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Basic need of prisoners

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Food is essential for your prisoners. Your inmates will get angry very fast if they are hungry, so provide enough time in your Regime to satisfy the need for food.

Preparing Food[edit | edit source]

Three to four hours before 'eat' time is scheduled in the regime, your Cooks will automatically begin preparation of the next meal, to meet the scheduled deadline. If there are Ingredients in the Fridge they will put them into the Cooker and prepare the meals, otherwise they will head to the Storage Room or Deliveries Area to get a new stack of ingredients.

Food time[edit | edit source]

Just before and during eat time, the cooks will serve the pots and pans onto the Serving Table, add stacks of Food Trays next to the meals.

The prisoners will rush the Canteen, grab a food tray, take a meal, head to the Tables and eat.

They will leave the dirty food trays on the tables after their meal.

Time problems[edit | edit source]

The cooks will stop cooking food when eat time comes, they will not add new ingredients to the cooker and only serve what they have ready.

There can be several problems occurring during the preparation process leading to little meals:

  • It's essential to have enough cookers to make enough meals, a pot can hold up to 10 meals. On the serving table there can be more than 10 meals in the pot, so you don't need one serving table each 40 meals.
  • You need enough fridges to hold ingredients for the meals.
  • Hire enough cooks to reduce workload of the kitchen staff.
  • Long walk distances to a storage room or deliveries area can cause loss of time.

Prisoner Labour[edit | edit source]

For more information, see Prison Labour.

If you have work scheduled before eat times and jobs assigned to the kitchen in the Prison Labour view of the Logistics menu, you can have prisoners help out your chefs, adding ingredients to cooks, storing boxes in the fridge.

Meal settings[edit | edit source]

Two parameters can be changed about the meals in the Policy report: Meal Quantity and Meal Variety. These settings affect the daily cost of food for your prison. The more you spend, the happier your prisoners will be.

Meal Quantity[edit | edit source]

The different ingredients used to cook meals from

The meal quantity will affect the amount of food each hungry prisoner will consume and therefore the amount of meals your Cooks will have to prepare.

  • Low quantity meals are composed of 1 ingredient.
  • Medium quantity meals are composed of 2 ingredients.
  • High quantity meals are composed of 3 ingredients.

Therefore, with the high quantity setting, cooks will cook 3 times more food than with the low quantity setting. For example, 8 prisoners consume 8 ingredients with low quantity and 24 Ingredients with high quantity.

Note: Prisoners will have in 1, 2 or 3 ingredients in their trays according to the setting. There may be leftovers at the end, if the prisoner hasn't been that hungry.

A green dot (.) will appear on the Todo list every time a complete meal is getting cooked. If you set low quantity, this means a green dot for every ingredient on a Cooker, but with high quantity a dot will appear only when cooks put 3 ingredients on a cooker. So having 12 ingredients on cookers will create 4 dots on high quantity and 12 dots on low quantity.

Meal Variety[edit | edit source]

The meal variety affects the range of food available to the Prisoners.

City Mayor Demand[edit | edit source]

If the Events option is used in the game, the city mayor may demand smaller meals with less variety at random occasions.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Prisoners can starve to death. To prevent this, guards will start delivering meals to prisoners in solitary confinement cells when needed, subject to guard availability.

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