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# =============================================================================
# Basic dialog strings
# =============================================================================

dialog_new                              New
dialog_load                             Load
dialog_save                             Save
dialog_saveas                           Save As
dialog_delete                           Delete
dialog_width                            Width
dialog_height                           Height
dialog_name                             Name
dialog_type                             Type
dialog_x                                X
dialog_y                                Y
dialog_z								Z
dialog_w                                W
dialog_h                                H
dialog_exit                             Exit
dialog_cancel                           Cancel
dialog_ok                               Ok
dialog_open                             Open
dialog_close                            Close
dialog_closed                           Closed
dialog_add                              Add
dialog_up                               Up
dialog_down                             Down
dialog_yes                              Yes
dialog_no                               No
dialog_loading                          Loading...
dialog_low                              Low
dialog_medium                           Medium
dialog_high                             High
dialog_none                             None
ellipsis                                ...

# =============================================================================
# Dialog Editor
# =============================================================================

dialogeditor_title                      Dialog Editor
dialogeditor_back                       Back
dialogeditor_front                      Front
dialogeditor_reloadlanguage             Reload Language
dialogeditor_test                       Test
dialogeditor_window                     Window
dialogeditor_grid                       Grid
dialogeditor_caption                    Caption
dialogeditor_component                  Component
dialogeditor_select						Select
dialogeditor_create						Create
dialogeditor_background                 BG img
dialogeditor_panel                      Panel

dialogcomponent_custom                  Custom
dialogcomponent_button                  Button
dialogcomponent_container               Container
dialogcomponent_caption                 Caption
dialogcomponent_titlecaption            TitleCaption
dialogcomponent_checkbox                Checkbox
dialogcomponent_inputfield              InputField
dialogcomponent_inputslider             InputSlider
dialogcomponent_dropdownmenu            DropDownMenu
dialogcomponent_selectionlist           SelectionList
dialogcomponent_selectionlistitem       SelectionListItem
dialogcomponent_scrollbar               Scrollbar
dialogcomponent_progressbar             ProgressBar
dialogcomponent_canvas                  Canvas
dialogcomponent_iconbox					IconBox

dialogposition_absolute                 Absolute
dialogposition_relative                 Relative
dialogposition_scaled                   Scaled

# =============================================================================
# Profiler
# =============================================================================

profiler_title                          Profiler
profiler_name                           Name
profiler_timings                        Timings
profiler_totaltime                      Total
profiler_glfinishcaption                glFinish
profiler_reset                          Reset

# =============================================================================
# Sound tools
# =============================================================================

soundchannelviewer_title                Sound Channels
soundeditor_title                       Sound Editor
soundinstanceeditor_title				Sound Instance Editor

soundeditor_positiontitle		        Position Type
soundeditor_instancetitle		        Instance Type
soundeditor_looptitle			        Loop Type
soundeditor_sourcetypetitle		        Sound Type
soundeditor_soundnametitle		        Sound Name

soundeditor_volumetitle			        Volume
soundeditor_frequencytitle              Frequency
soundeditor_mindistancetitle            Min Distance
soundeditor_attacktitle                 Attack
soundeditor_sustaintitle                Sustain
soundeditor_releasetitle                Release
soundeditor_loopdelaytitle              Loop Delay
soundeditor_dsptitle                    DSP
soundeditor_nexteventtitle              Next Event

soundeditor_play                        Play
soundeditor_stop                        Stop

soundparametereditor_title              Sound Parameter
soundparametereditor_typetitle          Type
soundparametereditor_linktitle          Linked To
soundparametereditor_updatetitle        Update Type
soundparametereditor_smoothing          Smoothing
soundparametereditor_chaintitle         Chain

soundeditor_newdsp                      Add DSP
sounddspeditor_title                    DSP Editor
samplebankeditor_title                  Sample Bank Editor
samplebankeditor_addsample              Add Sound
samplebank                              (Sample Bank)

# =============================================================================
# Interface Mode
# =============================================================================

interfacemode_done                            Done
interfacemode_destroy                         Destroy
interfacemode_foundations				      Foundations
interfacemode_construction                    Materials
interfacemode_planning                        Planning
interfacemode_objects                         Objects
interfacemode_designation                     Rooms
interfacemode_utilities                       Utilities
interfacemode_staff                           Staff
interfacemode_deployment                      Deployment
interfacemode_logistics                       Logistics
interfacemode_prisoners                       Prisoners
interfacemode_needs                           Needs
interfacemode_threats                         Threats
interfacemode_overlays                        Overlays
interfacemode_research                        Bureaucracy
interfacemode_emergencies                     Emergencies
interfacemode_clone                           Clone
interfacemode_contraband                      Intelligence
interfacemode_grading                         Grading
interfacemode_spawn                           (Spawn)
interfacemode_properties                      (Properties)
interfacemode_cutscenes                       (Cutscenes)
interfacemode_selection                       Select
interfacemode_prefabs                         Quick Build

interfaceoverlay_security                       Security
interfaceoverlay_patrols                        Patrols
interfaceoverlay_decay                          Decay
interfaceoverlay_territory                      Territory
interfaceoverlay_contraband                     Contraband

interfaceproperty_indoor                        Indoor
interfaceproperty_visible                       Visible
interfaceproperty_territoryprisoner             Gangs
interfaceproperty_territoryguard                Guards
interfaceproperty_sectorprisoner                Rioting
interfaceproperty_tunnel                        Tunnel

interfacedeployment_guards                      Guards
interfacedeployment_patrols                     Guard Patrols
interfacedeployment_dogpatrols                  Dog Patrols
interfacedeployment_armedpatrols                Armed Patrols
interfacedeployment_removeguards                Remove Guards
interfacedeployment_clearpatrols                Clear Patrols
interfacedeployment_targetting                  Logistics
interfacedeployment_targettingfood              Food Logistics
interfacedeployment_targettinglaundry           Laundry Logistics
interfacedeployment_securearea                  SecureArea
interfacedeployment_sharedzone                  Shared
interfacedeployment_staffonlyzone               Staff Only
interfacedeployment_maxseczone                  Max Sec Only
interfacedeployment_medseczone                  Med Sec Only
interfacedeployment_minseczone                  Min Sec Only
interfacedeployment_protectedzone               Protected Only
interfacedeployment_supermaxzone                SuperMax Only
interfacedeployment_deathrowzone                Death Row Only
interfacedeployment_unlockedzone                Unlocked
interfacedeployment_zonered                     Red Wing
interfacedeployment_zonegreen                   Green Wing
interfacedeployment_zoneblue                    Blue Wing
interfacedeployment_zoneyellow                  Yellow Wing
interfacedeployment_zoning                      Zoning

interfacelogistics_jobs                         Prison Labour
interfacelogistics_removejobs                   Remove Labour
interfacelogistics_targettingfood               Food Distribution
interfacelogistics_targettinglaundry            Laundry Distribution
interfacelogistics_roomquality                  Room Quality
interfacelogistics_weathermap                   Temperature

interfaceplanning_wall							Walls
interfaceplanning_object						Objects
interfaceplanning_route							Pathways
interfaceplanning_clear							Clear
interfaceplanning_zone1							Zone 1
interfaceplanning_zone2							Zone 2
interfaceplanning_zone3							Zone 3
interfaceplanning_zone4							Zone 4
interfaceplanning_zone5							Zone 5
interfaceplanning_zone6							Zone 6
interfaceplanning_zone7							Zone 7
interfaceplanning_zone8							Zone 8
interfaceplanning_zone9							Zone 9

interfacecontraband_source                      Dangers
interfacecontraband_day                         -24 Hours
interfacecontraband_week                        -7 Days
interfacecontraband_alltime                     -30 Days
interfacecontraband_stolenfrom					Stolen From
interfacecontraband_informants                  Informants
interfacecontraband_gangs                       Gangs

interfacecallout_fireengine                     Fire Engine
interfacecallout_riotpolice                     Riot Police
interfacecallout_armedpolice                    Armed Police
interfacecallout_paramedics                     Paramedics
interfacecallout_soldiers                       Soldiers

interfaceclone_copy                             Copy
interfaceclone_paste                            Paste
interfaceclone_cancel                           Cancel Quickbuild
interfaceclone_clone                            Clone

interfacetopbar_todo							Todo
interfacetopbar_balance							Bank *B
interfacetopbar_budget							Cashflow *C
interfacetopbar_income							Income *I
interfacetopbar_expenses						Costs *C
interfacetopbar_day								DAY *D

interfacetopbar_title_balance					Bank Balance
interfacetopbar_title_budget					Daily Cashflow
interfacetopbar_title_cctv						CCTV
interfacetopbar_title_day						Day
interfacetopbar_title_prisoners					Prisoners
interfacetopbar_title_guards					Guards
interfacetopbar_title_tension                   Danger

interfacetopbar_tooltip_balance					How much cash you have in the bank.\n\nClick to raise more funds through the Grants list.
interfacetopbar_tooltip_budget					The amount of money you will receive each day, based on your current expenses and income.\n\nClick to access a detailed financial breakdown of income and expenses. 
interfacetopbar_tooltip_cctv					The number of CCTV cameras and monitors you currently have.
interfacetopbar_tooltip_day						How long you've been running your prison.
interfacetopbar_tooltip_prisoners				The number of prisoners you currently have, and how many you can hold, in your prison.
interfacetopbar_tooltip_guards					How many guards you have available for work in your prison.
interfacetopbar_tooltip_tension                 The overall danger level of your prison, according to your security chief.

