Dog Handler

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  Dog Handler
Date of the last article update. Content based on The Sneezer
3/2021 | The Sneezer
Type: Staff
Cost: $500
Daily Wage: $150
Toughness 15 HP
Other Information:
  • Required: Chief
  • Required Research: Patrols
  • Required Research: Dogs

Dog handlers can be purchased after unlocking Security, Patrols and Dogs from the Bureaucracy screen. Hiring a dog handler is the only way to obtain a guard dog, which will be especially useful to detect smelly contraband and escape tunnels. Additionally, the guard dog will go rampant and will attack and kill the prisoner(s) who injured their unconscious dog handler. If the dog handler is killed, the guard dog will eventually leave the prison after some time.

When a dog handler is knocked unconscious, their jail keys and dog leash will drop to the ground, obtainable by prisoners.


  • Like the guards, dog handlers will not enter captured sectors. This also applies to guard dogs.
  • Unlike the guard, dog handlers are unarmed and will defend themselves with their fists. The guard dogs will also assist their handlers when such a situation presents itself. When a dog handler spots an escaping prisoner, they will blow a whistle that alerts the player.
    • Dog handlers will use Dog Leash to stop fights. It is unknown if this is a bug or not.
    • Dog handlers won't be equipped with tazers and won't attend Guard Tazer Certification program.

Hints and Tips[edit]

  • Having a built kennel near areas which they are common for prisoners to go such as Kitchen, Canteen, Laundry, Yard, Workshop or Shower, is a good addition, since dog handlers along with guard dogs will respond to nearby incidents. However, they must be rested in order for their nearby response to work properly.
  • Even though each dog will require a dog crate to rest, you can hire as many dog handlers (and with them, dogs) as you want. Having more dogs than crates only means that they cannot all rest at the same time. This is different to the armed guards, which need an exclusive guard locker before they can be hired.


  • When their dogs are resting, they will never get involved in fighting and will never move to the specific location you want them to go until their dogs are fully rested.
  • Dog handlers previously had 20 Toughness points, but were reduced to 15 in Alpha 16 even though they wear a stab vest.
  • If staff needs are turned off, they are the only staff member that never gets tired, even though their dogs do. It is possible that they share the same energy bar. If staff needs are turned on, however, the dog will still have the normal Energy bar while the Dog Handler will get the complex staff needs provided by the difficulty setting.
  • Idle Dog Handlers will participate in shakedowns and tunnel searches, bringing their dog with them.
  • In old versions of the game, Dog Handlers could be equipped with tazers.