zone (horizontally), supply trucks can be unloaded and loaded in parallel.
  • When prisoners arrive here, they will be handcuffed and thus won't try to escape even if the delivery zone provides access to the outside world. Keep in mind that this is due to the handcuffs. If they ever come back here, e.g. as a part of a job in the kitchen, they actually may try to escape from here.
  • Even though your initial delivery is outdoors, there's no need for this room to be there explicitly, you may put it inside a building as well.
  • Placing Deliveries inside makes it easier to scan incoming containers for contraband using metal detectors.