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  Foot Bridge
Cost: $250 / 1 tile
Size: 5x1 (minimum size)
Toughness 10 HP
Used in: Outdoors
Other Information:
  • None provided
Max inmates going over a normal security zone

Footbridge allows prisoners and staff for crossing over the water, main road and other pathways. One of the biggest advantages of using bridges are creating overpasses over security areas (see the screenshot on the left), staff-only zones and the main road so prisoners can't hijack the delivery trucks anymore.

Building Bridges[edit]

Building bridges is very simple. Go to the place where you want the bridge to be constructed and select one of the four bridge types you want to build. Next, rotate it in the right direction with [R key], left click on the place where you want it to start and holding the left drag to the place where you want it to end.

Your Workers should start construction, piece by piece as soon as they aren't busy with other tasks. You can prioritize building bridge if needed, the same way as other things, by holding [left CTRL] and selecting bridge area.


  • Minimum length of the bridge is 5 and maximum is 20 tiles.


Below you can see all the examples of the footbridges and how they can be built.