Ferry Dock

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Ferry Dock.png Ferry Dock
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Date of the last article update. Content based on The Rock
6/2020 | The Rock
Cost: $5 000
Size: 10x5
Toughness 1 000 HP
Other Information:
  • None provided
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Boat Dock.png
Boat Dock,

The ferry dock is a place where ferry is stationed and where people wait to be transported on the other side of the water. It can be built to serve as a connection between two landmasses such as two islands or island and the road.

In order to build ferry docks you must find or prepare a straight part of a shoreline on both seasides where you want the docks to be. See the example on the images below:

Only the first dock, originally placed by player must be reachable and constructed by workers. The other one, on the other side of water will be generated automatically.


  • Ferry dock as well as boat dock can be the source of contraband.
  • The docks can't be placed if the gap between them is not at least 11 tiles wide.
  • The ferry dock can't be used by other types of boats which makes it only an internal transport system.