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Edward Romsey/Lang


Edward Romsey



Appears in:

Death Row

Other Information:

Murdered Susan and Anthony in his home, and was sentenced to death.

        -- SPOILER WARNING --        
Edward Romsey.jpg

Edward Romsey is a character appearing in the Death Row campaign. Notable features are his yellow glasses and grey moustache. His prison number is 1231. According to the chief, Edward was once a teacher. It is probable that his hobby has got something to do with guns, since he is in possession of a revolver, and kills both Susan and her lover with a single shot in the head.


  • His last words before being executed were "Susan... I'm sorry."
  • Edward is Christian, probably Roman Catholic. After he committed his crimes, he visits The Priest's church and prays with a Roman Catholic rosary.
  • Edward's character design was very much influenced by pre-Heisenberg Walter White of TV series Breaking Bad.[1]