Door Control System

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  Door Control System
Date of the last article update. Content based on The Sneezer
3/2020 | The Sneezer
Cost: $1,000
Size: 2x1
Toughness 30 HP
Used in:
Other Information:

Once connected, the Door Control System can open Remote Doors and any Door with an attached door Servo.

Unmanned, the Door Control System indicates inactivity with a red light on top. A Guard will automatically man the Door Control System and the light on it will turn green. When a Door is opened with it, the light will flash orange for a short duration.

There is no of maximum amount of objects to be connected to the Door Control System, but the operating guard can open a maximum of two doors per second.


  • No more waiting time for an arriving guard to unlock a door for someone.
  • Fewer guards needed, because all doors can, theoretically, be controlled by one guard.
  • It can make your Prison more secure with the use of remote doors, since they cannot be opened with a key.


  • If Prisoners reach the Door Control System, they can destroy it which will cause all linked doors be opened.
  • If your prison relies on automated doors, bottlenecks will come into existence if there are not enough guards available to operate the door control systems (i.e. not deployed in any room, or for patrol, or needed for tasks like escorting prisoners).
  • Remote Doors can stuck your prison entirely when no guard is operation the Door Control System and other Guards try to reach it and have to pass a Remote Door. You have to manually open the door to solve this.