interfacetopbar_tooltip_recenttransactions      Recent Transactions

interfacetopbar_tooltip_gametime                Total time played : *X hours, *Y minutes, *Z seconds

interfacetopbar_tooltip_totalguards             *X total guards
interfacetopbar_tooltip_guardincapacitated      *X Incapacitated
interfacetopbar_tooltip_guardstationed          *X Stationed 
interfacetopbar_tooltip_guardpatrolling         *X Patrolling
interfacetopbar_tooltip_guardavailable          *X Available
interfacetopbar_tooltip_guardresting            *X Resting
interfacetopbar_tooltip_guardactive             (*X Responding to incidents)
interfacetopbar_tooltip_guarddoingjob           *X Doing Jobs
interfacetopbar_tooltip_idle                    (*X are idle)
interfacetopbar_tooltip_armedguards             + *X Armed Guards
interfacetopbar_tooltip_dogs                    + *X Dog handlers

interfacetopbar_unlimitedfunds                  UNLIMITED FUNDS
interfacetopbar_cheatsenabled					CHEATS ENABLED

interfacetopbar_budget_moneyin					Money In: $*M /day
interfacetopbar_budget_moneyout					Money Out: $*M /day
interfacetopbar_budget_cantgonegative           You cannot have a negative cashflow (ie have more expenses than income) until you have hired an Accountant to manage your finances.

interfacetopbar_prisoners_types					Currently holding *X Prisoners:
interfacetopbar_prisoners_capacity              Maximum safe capacity: *X
interfacetopbar_prisonercells_shared            Shared capacity: *X
interfacetopbar_prisonercells_unlocked          Unlocked capacity: *X
interfacetopbar_prisonercells_minseconly        Minimum capacity: *X
interfacetopbar_prisonercells_medseconly        Medium capacity: *X
interfacetopbar_prisonercells_maxseconly        Maximum capacity: *X
interfacetopbar_prisonercells_protectedonly     Protected capacity: *X
interfacetopbar_prisonercells_supermaxonly      SuperMax capacity: *X
interfacetopbar_prisonercells_deathrowonly      Death Row capacity: *X
interfacetopbar_prisonercells_staffonly         Unavailable: *X
interfacetopbar_prisoners_nocells               *X Prisoners are unable to be assigned a cell
interfacetopbar_prisonercells_parents           Parent Capacity: *X

interfacetopbar_cctv_current					Currently running *C cameras
interfacetopbar_cctv_cap						Space for *C cameras

interfacetopbar_tension_currentlevel            The danger level is *X
interfacetopbar_tension_currentlevellow         Low
interfacetopbar_tension_currentlevelmedium      Medium
interfacetopbar_tension_currentlevelhigh        High
interfacetopbar_tension_increasing              and is increasing
interfacetopbar_tension_decreasing              and is decreasing
interfacetopbar_tension_description             FACTORS:
interfacetopbar_tension_happyprisoners          - *X prisoners say they are well treated
interfacetopbar_tension_unhappyprisoners        + *X prisoners have serious complaints
interfacetopbar_tension_lockedupprisoners       + *X prisoners are shackled in their cells or in solitary
interfacetopbar_tension_riotingprisoners        + *X prisoners are rioting
interfacetopbar_tension_wellfedprisoners        - *X prisoners are well fed
interfacetopbar_tension_suppressedprisoners     = *X prisoners are suppressed (compliant)
interfacetopbar_tension_activeriotguards        + *X riot police are on site
interfacetopbar_tension_activearmedguards       + *X armed guards are in service
interfacetopbar_tension_recentdeaths            + *X people have been killed recently
interfacetopbar_tension_recentsearches          + *X prisoners have been unnecessarily searched recently
interfacetopbar_tension_angrygangmembers        + *X GANG MEMBERS ARE FURIOUS (leader being punished)
interfacetopbar_tension_recentpunishments       = (DETERRENT) *X punishments have been handed down recently
interfacetopbar_tension_recentcalmed            - *X prisoners have been calmed recently

interfacecontrol_mainmenu                       Main Menu (Esc)
interfacecontrol_mainmenu_tooltip               Toggle the main menu (New/Load/Save/Exit etc)
interfacecontrol_todo                           Todo List
interfacecontrol_todo_tooltip                   Toggle the todo list
interfacecontrol_research                       Bureaucracy
interfacecontrol_research_tooltip               Opens the Bureaucracy screen, where you can assign your administrators to unlock new items, staff types, and facilities.
interfacecontrol_grading                        Prison Grading
interfacecontrol_grading_tooltip                Opens the Prison Grading screen, which shows you an overall rating of how successful you have been.

interface_confirmlandbuy                        Are you sure you wish to buy this plot of land for $*X?
interface_loadconfirm                           Are you sure you wish to load this map? All unsaved progress will be lost.
interface_saveconfirm                           Are you sure you wish to save with this file name? Existing data will be overwritten.

interface_landbuylabel                          *Xm x *Ym. Total area *A sq metres. *C

interface_action_dismantle                      Dismantle
interface_action_dump                           Dump
interface_action_repair                         Repair
interface_action_medicalbay                     Medical Bay
interface_action_search                         Search
interface_action_searchcell                     Search Cell
interface_action_searchcellblock                Search Cell Block
interface_action_sack                           Sack
interface_action_dooropen                       Open Door
interface_action_doormodenormal                 Door Mode: Normal
interface_action_doormodelockedshut             Lock shut
interface_action_doormodelockedopen             Lock open
interface_action_switchon                       Switch On
interface_action_switchoff                      Switch Off
interface_action_sellobject                     Sell Object
interface_action_dismiss                        Dismiss
interface_action_connect                        Connect
interface_action_clearconnections               Clear Connections
interface_action_servoopen                      Open On Trigger
interface_action_servoclose                     Close On Trigger
interface_action_follow                         Follow
interface_action_rapsheet                       Show Rapsheet

interface_contents_container                    Contents : *X 
interface_contents_stack                        Contents : *X x *Y 

interface_skip                                  SKIP

interface_error_riotmove                        Cannot Enter: Riot

interface_foundationsinprogress                 Foundations in progress
riot_underway                                   RIOT UNDERWAY
riot_status_prisoners                           *X prisoners are rioting
shakedown_underway                              SHAKEDOWN UNDERWAY
shakedown_found                                 Found:

gameover_caption                                Press ESC to Continue

sector_jobs_max                                 Max Jobs *X
sector_jobs_qualified                           Qualified Prisoners: *X
sector_jobs_required                            (Required: *X)
sector_noaccess                                 NO ACCESS
sector_insecure                                 INSECURE

# =============================================================================
# Hardware Compatibility
# =============================================================================

hardware_compat_title					Hardware Compatibility Test
hardware_compat_message					With your permission, we would like to collect the following hardware data from your computer.\n\nThis information is completely anonymous and will help us to ensure Prison Architect is supported on the widest possible range of computer hardware.\n\nThank you!
hardware_compat_accept					Accept
hardware_compat_decline					Decline

connectionmenu_connect                  Connect
connectionmenu_disconnect               Disconnect
connectionmenu_clear                    Clear
connectionmenu_done                     Done

