Food Tray

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  Food Tray
Cost: $1
Size: 1x1
Used in: contentBasedOnVersion = The Bucket
Other Information:
  • None provided

A tray upon which a prisoner places food. Food trays will be placed on the serving tables. After eat time, the cooks will collect all the dirty food trays and bring them back to the kitchen and put them on the sink(s) to clean them. Once cleaned, they'll put back on the serving table. If there are not enough clean trays at the serving table, meals will not be distributed. For every prisoner entering the prison, there is a 2$ charge for their food tray. Damaged food trays are automatically replaced.

If staff needs option is enabled, staff members will also use trays that are stored on the serving table in their own, staff canteen. Cooks will come collect dirty trays when needed and bring them back once they clean them up.