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G.A.B.O.S teaches the player about riots and how to handle them along with the implementation of Max-Security infrastructure


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        -- SPOILER WARNING --        


The chapter opens with the player being shown a prison in chaos with a burning building and prisoners rioting all over. after this The Negotiator calls the player informing them of the situation. [verification needed]


  • Stop the riot
  • Recapture the security room
  • Hire guards and deploy them to the recaptured zones
  • (OPTIONAL) Tend to the medical needs of your prison
  • (Optional) Build an Infirmary and treat the wounded
  • (Optional) Build a Morgue and collect the dead
  • Recapture the Gen-Pop wing (central)
  • Recapture the Special wing (west)
  • Recapture the Max-Sec wing (south)
  • Bring the fire under control
  • (OPTIONAL) Build a Solitary wing and start punishing rioters
  • (OPTIONAL) Implement new security protocols
    • Unlock the Armoury through Bureaucracy
    • Build an Armoury (in a secure location)
    • Deploy armed guards around the prison
    • Unlock body armour for all security staff
    • Unlock Tazers for your armed guards
  • (OPTIONAL) Build a Staff Room for your exhausted staff
  • (OPTIONAL) Balance the accounts
    • Positive Bank Balance
    • Positive Cash-flow
  • (OPTIONAL) Establish a punitive labour program
    • Build a Cleaning Cupboard
    • Build a Laundry
    • Assign inmates to work in Cleaning
    • Assign inmates to work in Laundry
    • Clean the prison
    • Provide clean laundry



  • G.A.B.O.S. (Prison lingo) is an acronym for Game Ain't Based on Sympathy.[1]
  • This prison is the only one with an official name given by the story: Alchemico State Prison.