# =============================================================================
# Build Toolbar
# =============================================================================

buildtoolbar_title                      Build
buildtoolbar_reports                    Reports
buildtoolbar_bangup                     Bangup
buildtoolbar_lockdown                   Lockdown
buildtoolbar_shakedown                  Shakedown
buildtoolbar_weaponsfree                Freefire

buildtoolbar_tooltip_reports			Open up the reports window to see information on your prisoners, staff, income, grants, and more.
buildtoolbar_tooltip_bangup				Send all (willing) prisoners back to their cells. This will make your prisoners very angry if you leave them locked up for too long.
buildtoolbar_tooltip_lockdown			Instantly lock all doors in the prison.
buildtoolbar_tooltip_shakedown          Order an immediate search of all Cells. This will take some time and will annoy the hell out of your inmates.
buildtoolbar_tooltip_weaponsfree        Authorises your armed guards to use lethal force. Snipers will no longer fire warning shots before taking a target down.

buildtoolbar_cost						Cost: $*C
buildtoolbar_cost_sqrft					Cost: $*C /sq
buildtoolbar_wages						Wages : $*W per day
buildtoolbar_outdoor					Outdoor only
buildtoolbar_indoor						Indoor only
buildtoolbar_walk_speed					Walk Speed : *S
buildtoolbar_walk_speed_slow			Slow
buildtoolbar_walk_speed_norm			Normal
buildtoolbar_walk_speed_fast			Fast
buildtoolbar_locked                     LOCKED
buildtoolbar_locked_research			LOCKED (You require *B)
buildtoolbar_locked_administrator		LOCKED (*B required)
buildtoolbar_room						Room

buildtoolbar_electrical                 - Electrical
buildtoolbar_highpower                  - High Powered 
buildtoolbar_water                      - Requires Water Connection
buildtoolbar_wired                      - Wired (connects to other wired objects)
buildtoolbar_modcontent                 - Mod Content

buildtoolbar_popup_foundations			Construct/Demolish buildings in order to shape your prison.
buildtoolbar_popup_construction			Different types of floors and walls.
buildtoolbar_popup_planning				Plan out your prison without the fear of workers actually doing anything.
buildtoolbar_popup_designation			Designate areas of your prison with a specific function.
buildtoolbar_popup_objects				Place useful items around your prison.
buildtoolbar_popup_overlays				Visually identify weaknesses in your prison's layout.
buildtoolbar_popup_utilities			Plumbing and electrical systems.
buildtoolbar_popup_staff				Employ the necessary people to keep your prison running.
buildtoolbar_popup_deployment			Assign staff to areas of your prison.
buildtoolbar_popup_logistics            Assign prisoners to work around your prison. Also manual control over the canteen and laundry assignments.
buildtoolbar_popup_research				Unlock new possibilities for your prison.
buildtoolbar_popup_emergencies			Call in the emergency services if things take a turn for the worse.
buildtoolbar_popup_clone				Copy and paste your existing structures.
buildtoolbar_popup_properties			Find out about shit.
buildtoolbar_popup_contraband           Show the sources of Contraband, and all recently recovered contraband in your prison. Also shows your Confidential Informants and their information.
buildtoolbar_popup_grading              See your overall prison grading on four key metrics - Punishment, Reform, Security, and Health. Also shows the re-offending rate for your prison.
buildtoolbar_popup_prefabs              Copy and paste existing parts of your prison, or place predefined rooms.
buildtoolbar_popup_room_cell			Where your prisoners live.
buildtoolbar_popup_room_holdingcell		A room where new recruits are placed until a cell is found for them.
buildtoolbar_popup_room_solitary		An isolated form of imprisonment for the worst of the worst.
buildtoolbar_popup_room_dormitory       A variable-size room for housing multiple prisoners. The bigger the dormitory, the more prisoners it can house.
buildtoolbar_popup_room_familycell      Where your prisoners live, if they have babies. 
buildtoolbar_popup_room_sharedcell      A multiple-occupancy cell for holding multiple prisoners. Can hold up to 8 prisoners.
buildtoolbar_popup_room_canteen			Where your prisoners will take their afternoon tea.
buildtoolbar_popup_room_kitchen			Area for cooks to prepare food for your prisoners.
buildtoolbar_popup_room_shower			Used to keep your prisoners squeaky clean, and lice free.
buildtoolbar_popup_room_yard			Let your prisoners see the sun for a few hours a day under the watchful eye of your sniper towers.
buildtoolbar_popup_room_storage			Area designated to hold any materials your prison staff need.
buildtoolbar_popup_room_deliveries		Where your goods, materials, and prisoners are dropped off.
buildtoolbar_popup_room_garbage			Where your waste is collected from.
buildtoolbar_popup_room_execution		Where you send your prisoners to die.
buildtoolbar_popup_room_workshop		Where you send your prisoners to die of boredom while making you car license plates.
buildtoolbar_popup_room_security		Offices for your Officers.
buildtoolbar_popup_room_office			An area for your administrative staff to work.
buildtoolbar_popup_room_medicalward		Area for your medical staff to work.
buildtoolbar_popup_room_morgue			Where you send your dead prisoners and staff to.
buildtoolbar_popup_room_commonroom		Allowing your prisoners some free time to relax.
buildtoolbar_popup_room_kennel          Where your dogs live.
buildtoolbar_popup_room_chapel          What happens when a bureaucratic committee gets together and designs a solution to inmate's religious needs? A 'Multi Faith Prayer Room', that's what. We refer to it as the Chapel.
buildtoolbar_popup_room_paroleroom      Your prisoners will be eligible for parole after serving 50% and 75% of their terms. Their fate will be decided in this room, with the Warden and the Chief.\n\nNb Extra security is advised. Prisoners have been known to become quite upset when their parole is denied.
buildtoolbar_popup_room_library         Your prison will be sent boxes of discarded and used books from around the country. Prisoners will need to sort those books onto the shelves.
buildtoolbar_popup_room_intake          Where your prisoners are first taken when they arrive.
buildtoolbar_popup_room_nursery         Activity room for prisoners with babies. 

buildtoolbar_popup_obj_bed				Not too soft, not too hard, just right. Well, actually, really hard and too small.
buildtoolbar_popup_obj_toilet			A basic human right, if you believe all those crackpots.
buildtoolbar_popup_obj_table			Goes excellently with a chair.
buildtoolbar_popup_obj_chair			Goes brilliantly with a table.
buildtoolbar_popup_obj_bench			For sitting on.
buildtoolbar_popup_obj_electricchair	To deliver 2000V of justice.
buildtoolbar_popup_obj_jaildoor			Keep your prisoners where they should be.
buildtoolbar_popup_obj_jaildoorlarge	Keep lots of your prisoners where they should be.
buildtoolbar_popup_obj_door				A simple door.
buildtoolbar_popup_obj_solitarydoor		A heavyset door to stop even the strongest of prisoners from escaping.
buildtoolbar_popup_obj_staffdoor		A locked door that can be opened by any member of staff, not just Guards.
buildtoolbar_popup_obj_window			To glimpse the sun through.
buildtoolbar_popup_obj_windowlarge		To glimpse lots of the sun through.
buildtoolbar_popup_obj_tree				Taking steps against global warming is all of our responsibility.
buildtoolbar_popup_obj_light			Ensure you can see your prisoners at all times of the day.
buildtoolbar_popup_obj_cooker			Give your prisoners the life of luxury with hot food.
buildtoolbar_popup_obj_fridge			Keep your food supplies from rotting.
buildtoolbar_popup_obj_bin				Tidiness is important when it comes to contraband.
buildtoolbar_popup_obj_sink				All employees are required to wash their hands. Will work faster if connected to hot water.
buildtoolbar_popup_obj_servingtable		Dish up food to your prisoners.
buildtoolbar_popup_obj_showerhead		The head of a shower. For showering. Showering with hot water makes your prisoners happier.
buildtoolbar_popup_obj_bookshelf		A shelf that holds books. 
buildtoolbar_popup_obj_officedesk		Your staff need to write things down a lot. Give them a shiny office desk to do it on.
buildtoolbar_popup_obj_filingcabinet	Your staff need to keep the things they write ordered nicely.
buildtoolbar_popup_obj_medicalbed		A place to hold the narcotics until your prisoners steal them.
buildtoolbar_popup_obj_morgueslab		Ensure the dead have a respectful place to rest before moving.
buildtoolbar_popup_obj_drain			Remove water from the floor.
buildtoolbar_popup_obj_sprinkler		Automatically sprays the area with water in the event of a fire.
buildtoolbar_popup_obj_metaldetector	Find contraband on your prisoners that pass through these. Will require a guard to be nearby to take the contraband.
buildtoolbar_popup_obj_weightsbench		Allow your prisoners to exercise, which keeps them happy.
buildtoolbar_popup_obj_phonebooth		Prisoners might want to talk to their family, and these handy phonebooths let them.
buildtoolbar_popup_obj_tv				Pacify your prisoners with mind-numbing mediocrity. Requires a place for prisoners to sit in front of the TV.
buildtoolbar_popup_obj_largetv			Allow lots of your prisoners to share the experience of brain rot. Requires a place for prisoners to sit in front of the TV.
buildtoolbar_popup_obj_radio            Lets your prisoners listen to their favourite boy bands as they go about their day. Makes all prisoners in the same room slightly happier. 
buildtoolbar_popup_obj_pooltable		Remove the monotony of prison life with a game of pool. 
buildtoolbar_popup_obj_dismantleobject	Remove an object from your prison.
buildtoolbar_popup_obj_altar            Relays your prayers directly to your higher power of choice.
buildtoolbar_popup_obj_pews             Seats for the faithful. Made from the hardest, most unpadded of woods.
buildtoolbar_popup_obj_prayermat        Protect your prisoners from the dirty floor while they offer their prayers. 
buildtoolbar_popup_obj_guardtower       A tower from which your snipers (hired separately) can watch over your prison.

