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  Elite Ops
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Date of the last article update. Content based on The Rock
3/2022 | The Rock
Type: Emergency
Cost: $3 000 per squad (4 men)
Daily Wage: $0
Toughness 80 HP
Other Information:
  • DLC Content
  • Elite Ops can open every door in your prison, except ones you've manually locked shut yourself.
  • Can be recruited by warden for 0$ a day

Elite Ops are one of the emergency units that can be called in from Emergencies menu if Island Bound DLC is installed. They come by a elite ops helicopter in a squad of 4 men(or 6 for console), armed with assault rifles.

They are ready for action as soon as they show up on the map. By default, the helicopter lands on one of the helipads from where Elite Ops can be sent to other sections of the prison but they can be deployed much faster by using their special ability which is fast-roping technique.

In order to deploy Elite Ops squad in any location on the map (that's accessible, walkable), select the helicopter by clicking on it before it lands and send it to hover over the area where you want the squad to be deployed. Next, select the helicopter once again and choose Deploy squad from the context menu. Once pressed, the Elite Ops should leave it by using fast-roping technique. If you leave the helicopter floating when the elite ops arrive they should fire some shots and stop.

One elite ops squad consists of 4 men and costs Icon money.png $3 000 for calling it in. You can call in 3 squads but only if you have a free helipad for each of the helicopters that are already on the map. That includes all types of the helicopters.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Unlike armed guards, elite ops rarely give warning shots but their weapon is not as deadly as armed guard's shotgun. This results in wounded and unconscious prisoners rather than just dead. They will still kill Cop Killers however.
  • Elite ops member is the toughest unit in the game and has 80HP.
  • Elite ops are the only guard unit that can be recruited for warden protection for free, alongside soldiers.

Gallery[edit | edit source]