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Type: Staff
Cost: $1,000
Daily Wage: $100
Toughness 5 HP
Other Information:
  • Required: Warden
  • Required Research: Health

The doctor treats injured staff and Prisoners; any lost Toughness points will be fully restored. The infirmary and morgue are required for the doctor to function fully and are unlocked through the Bureaucracy screen. Prisoners will be taken to the infirmary by a guard and will wait there until they are treated. Handcuffed prisoners need to be escorted back to their Cell after treatment, but a prisoner who is not cuffed will leave after treatment if a path is available.

Besides injured people (e.i. due to a fight or in a fire), doctors may also treat starving, overdosed or bleeding prisoners, and the ones that are infected with a virus (if the Events option is used in the game).

A doctor will also lead the Pharmacological Treatment of Drug Addiction program for drug-addicted prisoners in the infirmary.

In lieu of waiting for a patient to be delivered to the infirmary, it's possible to send a doctor to an injured prisoner or staff member by selecting the doctor and right-clicking on the patient. The doctor will run to the injured person, heal them, and then go back to the infirmary.


  • Doctors are not very efficient. It is advised to bring one to a scuffle if there are injured staff or inmates.
  • If a player cannot afford the wages of a Doctor, paramedics may also be used as an alternative.
  • Even if staff needs are enabled, they will still use the default "Energy" bar resting system