buildtoolbar_popup_staff_workman		Will build your prison for you, based on the plans you provide them.
buildtoolbar_popup_staff_guard			Used to keep your prisoners in check and out of trouble.
buildtoolbar_popup_staff_armedguard     Armed with a shotgun, prisoners will think twice before attacking this fellow.\n\nNote: Each armed guard requires his own locker in the Armoury.
buildtoolbar_popup_staff_doctor			Automatically heals all nearby injured people, whether they are guards or prisoners.
buildtoolbar_popup_staff_cook			Feeds your prisoners with the meals they prepare.
buildtoolbar_popup_staff_gardener		Keeps your prison grounds nice and tidy.
buildtoolbar_popup_staff_janitor		Keeps the inside of your prison nice and tidy. Can also help with the prison laundry.
buildtoolbar_popup_staff_warden			The grand overseer of your prison. Required before you can research and hire advanced staff members.
buildtoolbar_popup_staff_chief			An advanced staff member that gives access to the deployment, CCTV, and riot guards research items.
buildtoolbar_popup_staff_foreman		An advanced staff member that allows you to gain access to Janitors and Gardeners.
buildtoolbar_popup_staff_psychologist	An advanced staff member that allows you to gain an insight in to the minds of your prisoners. 
buildtoolbar_popup_staff_accountant		An advanced staff member that gives access to your financial reports.
buildtoolbar_popup_staff_lawyer			An advanced staff member that helps you bend some of the rules for greater control over your prison.
buildtoolbar_popup_staff_sniper         A highly trained marksman who will automatically occupy an empty Guard Tower if one is available. Will fire a number of warning shots at prisoners causing trouble within the prison walls before taking a target down. Escaping prisoners are given no such warnings.

buildtoolbar_popup_uts_powerstation		Generates electricity to be used in your prison.
buildtoolbar_popup_uts_capacitor		Increases the amount of electricity generated when placed next to a power station.
buildtoolbar_popup_uts_electricalcable	Distributes electricity around your prison.
buildtoolbar_popup_uts_powerswitch		Toggles the availability of electricity to any cable connected to it.\n\nRight click to toggle on/off state.
buildtoolbar_popup_uts_waterpumpstation	Provides a source of water to your prison.
buildtoolbar_popup_uts_pipevalve		Toggles the availability of water to any pipe connected to it.
buildtoolbar_popup_uts_pipelarge		Distributes a large volume of water around your prison, under high pressure. Probably big enough for someone to crawl to freedom through five hundred yards of shit smelling foulness.\n\nNb not generally used to connect to sinks, shower heads etc - the pressure is too high. Use a small pipe for that.
buildtoolbar_popup_uts_pipesmall		Used to connect items like toilets, showers, sinks etc to your large pipe network. The pressure is much lower, so there is a limited length that a small pipe can run for before the pressure becomes too low.
buildtoolbar_popup_uts_cctv				Keep an eye on your prison without the need for guards to be everywhere at once.\n\nYou must Connect a CCTV Monitor to this camera for it to work.
buildtoolbar_popup_uts_cctvmonitor		Designed to be built in a Security Room, and operated by a Guard. Monitors the CCTV cameras around your prison remotely.\n\nUse the Connect tool to connect this monitor to your CCTV cameras.\n\nNote: A maximum of eight cameras can be viewed at once. If you connect more than eight cameras, the monitor will cycle through them gradually, giving only partial coverage.
buildtoolbar_popup_uts_DoorControlSystem  Designed to be built in a Security Room, and operated by a Guard. Can be used to remotely open doors around your prison.\n\nUse the Connect tool to connect this system to your Door Servos. The Door Servos should be built over the doors you wish to control remotely.\n\nNote: You can connect this to as many Servos as you wish, however the Guard operating the system can open a maximum of two doors per second.
buildtoolbar_popup_uts_phonemonitor     Designed to be built in a Security Room and operated by a Guard. Allows you to monitor all outgoing phone calls made by inmates, giving you vital insights into planned illegal activity.\n\nUse the Connect tool to connect this system to your Phone Booths.
buildtoolbar_popup_uts_Servo            Place a servo over a door you wish to control remotely. Ensure the motor gear is directly above the door.\n\nOnce installed, the door will be opened when the Servo itself is triggered - typically by a Door Control System, or a Door Timer.\n\nServos can be chained together, so that when the first one opens it will trigger the later ones.
buildtoolbar_popup_uts_LogicCircuit     Advanced architects only.\n\nA simple circuit box that performs a logical operation based on its inputs, and sets its output accordingly.\n\nAvailable operations: And / Or / Not / Nand / Nor / Xor\n\nRight click to cycle through logical operations.
buildtoolbar_popup_uts_LogicBridge      Advanced architects only.\n\nTakes its incoming signal, and bridges it onto Electrical Cable installed in the same square. That Electrical cable will carry the signal to any other Logic Circuits installed on the same Electrical Cable.\n\nCan be used to 'broadcast' a common signal all around your prison, eg Useful to pass around a common Clock signal.
buildtoolbar_popup_uts_DoorTimer        Can be used to automatically open doors at certain times of day.\n\nUse the Connect tool to connect this timer to your Door Servos.
buildtoolbar_popup_uts_Wire             Connect your remote access systems together.
buildtoolbar_popup_uts_showallwires		Show every connected wire in your prison.
buildtoolbar_popup_uts_remotedoor       A strong metal door that cannot be opened with a key (Can only be opened remotely). Use this to prevent mass escape events when a prisoner has Jail Keys.
buildtoolbar_popup_uts_dismantleutility	Remove a utility object from your prison.
buildtoolbar_popup_uts_pressurepad      Sends a signal to connected objects whenever something is on top of the pad.
buildtoolbar_popup_uts_statuslight      Lights up either red or green, depending on the signal it is receiving. 

buildtoolbar_popup_autolights_name      Auto Lights
buildtoolbar_popup_autolights           Automatic Light Placement
buildtoolbar_popup_autolights_desc      When selected, lights will automatically be placed throughout your newly created buildings once they are finished.

buildtoolbar_contraband_source          Shows all the locations around your prison that contraband could be stolen from.
buildtoolbar_contraband_day             Shows all contraband confiscated in the last 24 hours. The icons show where the contraband was confiscated.
buildtoolbar_contraband_week            Shows all contraband confiscated in the last 7 days. The icons show where the contraband was confiscated.
buildtoolbar_contraband_alltime         Shows all contraband confiscated in the history of your prison. The icons show where the contraband was confiscated.
buildtoolbar_contraband_stolenfrom		Shows all contraband from the last 7 days. The icons show where the contraband was stolen from, or smuggled into the prison.
buildtoolbar_contraband_informants      Shows information gathered by your confidential informants.
buildtoolbar_contraband_gangs           Shows information about your prison's gangs.

