Fog of War

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FogofWarAlpha8.png Fog of War


Game mechanic that hides parts of the map (indoors), to hold the player off seeing them.

Other Information:

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Before creating their prison, the player is given the option to select whether they wish enable the fog of war or not. If enabled, the fog of war will hide all non-static entities, e.g. prisoners, inside of buildings. This is accompanied by a grayscale effect over the affected area. This fog-of-war is removed by some staff, with Guards having the largest effect. CCTV also has a visual cone which the fog-of-war cannot penetrate although it recovers instantly if the camera is removed, whereas with guards it takes some time for the fog-of-war to return once the guard has left. This means that the player can no longer see what is happening inside of the room, unless there is either an active CCTV circuit, or a guard patrolling nearby.

Fog of war itself only takes effect if there are inmates inside the prison.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

The initial version of Fog of War (in Alpha 3) displayed the roofs, almost completely hiding what's underneath them.
  • In the original roofs fog of war iteration, if the player moves their mouse over an area where the fog-of-war is present, it is possible to see inside slightly. This was added after the developers believed that it would be too frustrating for the player to try to build something whilst the fog-of-war was covering it.
  • The original roofs style fog of war can still be enabled in the cheats menu.

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