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Dormitory2.png Dormitory
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  • Room size at least 6 Squares per Prisoner
  • Room size at least 12 Squares per Prisoner
  • Room size at least 18 Squares per Prisoner
  • Item: 1 Shower Head per 4 Prisoners
  • Item: 1 Tv per 4 Prisoners
  • Item: 1 Phone Booth per 4 Prisoners (Radio before version 2.0.1)
  • Item: 1 Bookshelf per 4 Prisoners
  • Item: 1 Chair per 4 Prisoners
  • Item: 1 Pool Table per 4 Prisoners
  • 1 Outdoor Window per 8 Prisoners

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A Dormitory can house any number of prisoners, based on the number of beds installed. Dormitories can be small, e.g. 2x3, replacing the normal Cell, allowing for two or more inmates to share a cell together. Or Dormitories can be large, with shared showers, toilets, phones, TVs, recreational facilities etc. Better facilities will result in a higher room grading, which will have a positive effect on your inmates.

The privacy need might suffer when a prisoner is housed in a dormitory instead of a private cell, depending on the room size of the dormitory.

Death Row inmates cannot be assigned to dormitories, they need to have single cells.

Prisoners may dig Escape Tunnels through the toilets of their dormitories. Note that multiple inmates of a dormitory may team up together to dig faster.

This object can only be found on the PC port of the game.


A dormitory can hold one prisoner per four squares of space, given there are enough of beds for all prisoners. The only exception to this rule is a dormitory of 2x3 size (the smallest possible) that can be equipped with a bunk bed and host two prisoners on space of 6 squares.

To be able to house 3 prisoners, dormitory must be at least 12 squares big and have 3 places to sleep (for example, one bunk bed and one normal bed). For 4 prisoners, the size must be at least 16 squares and have 4 places to sleep.

To cater to prisoners' privacy need, the dormitory must be larger than 12 squares times the number of prisoners housed in it. For example, a 4x6 size dormitory housed by 2 prisoners can't satisfy their privacy needs, while having just 1 square space more can do it. Using bunk beds instead of normal beds, or different room gradings won't affect this standard.

There's no limit on how many prisoners you can have in one dorm other than its size and sleeping places. Also, the dormitory minimum size requirement cannot be reduced by research of the Lawyer.

Dormitory Grading[edit]

See also:
Room Grading

All dorms are graded on quality/luxury in a similar way to cells, on a scale 0 - 10 (shown in Logistics -> Room Quality) if Cleared for Transfer DLC is enabled.

Each of the following objects increase or decrease its grading by 1 point. One object is per 4 prisoners (which means that installing the second one won't affect grading if there's 4 or less prisoners in a dorm etc.):

Window small.png Windows
Up.png 2 if dorm has at least one outdoor facing Window or Large Window per 8 prisoners.
Down.png 1 if dorm doesn't have any windows.
PA System.png Foam Mattress.png Other
Down.png 1 if majority (more than 50%) beds in dorm is low quality (foam mattress, old bed).
Down.png 1 if PA system is installed anywhere in the cell block.

Dormitory Examples[edit]