buildtoolbar_deployment_Guards          Assign guards to the sectors of your prison.
buildtoolbar_deployment_Patrols         Click and drag to create patrol routes.\n\nTo assign a guard to a patrol route, click again on an existing patrol square.\nRight click and drag to clear guard patrols.
buildtoolbar_deployment_DogPatrols      Click and drag to create patrol routes.\n\nTo assign a guard to a patrol route, click again on an existing patrol square.\nRight click and drag to clear guard patrols.
buildtoolbar_deployment_ArmedPatrols    Click and drag to create patrol routes.\n\nTo assign a guard to a patrol route, click again on an existing patrol square.\nRight click and drag to clear guard patrols.
buildtoolbar_deployment_SharedZone      All prisoners will be allowed in this sector.
buildtoolbar_deployment_MinSecZone      Only minimum security prisoners will be permitted to enter this sector.
buildtoolbar_deployment_MedSecZone      Only medium security prisoners will be permitted to enter this sector.
buildtoolbar_deployment_MaxSecZone      Only maximum security prisoners will be permitted to enter this sector.
buildtoolbar_deployment_ProtectedZone   Only 'protected custody' prisoners will be permitted to enter this sector.
buildtoolbar_deployment_SuperMaxZone    Only 'superMax' security prisoners will be permitted to enter this sector.
buildtoolbar_deployment_DeathRowZone    Only 'death row' prisoners will be permitted to enter this sector.
buildtoolbar_deployment_StaffOnlyZone   Only staff will be permitted to enter this sector.
buildtoolbar_deployment_UnlockedZone    Anyone will be permitted to enter this zone, and all doors will be unlocked.

buildtoolbar_quickbuild_clone           The Clone tool lets you select an area of your prison to copy, and then place that area again. With the Clone tool selected, hold the Right Mouse button and drag an area that you want to copy. Then, Left Click somewhere else in the prison to queue up construction of a copy of that area.

# The ~ and ^ characters in front of some of the lines in the buildtoolbar_popup_help section are colour codes and should be preserved during translation

buildtoolbar_popup_help_targettingfood_1    The Food Distribution view shows you which cell blocks are being served by which canteens, and which canteens are being supplied by which kitchens. You can also see the current supply and demand of currently active kitchens and canteens (cooking starts 4 hours before the next Eat regime).
buildtoolbar_popup_help_targettingfood_2    ~Left Click a cell block, and then Left Click a canteen to force the selected cell block to use that Canteen. You can also change which kitchens target which canteens in the same way. Right Clicking a zone will cause its targeting to reset to default.\n\n
buildtoolbar_popup_help_targettingfood_3    ~Holding Shift while Left Clicking will let you target multiple rooms.\n\n
buildtoolbar_popup_help_targettingfood_4    ^Tips
buildtoolbar_popup_help_targettingfood_5    - If you find a Cell Block or Kitchen isn't targeting a canteen as you would expect, try Right-Clicking it to force it to reset.
buildtoolbar_popup_help_targettingfood_6    - If you notice that your Supply to a canteen doesn't fill all the way up during an Eat session, it's a good indication that it's overloaded and you need to be able to cook more food.

buildtoolbar_popup_help_targettinglaundry_1 The Laundry Distribution view shows you which cell blocks, dormitories and receptions are being targeted by which laundry rooms.\n\n
buildtoolbar_popup_help_targettinglaundry_2 ~Left Clicking a Laundry and then Left Clicking a cell block, dormitory or reception to make the laundry serve that room. Hold Shift to target multiple rooms.
buildtoolbar_popup_help_targettinglaundry_3 ~Right Clicking a Laundry will cause its targeting to reset to default. \n\n
buildtoolbar_popup_help_targettinglaundry_4 ^Tips
buildtoolbar_popup_help_targettinglaundry_5 Laundry rooms can target as many different rooms as you want, but they are limited in how fast they can operate (based on their size and the number of Prisoners or Janitors working there). Having a single laundry serve an entire large prison can work, but each room will get their clothes very sporadically. 

buildtoolbar_popup_help_roomquality_1       The Room Quality view shows you the quality of all of the cells and dormitories in your prison, graded from 0 to 10 - the higher the number, the better the quality. Mousing over a room will show you the factors that went into determining it's quality, and what you can add to increase that quality.\n\n
buildtoolbar_popup_help_roomquality_2       ^Tips
buildtoolbar_popup_help_roomquality_3       - Prisoners are entitled to a higher quality cell for good behaviour over time. Having higher quality cells available is a good way to incentivise good behaviour.
buildtoolbar_popup_help_roomquality_4       - It's important to keep some low quality cells in your prison, as new arrivals to your prison will need somewhere to go, and if all the available cells are too high quality they might find themselves in a holding cell.
buildtoolbar_popup_help_roomquality_5       - Prisoners can be placed in a higher quality cell than they deserve if there is no other space available, but it might make the other prisoners unhappy...

buildtoolbar_popup_help_jobs_1              The Prison Labour view shows you which rooms can have prisoners assigned for work, and how many prisoners are currently assigned there.\n\n
buildtoolbar_popup_help_jobs_2              ~Left Click a room to add a work slot to it. Each work slot can potentially be filled by a prisoner during a work regime. Right Click the room to remove a slot.\n\n
buildtoolbar_popup_help_jobs_3              ^Tips
buildtoolbar_popup_help_jobs_4              - Some jobs, such as working in the kitchen or workshop, require the prison to have passed a training course first. You can run these courses from the Programs tab of your report window.
buildtoolbar_popup_help_jobs_5              - Working prisoners are paid a small amount for every hour that they work. Allocating the maximum number of jobs might not necessarily be the best idea; prisoners still get paid even if there is nothing for them to do.

buildtoolbar_popup_help_source_1           The Dangers view shows which contraband a prisoner can steal from each of the rooms in your prison. Additionally, you can see the supply and demand of each type of contraband to the right. If the demand of a specific type of contraband is higher than the supply, a prisoner is more likely to try and steal it, especially if they are in desperate need of something themselves.\n\n
buildtoolbar_popup_help_source_2           ^Tips
buildtoolbar_popup_help_source_3           - Not all rooms that are sources of contraband need to be accessed by prisoners, and their access to those rooms can be restricted or blocked entirely.
buildtoolbar_popup_help_source_4           - While this shows you which rooms in your prison contraband can be stolen from, rooms aren't the only way for prisoners to get what they need...

buildtoolbar_popup_help_contraband_title    Contraband  
buildtoolbar_popup_help_contraband_1        The Contraband view shows you all of the contraband that has been found in your prison, either over the last day or the last week, and where it was found.\n\n
buildtoolbar_popup_help_contraband_2        ~Mouse over a specific piece of contraband to see its history, including how it was originally acquired by the prisoner and where it went before it was found.\n\n
buildtoolbar_popup_help_contraband_3        ^Tips
buildtoolbar_popup_help_contraband_4        - If you are finding that a lot of contraband is coming from a relatively small number of places, it might be time to beef up security in those areas.
buildtoolbar_popup_help_contraband_5        - Different types of contraband are detected in different ways. Guard Dogs, for example, as very good at detecting things that have a strong smell to them.

buildtoolbar_popup_help_informants_1        The Informants view shows you a list of your current Confidential Informants. Additionally, potential CIs are highlighted in yellow, usually in your Solitary Confinement cells.\n\n
buildtoolbar_popup_help_informants_2        ~To recruit a Confidential Informant, find a Potential CI, go to the Experience tab of their rapsheet and click on the Recruit Informant button.\n\n
buildtoolbar_popup_help_informants_3        ~To activate an informant, click on the button that says Idle (it will flash Active when you highlight it), and wait for them to be escorted to the Security Office. They will then show you some amount of hidden contraband, prisoner reputations and potential assassination targets, based on their coverage.\n\n
buildtoolbar_popup_help_informants_4        ^Tips
buildtoolbar_popup_help_informants_5        - Activating an informant, and performing searches based on the information they give you, will raise their suspicion level. If it gets too high, they might be in for some trouble...
buildtoolbar_popup_help_informants_6        - You can dismiss an informatant by clicking the 'X' next to their activation button.

