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$0 (Gratuit)

Vitesse de déplacement:

Non applicable




Extérieur seulement

Informations supplémentaires:

  • Ce sol n'est pas disponible dans le menu Matériaux.
  • Ce sol peut être généré au debut de chaque nouvelle carte.
    (Générer Lacs)
  • Ce sol bloque l'accès, la construction et les tunnels.

Water is auto-generated in the same manner that forests are generated, and will accompany Dirt, Sand, Long Grass, and Grass during the terrain generating process. It is disabled by default when starting a new map. To enable water to appear in new maps, the lake generation feature must be ticked in its checkbox. Additionally, water, mud and long grass are the only ground materials that cannot be placed by the player.

Water also functions similarly to the Perimeter Wall in that people cannot walk (or swim) through it and utilities cannot be constructed through them, but differs from the perimeter wall because water cannot be altered by the player through normal means. It acts as a permanent blockade within the map, forcing players to build their prisons around the lake.