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Walk Speed:

Not Applicable




Outdoors Only

Other Information:

  • None provided

The fence is an outside-only wall type.

Fences are a good way to surround your prison without spending much money on walls. This makes the fence a good way to expand your prison quickly and cheaply.

If Escape Plans are enabled in the game options, then strong prisoners can climb walls and thus escape, if they make it quickly enough before getting caught by a guard. Additionally, prisoners working in the laundry can steal uniforms and craft ropes from them. These ropes then can be used to climb fences and walls, and they will be left behind, and other prisoners will flock to it, so they must be dumped quickly.

Just like all other, more expensive walls, fences won't be attacked or destroyed by prisoners. They will, however, not slow down the process of digging Escape Tunnels underneath them, as Perimeter Walls and buildings do.

Building a fence over a light removes it. However, a light can be built over a fence without removing the fence. Because fences are considered to a material themselves, it is possible to exchange the dirt under the fence to grass.

All walls and fences may be destroyed by fire. If the Events option is used in the game, they may also collapse at random occasions.

You can also put barbed wire on top of the fence.