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G.A.B.O.S teaches the player about riots and how to handle them along with the implementation of Max-Security infrastructure


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The chapter opens with a news report from CNDC News, informing the player of a riot at Alchemico State Prison. Company CEO Charles Wallace is apparently missing. The rioting erupted after the arrest of several high-profile judges who received illegal payments to impose harsher treatments on prisoners. Douglas Benedict is the ringleader behind the riot.

The player is then shown a prison in chaos with a burning building and prisoners rioting all over. after this The Negotiator calls the player informing them of the situation.

Eventually, Benedict calls the negotiator, revealing he has kidnapped the CEO. He demands an unmarked vehicle in one hour. Benedict then decides to interrogate the CEO, preparing a revolver with 2 bullets loaded in its 6 cylinders. Benedict asks what the CEO was doing in an office, and the CEO denies anything, even though he tried to destroy certain documents. Benedict aims the gun at another hostage and kills him. Benedict asks more directly what were in the files the CEO was destroying. Benedict recalls himself entering the office midway through the documents' destruction. Benedict aims at a Janitor and the gun does not fire. He then aims at himself, but it too does not fire. Finally he aims at the CEO. The CEO finally replies and explains that the longer prisoners are in the prison, the more profit they make. The documents contained records of these extensions of prison sentences.

The CEO then explains that Mayor Heller also gains political power from the prison extensions and the files had evidence that could destroy his career. The police breach the canteen with the hostages and kill Benedict, but not before the CEO is also killed, not by Benedict's gun, but by the police themselves.


Part 1

  • Stop the riot
    • Recapture the Gen-Pop wing (central)
    • Recapture the Special wing (west)
    • Recapture the Max-Sec wing (south)
    • Bring the fire under control
  • Hire guards and deploy them to the recaptured zones
  • (OPTIONAL) Tend to the medical needs of your prison
    • (Optional) Build an Infirmary and treat the wounded
    • (Optional) Build a Morgue and collect the dead
  • Recapture the security room

Part 2

  • (OPTIONAL) Implement new security protocols
    • Unlock the Armoury through Bureaucracy
    • Build an Armoury (in a secure location)
    • Deploy armed guards around the prison
    • Unlock body armour for all security staff
    • Unlock Tazers for your armed guards
  • (OPTIONAL) Build a Solitary wing and start punishing rioters

Part 3

  • (OPTIONAL) Build a Staff Room for your exhausted staff
  • (OPTIONAL) Establish a punitive labour program
    • Build a Cleaning Cupboard
    • Build a Laundry
    • Assign inmates to work in Cleaning
    • Assign inmates to work in Laundry
    • Clean the prison
    • Provide clean laundry
  • (OPTIONAL) Balance the accounts
    • Positive Bank Balance
    • Positive Cash-flow



  • G.A.B.O.S. (Prison lingo) is an acronym for Game Ain't Based on Sympathy.[1]
  • This prison is the only one with an official name given by the story: Alchemico State Prison.