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Future Tech

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Release date / Patch
2022-11-22 / Slam

Store: Expansion

Prison Architect: Future Tech Pack is a content DLC for Prison Architect. It was announced on 2022-11-10[1] and is to be released on 2022-11-22 alongside the free Slam update.

DLC overview[edit | edit source]

  • In a not-so-distant future...
  • Warden: Lin, Alexis
  • Entry number: 6559X

"Finally, the day has come! Thanks to our cutting-edge tools, and advanced robotics we have built the perfect correctional facility. No more outbreaks, no more fights: everything will be in order. I just have to push this button and let technology run its course."

"... Oh no, wait, is that guy trying to escape again?"

DLC features[edit | edit source]

Future Tech Pack brings the latest technology to your prison:

  • Advanced Searchlights: This technological marvel tracks misbehaving inmates. Equipped with a CCTV camera, a dramatic cone of light, and a siren, nothing will go unnoticed. The best thing? You can operate the searchlights yourself!
  • New floors, futuristic doors, and keycards: Squares are a thing of the past -- embrace the future with hexagonal and triangular tiles. Thanks to the new shiny keycards that open every futuristic door, your guards won't need keys anymore.
  • Structural updates, devices, and cute robot-dogs: Say goodbye to concrete walls and welcome Glass. With Glass walls, you can keep an eye on your inmates at all times, and if that is not enough they can also wear a Tracking Belt. Follow their locations using the tracking menu, monitors, and routers. If you deem it necessary, there is also an Electrified Fence at your disposal. Lastly, we have reworked the design of inmates' and guards’ uniforms, for a more futuristic look. And don’t forget Subwoofer and Byte, the two new robot guard dogs.

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Cinematic trailers[edit | edit source]

Prison Architect: Future Tech - Reveal trailer. The future is here! Bring the latest technology to your prison. Monitor your inmates with Advanced Searchlights, Tracking Belts, and Glass walls. Make good use of futuristic floors and doors, and, if needed, install an Electrified Fence. And don't forget to welcome two new robot dogs: Subwoofer and Byte!

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