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  Door Servo
Date of the last article update. Content based on The Sneezer
3/2020 | The Sneezer
Cost: $200
Size: 2x1
Toughness 1 HP
Used in:
  • Anywhere
Other Information:

A servo is used to control Doors remotely. When a signal is applied, a Servo will open the door it is connected to.

Linking a Servo up to a Door Control System will enable it to be opened automatically when passage is required. However, the door control system must be manned by a Guard. Take notice that if the door control system is destroyed, the servo and door it is linked to will open.

You can also connect a servo to a Logic Circuit, Logic Bridge, another servo, Power Switch, a Pressure Pad or a Door Timer. This way the player can set up automation of timed systems, like airlocks for example.

To have a Servo control a door, the player must construct it with the cog-part positioned over the door.


  • The direction of the wire connections does matter. Drag wires from the Door Control System or whichever object you want to use to trigger opening the door to the servo, not the other way.
  • Perhaps surprisingly, more than one servo can be placed on a door, which allows for more complex automation. E.g., separating remote opening from lock signals. Also for complex automation, the servo can be put in a "Close on trigger" mode, which means they will close their door when triggered instead of opening it. This can be used for airlocks.
  • Pressure Pads will allow automatic opening of a door when someone is approaching it from one side, while requiring a guard to open it when someone is coming from the other side.
  • Wiring multiple servos together will allow to open multiple doors by only one input signal.