buildtoolbar_popup_help_utilities_1         The Utilities view shows you the various connections that are occurring beneath the surface of your prison. You can create electrical cables and water pipes, and also connect various items using wires.\n\n
buildtoolbar_popup_help_utilities_2         ~When creating electrical cables or pipes, hold the Left Mouse button and drag between the 2 points you want to connect. Right Clicking will cancel any existing tasks to place cables or pipes.\n\n
buildtoolbar_popup_help_utilities_3         ~When connecting items using wires (e.g., a CCTV Monitor to a CCTV Camera), Left Click the first object, and then Left Click the object you want to connect. Holding down Shift will let you connect multiple objects.\n\n
buildtoolbar_popup_help_utilities_4         ^Tips
buildtoolbar_popup_help_utilities_5         - Small electrical items, like lights and TVs, will automatically connect to power as long as an electrical cable is nearby. Larger items, such as Laundry Machines or Water Pumps, will need to be connected directly to the cable.
buildtoolbar_popup_help_utilities_6         - Large water pipes can carry water over a long distance, but smaller pipes have a shorter range. Having a single large pipe leading to a building or area, and connecting individual objects using smaller pipes, is a good way to save money.
buildtoolbar_popup_help_utilities_7         - The Utilities view can have a lot going on, especially in larger prisons. Clicking on a specific object will highlight the related connects much more clearly, making it easier to see. For example, clicking electrical cables will make all electrical cables and objects in your prison much clearer.
buildtoolbar_popup_help_utilities_8         - If you have multiple Power Stations in your prison, they will need to have their own separate Electrical Cables. If Electrical Cables connected to 2 separate Power Stations come in contact, both stations will shut down.

buildtoolbar_popup_help_guard_1             Guards are the main part of your work force in your prison, and will deal with everything from escorting new prisoners to their cells to dealing with fights to searching for contraband.\n\n
buildtoolbar_popup_help_guard_2             ~With a guard selected, you can order them to move anywhere in your prison by Right Clicking that location. \n\n
buildtoolbar_popup_help_guard_3             ^Tips
buildtoolbar_popup_help_guard_4             - Guards can find escape tunnels by searching toilets in Cells. If the toilet is searched specifically, they will find any escape tunnels without fail.
buildtoolbar_popup_help_guard_5             - If you have a Security Chief, you can see how many idle Guards you have on the information bar at the top of the screen. If you frequently have 0 Guards available, it might be an indication that you don't have enough guards to keep up with their current workload.

buildtoolbar_popup_help_workman_1           Workmen are the people who build your prison, help unload deliveries and, in some cases, bring those deliveries to the various areas of your prison.\n\n
buildtoolbar_popup_help_workman_2           ^Tips
buildtoolbar_popup_help_workman_3           Workmen operate largely automatically, however if you want a construction job to be completed quickly you can Ctrl+Right Click the job to mark it as High Priority. This will make the nearest Workman drop what they are doing to go and complete your task.

buildtoolbar_popup_help_cook_1              Cooks prepare the food for your prisoners, clean up the canteen areas and bring food deliveries into the kitchens.\n\n
buildtoolbar_popup_help_cook_2              ^Tips
buildtoolbar_popup_help_cook_3              - It is important to make sure you have enough Cooks to keep up with the food demands of your prison. If you don't have enough, they won't be able to prepare enough food and some of your prisoners will go hungry...

buildtoolbar_popup_help_warden_1            Wardens are your link to the Bureaucracy involved in running a prison. They unlock the Bureaucracy window, allowing you to research various new features to use in your prison. Once they are given an Office, they will largely manage themselves.

buildtoolbar_popup_help_armedguard_1        Armed Guards are used to keep especially dangerous or unruly prisoners in line, carrying a shotgun with them at all times. They Suppress all nearby Prisoners making them much less likely to cause trouble, and if their life is threatened they will use their shotgun, which will usually make all other nearby prisoners stop causing trouble.\n\n
buildtoolbar_popup_help_armedguard_2        ~With an Armed Guard selected, you can order them to move anywhere in your prison by Right Clicking that location. \n\n
buildtoolbar_popup_help_armedguard_3        ^Tips
buildtoolbar_popup_help_armedguard_4        - If the Freefire button is activated, Armed Guards will not wait until their life is in danger before using their shotgun. They will just open fire on any prisoners causing trouble. 
buildtoolbar_popup_help_armedguard_5        - Armed Guards are hard for a prisoner to take down, but if they do their shotgun will just end up laying there on the floor, free for anyone to pick up...

buildtoolbar_popup_help_doctor_1            Doctors are responsible for treating the injuries that prisoners and staff will almost inevitably receive during their time in your prison. They heal injuries, treat overdosing prisoners and run treatment programs for drug addicts.\n\n
buildtoolbar_popup_help_doctor_2            ~With a Doctor selected, you can order them to move anywhere in your prison by Right Clicking that location.

buildtoolbar_popup_help_janitor_1           Janitors are responsible for keeping your prison clean, and also help run the Laundry rooms.\n\n
buildtoolbar_popup_help_janitor_2           ^Tips
buildtoolbar_popup_help_janitor_3           - All of the tasks performed by Janitors can also be performed by working prisoners. With a sufficient number of prisoners assigned to Laundry Rooms and Cleaning Cupboards, it can be possible to get by with very few or even no Janitors.

buildtoolbar_popup_help_gardener_1          Gardeners keep the outdoor areas of your prison tidy, getting rid of the weeds and planting trees.\n\n
buildtoolbar_popup_help_gardener_2          ^Tips
buildtoolbar_popup_help_gardener_3          - If you have a Forestry, Gardeners will be responsible for planting the tree saplings you receive. Make sure you have enough to keep up with the intake!

buildtoolbar_popup_help_doghandler_1        Dog Handlers come partnered with a Guard Dog. Guard Dogs excel at sniffing out strong-smelling contraband items like Drugs and Alcohol, and can also detect escape tunnels hidden underground.\n\n
buildtoolbar_popup_help_doghandler_2        ~With a Dog Handler selected, you can order them to move anywhere in your prison by Right Clicking that location.\n\n
buildtoolbar_popup_help_doghandler_3        ^Tips
buildtoolbar_popup_help_doghandler_4        - Sending a Dog Handler into an area will cause the Guard Dog to try and sniff out any contraband that might be hidden nearby.
buildtoolbar_popup_help_doghandler_5        - When walking over an underground escape tunnel, a Guard Dog might give a signal indicating it's there. A small marker will be left behind to show this. Sometimes, however, the Dog might signal when there's nothing there...
buildtoolbar_popup_help_doghandler_6        - If a Dog Handler is killed, their Guard Dog might go berserk and try to kill their Handler's murderer before leaving the prison.

buildtoolbar_popup_help_sniper_1            Snipers station themselves in the Guard Towers you build around the prison, providing a strong deterrent against prisoners causing trouble, and acting as a last line against escaping prisoners.\n\n
buildtoolbar_popup_help_sniper_2            ^Tips
buildtoolbar_popup_help_sniper_3            - Snipers have a powerful, long range rifle, but can only cover areas in their direct line of sight. 
buildtoolbar_popup_help_sniper_4            - Snipers will fire warning shots at prisoners misbehaving inside the prison grounds. If the prisoners don't surrender, they will start firing at the prisoners directly.
buildtoolbar_popup_help_sniper_5            - If Freefire is activated, or a prisoner is outside the prison and escaping, no warning shots will be fired.

buildtoolbar_popup_help_chief_1             The Chief is the head of security in your prison. He gives you an overall readout of the mood in your prison, showing the likelihood of prisoners causing trouble, and also lets you keep track of how many guards are currently busy within your prison. He also allows you to research more advanced security features such as Guard Dogs or CCTV Cameras. Once Given an office, they mostly manage themselves.

buildtoolbar_popup_help_foreman_1           The Foreman is the head of maintenance and construction in your prison, allowing you to research and hire Janitors and Gardeners. He also deals with Prison Labour, and personally oversees the training of Prisoners in the use of Workshop tools.\n\n
buildtoolbar_popup_help_foreman_2           ^Tips
buildtoolbar_popup_help_foreman_3           - Once you have built a Workshop in your Prison, the Foreman will be responsible for teaching the Workshop Safety Induction programs, which can be scheduled in the Programs tab of your reports window.

buildtoolbar_popup_help_psychologist_1      The Psychologist is responsible for monitoring the mental health of your Prisoners. Having a Psychologist will let you see the current needs of your prisoners, and they are also responsible for running a few reform programs for Prisoners.\n\n
buildtoolbar_popup_help_psychologist_2      ^Tips
buildtoolbar_popup_help_psychologist_3      - With a Psychologist in your prison, you can see individual prisoners needs by highlighting them, or all of your prisoners needs collectively in the Needs tab of your Report window.
buildtoolbar_popup_help_psychologist_4      - Psychologists run the AA Programs for treating alcohol addiction in your prison, and also Behavioural Therapy programs to try and manage your more troublesome prisoners. As such, having multiple Psychologists in your prison is a valid option, should you feel you need them.

buildtoolbar_popup_help_accountant_1        The Accountant manages the finances of your prison, and unlock the ability to see the cash flow and total value of your prison as well as some research items for improving your income. Once given an Office, they largely manage themselves.

