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Freefire.png Freefire

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Armed Guards drawing their weapons.

Freefire is an Emergency command that the player can use to maintain order in his or her prison. Its primary function is to command all of your available Armed Guards and Snipers to draw their weapons and shoot Prisoners when they misbehave.

Keep in mind that if Armed Guards or Snipers start shooting at prisoners, prisoners may start a Riot. Only use it when you want to "clear" your prison from prisoners who constantly fight or riot. A Guard who is close to death may begin to fear for his life, drawing his weapon and shooting the prisoner(s), even if you haven't enabled the Freefire command.

How It Works[edit | edit source]

The Freefire button is only displayed if there are any Armed Guards or Snipers in your prison, all together.

Once the player hits the Freefire button, all Armed Guards will equip their shotguns and Snipers will not fire warning shots to rebelling prisoners. When a fight occurs, Armed Guards will neither use their fists nor tazers to stop fights, but will instead shoot at them with their guns while Snipers will shoot to kill as well.