buildtoolbar_popup_help_lawyer_1            The Lawyer helps you get around certain laws that might be troublesome in the running of your prison, and can help you avoid legal liability for any particularly disastrous things that might happen in your prison. They can also unlock the Death Row option for your Prison. Once given an office, they will manage themselves.

buildtoolbar_popup_help_gangs_1             The Gangs view shows you the current status of any Gangs in your prison. You can see information on each individual gang, as well as which rooms are owned by gangs and which prisoners are gang members. You can also see which gang members are Gang Lieutenants, highlighted by 2 circles, and Gang Leaders, highlighted by 3 circles.\n\n
buildtoolbar_popup_help_gangs_2             ~If you want to forcibly remove gangs from an area they control, highlight the room and click the Evict button that appears. The gang won't be happy about this, though...\n\n
buildtoolbar_popup_help_gangs_3             ^Tips
buildtoolbar_popup_help_gangs_4             - You will be unable to change areas of the prison that Gangs control. If you want to add or remove anything in those areas, you will have to reclaim them first.
buildtoolbar_popup_help_gangs_5             - Non-gang members will be charged for using the facilities in areas of the prison that a Gang controls. Rival Gang members will avoid those areas completely.
buildtoolbar_popup_help_gangs_6             - You can use Security rooms to help maintain your influence over an area. Any Guards in a Security Office that is adjacent to a potential Gang area will count towards your control.
buildtoolbar_popup_help_gangs_7             - Gang members are very protective of their gang leader. They won't like it if anything happens to them...

buildtoolbar_popup_help_weathermap_1        The Temperature view shows you the temperature across the various areas of your prison. Temperature can be increased primarily using Radiators. If an area is too cold, the Warmth need of any prisoners there will go up.

buildtoolbar_popup_help_prefabs_1           The Quick Build menu contains options that help you speed up the construction of rooms that you use a lot. The Clone tool lets you select an area of your prison to copy, and then place that area again. The Pre-fab rooms let you place premade rooms that will automatically meet their requirements.\n\n
buildtoolbar_popup_help_prefabs_2           ~With the Clone tool selected, hold the Right Mouse button and drag an area that you want to copy. Then, Left Click somewhere else in the prison to queue up construction of a copy of that area.\n
buildtoolbar_popup_help_prefabs_3           ~With a Prefab tool selected, simply Left Click the area of your prison that you want to build the room, and it will be built by your Workmen.\n\n
buildtoolbar_popup_help_prefabs_4           ^Tips
buildtoolbar_popup_help_prefabs_5           - The Clone tool does not copy Utility connections. You will have to connect power and water up to your newly created areas manually.

buildtoolbar_popup_help_zoning_1        The Zoning tools let you control which prisoners are allowed into which areas of your prison, with Shared and Unlocked being open to all prisoner categories.\n\n
buildtoolbar_popup_help_zoning_2        ~Select the category you want to assign to a zone, and Left Click the zone. Right Clicking will reset the zone to Shared.\n\n
buildtoolbar_popup_help_zoning_3        ^Tips
buildtoolbar_popup_help_zoning_4        - Since no prisoners are allowed to enter Staff-Only areas, this allows you to create "airlocks" that can keep prisoners in certain areas from accessing otherwise shared facilities. This can be especially useful if, for example, you wanted to keep all of your protected custody prisoners inside their own area, away from a shared Yard or Common Room.
buildtoolbar_popup_help_zoning_5        - If a zone is set to Unlocked, all doors in that area will be locked open. 

buildtoolbar_popup_help_guards_1        The Guards tool lets you station Guards in zones. A stationed guard will move around their assigned zone randomly, and will perform any Guard tasks in that area, such as opening doors.\n\n
buildtoolbar_popup_help_guards_2        ~Left Click to increase the number of Guards deployed to a zone. Right Click to remove a Guard.\n\n
buildtoolbar_popup_help_guards_3        ^Tips
buildtoolbar_popup_help_guards_4        - If you have Micromanagement unlocked, you will have access to the Deployment Scheduler. This lets you create a timetable of when guards are assigned to certain areas. For example, if you only wanted Guards deployed in the Canteen during the Eat regime, you could click each block of the Scheduler that lines up with your Eat regime, then move the time slider into that block and click your Canteen to assign guards.
buildtoolbar_popup_help_guards_5        - You have up to 7 different time blocks available for Scheduling, plus the default Always-active mode, allowing you to create complex deployment routines that match the needs of your prison. 
buildtoolbar_popup_help_guards_6        - If you don't manually select a time block when assigning Guards, the Scheduler will use the current time; make sure you have the correct time selected when changing your Deployment!

buildtoolbar_popup_help_patrols_title   Patrols
buildtoolbar_popup_help_patrols_1       The 3 Patrol tools let you create specific routes you want to be patrolled, and then assign either regular Guards, Dog Handlers or Armed guards (or a combination of all 3) to patrol them. These patrols can cross over multiple zones.\n\n
buildtoolbar_popup_help_patrols_2       ~Hold the Left Mouse Button and drag to create patrol routes, and Left Click on an existing patrol route to add a Guard to that patrol. Right Click a Guard on a patrol to remove it, or hold the Right Mouse Button and drag to remove the patrol entirely.\n\n
buildtoolbar_popup_help_patrols_3       ^Tips
buildtoolbar_popup_help_patrols_4       - Regular Guards on patrol will continue to perform Guard duties such as opening doors or searching Prisoners. Dog Handlers and Armed Guards will not. 
buildtoolbar_popup_help_patrols_5       - If you have unlocked Micromanagement, you will have access to the Deployment Scheduler, which works for Patrols in the same way as it does regular Guard Deployment.

job_matsassigned                        Materials Assigned
job_matsavailable                       Materials Available
job_awaitingmaterials                   Awaiting Materials
job_inprogress                          -In Progress-
job_blocked                             -Blocked-
job_queued                              -Queued-

job_failed_noroute                      No Route
job_failed_nomaterials                  No Materials
job_failed_toodangerous                 Too Dangerous
job_failed_materialsbeingcarried        Materials On Route

job_rightclicktocancel                  - Right Click to Cancel
job_ftofollow							- Press F to follow
job_makehighpriority					- Ctrl + Left Click to make High Priority
job_removehighpriority					- Ctrl + Right Click to remove High Priority
job_makehighpriority_mac				- Alt + Left Click to make High Priority
job_removehighpriority_mac				- Alt + Right Click to remove High Priority
job_highpriority_tooltip				- URGENT
job_refundamount                        - Refund Amount: *X

failuremessage_blocked                  Blocked
failuremessage_cantafford               Insufficient Funds
failuremessage_cantaffordupkeep         Exceeds Daily Budget
failuremessage_maximumcountreached      Max Hired Already
failuremessage_maxstaff                 Too Many Staff

# =============================================================================
# Status Toolbar
# =============================================================================

statustoolbar_deliveries                Deliveries
statustoolbar_finances                  Finances
statustoolbar_regime                    Regime
statustoolbar_escapemap                 Security
statustoolbar_electricity               Electricity
statustoolbar_stats                     Stats
statustoolbar_danger                    Danger
statustoolbar_jobs                      Jobs
statustoolbar_gangs                     Gangs
statustoolbar_staff                     Staff
statustoolbar_research                  Research

# =============================================================================
# Sprite Bank Editor + other tools
# =============================================================================

spritebankeditor_title                  Sprite Bank Editor
spritebankeditor_create                 Create
spritebankeditor_rotate                 Rotation
spritebankeditor_sort                   Sort
spritebankeditor_markermodetitle        Marker Mode

# =============================================================================
# Codex
# =============================================================================

codex_mainmenu                          Main Menu
codex_campaign                          Campaign
codex_cutscenes                         Cutscenes
codex_qualifications                    Qualifications
codex_load                              Load Prison
codex_loadcampaign                      Load Campaign
codex_save                              Save Prison
codex_savecampaign                      Save Campaign
codex_performance						Performance Test
codex_developer_load                    (Developer) Load Map
codex_developer_save                    (Developer) Save Map
codex_developer_clearach                (Developer) Clear Achievements
codex_contacts                          Contacts
codex_materials                         Materials
codex_play                              Play
codex_play_escape                       Play Escape Mode
codex_polaroids                         Polaroids
codex_introduction                      Introduction
codex_restartintroduction               Restart Introduction
codex_restartchapter                    Restart Chapter
codex_help                              Help (wiki)
codex_opensavefolder                    Open Save Folder
codex_options							Options
codex_nitgs								Names in the Game
codex_workshop							Prison Sharing (Steam)
codex_steamtrending                     Most Popular Prisons (Steam)
codex_checkforupdates                   Check for updates
codex_preorder                          Pre-order Now
codex_termsconditions                   Terms and Conditions
codex_twitter                           Twitter
codex_extras                            Extras
codex_unlocked                          Unlocked *X/*Y
codex_mapsettings                       Map Settings

codex_new                               Create New Prison
codex_new_worldsize                     World Size
codex_new_small                         Small
codex_new_medium                        Medium
codex_new_large                         Large
codex_new_selectwarden                  Choose your warden
codex_new_selectgender                  Select Prisoner Gender

codex_options_graphics					Graphics
codex_options_resolution				Resolution
codex_options_resolutionauto			Auto
codex_options_windowed					Windowed
codex_options_highdpi					High DPI
codex_options_filtering					Filtering
codex_options_nofiltering				Off
codex_options_multisampled				Multisampled
codex_options_supersampled				Supersampled

codex_options_audio						Audio
codex_options_volume					Master Volume
codex_options_frequency					Mix Frequency
codex_options_swapstero					Swap Stereo
codex_options_dspenabled				Enable DSP
codex_options_11khz						11025 Hz
codex_options_22khz						22050 Hz
codex_options_44khz						44100 Hz

codex_options_clocktype                 Clock Type
codex_options_clocktype_analogue        Analogue
codex_options_clocktype_12h             12 Hour
codex_options_clocktype_24h             24 Hour

codex_options_gameplay					Game
codex_options_autosave					Autosave Timer
codex_options_renderrooms				Room Checkerbox
codex_options_apply						Apply
codex_options_v2gui						Version 2.0 GUI
codex_options_zoomtomouse				Zoom To Mouse

codex_options_language					Language

codex_options_experimental              Experimental
codex_options_enablevbo                 Enable Vertex Buffer Objects

codex_nitgs_authwarning                 Important: If you have recently changed your Name in the Game entry, it will need to be authorised before it will appear in the list.

codex_nitgs_filtercaption               Filter
codex_nitgs_filterall                   All
codex_nitgs_filtermen                   Men
codex_nitgs_filterwomen                 Women

codex_nitgs_checkingforupdate           Checking for update...
codex_nitgs_updateavailable             Update available
codex_nitgs_downloading                 Downloading update...
codex_nitgs_downloadcomplete            Download complete.
codex_nitgs_downloadfailed              Download failed.

codex_enabled                           Enabled
codex_disabled                          Disabled

codex_option_intake                     Continuous Intake
codex_tooltip_intake                    If enabled, you will receive a random number of new prisoners every day... forever.\n\nIf disabled, you can chose when you are ready to receive prisoners by going to the reports and clicking on the prisoner tab.
codex_option_fogofwar                   Fog of War
codex_tooltip_fogofwar                  You will lose visibility of the insides of your prison buildings, unless you have Guards patrolling the area or CCTV cameras covering the area.
codex_option_lakes                      Generate Lakes
codex_tooltip_lakes                     Random lakes will block sections of your land. WARNING: Experimental.
codex_option_forests                    Generate Forests
codex_tooltip_forests                   Clusters of trees will appear on your land.
codex_option_buildings                  Generate Buildings
codex_tooltip_buildings                 Random derelict buildings will be left behind on your land, which you can use as you wish.
codex_option_failure                    Failure Conditions
codex_tooltip_failure                   An extra challenge! You will be sacked and it will be game over if you let things get too bad. (Riots, Bankruptcy, too many Deaths or Escapes, etc.)
codex_option_unlimitedfunds             Unlimited Funds
codex_tooltip_unlimitedfunds            Pure Sandbox Mode! You can spend as much money as you like right from the start, without having to worry or wait for more later.
codex_option_gangs                      Gangs
codex_tooltip_gangs                     Some prisoners will arrive with gang allegiences, and will attack rival gang members on site. Extra challenge.
codex_option_events                     Events
codex_tooltip_events                    Causes events to occur during the game to keep you on your toes. Adds extra challenge and an element of unpredictability. 
codex_option_weather                    Weather and Temperature
codex_tooltip_weather                   Adds changing weather and varying temperatures to your prison, requiring you to think about heating.
codex_option_enablecheats				Enable Tools and Cheats
codex_tooltip_enablecheats				Enables developer tools and cheats in this prison. If selected, this can not be disabled, achievements are not awarded, and you will not be able to sell this prison.

codex_option_funds                      Funds
codex_tooltip_funds                     You will start with this much money in your bank account. Sell your established prisons from the Valuation screen to start with more funds.

codex_transfer							Transfer
codex_transferring						Transferring
codex_in_prison							Currently Incarcerated
codex_unavailable                       Unavailable
codex_useravatar                        This is me
codex_tooltip_useravatar                Mark this prisoner as your own entry. If you should somehow end up in prison yourself, this is the prisoner that will represent you.
codex_tooltip_flagbio                   Report this bio as objectionable or offensive.

codex_workshop_current					Current Prison
codex_workshop_publish					Publish this prison
codex_workshop_update					Update
codex_workshop_play						Play
codex_workshop_downloading				Downloading
codex_workshop_download_failed			Download Failed
codex_workshop_publishing				Publishing...
codex_workshop_new						NEW
codex_workshop_title					Title
codex_workshop_desc						Description
codex_workshop_view_in_workshop			View in Steam Workshop
codex_workshop_heading_pubed			Your published prisons
codex_workshop_heading_subed			Subscribed prisons
codex_workshop_published_by				Published by *P
codex_workshop_published_by_you			Published by you
codex_workshop_published_good			Prison Published
codex_workshop_published_good_msg		Your prison has been published successfully.
codex_workshop_published_bad			Failed To Publish Prison
codex_workshop_published_bad_msg		Your prison failed to publish.
codex_workshop_published_bad_msg_new	Your new prison has failed to publish. Please try again.
codex_workshop_busy						Some magic is already happening with Steam. Please wait for that to finish first, then try again.
codex_workshop_file_exists				You've already published a prison with this name. Please pick a different name.
codex_workshop_generic_fail				Failed to publish your prison. Please try again.
codex_workshop_download_bad				Failed To Download Prison
codex_workshop_pa_workshop				Open Prison Architect Workshop
codex_workshop_agreement				By submitting this item, you agree to the [url=]workshop terms of service[/url].
codex_workshop_update_warning			Updating Published Prison
codex_workshop_update_warning_msg		Updating this Published Prison will override the published prison with the currently loaded prison. This will delete the published prison, permanently replacing it with the prison you are currently playing. This action can not be undone.\n\nAre you sure you wish to proceed?

codex_options_timelapse					Time Lapse
codex_timelapse_record					Record Time Lapse
codex_timelapse_stop					Stop Time Lapse
codex_timelapse_camera					Camera Mode
codex_timelapse_resolution				Resolution
codex_timelapse_customresw				Custom Res Width
codex_timelapse_customresh				Custom Res Height
codex_timelapse_resolution				Resolution
codex_timelapse_fps						Playback Rate
codex_timelapse_interval				Capture Interval
codex_timelapse_quality					Quality
codex_timelapse_unsupported				This feature is unavailable on your hardware.
codex_timelapse_savesettings			Save Settings

codex_timelapse_cam_zoom                Zoom Camera
codex_timelapse_cam_fitmap              Fit Map
codex_timelapse_cam_fitheight           Fit Map Height
codex_timelapse_cam_fitwidth            Fit Map Width
codex_timelapse_fps_value               *X FPS
codex_timelapse_quality_high            High
codex_timelapse_quality_med             Medium
codex_timelapse_quality_low             Low
codex_timelapse_interval_value          *X Game Minutes
timelapse_caption                       Timelapse recording length *X:*Y, *Z frames recorded, backlog: *T

codex_performance_running				Performance Test Running
codex_performance_time					Time Left: *Ts
codex_performance_current				Current Frame Time: *Tms
codex_performance_min					Min Frame Time: *Tms
codex_performance_avg					Average Frame Time: *Tms
codex_performance_max					Max Frame Time: *Tms
codex_performance_numframes				Num Frames: *T

codex_last_modified						Last Modified: *T
codex_sortbydesc						Sort By Date
codex_sortname							Name
codex_sortdate							Date
codex_apply								Apply
codex_select                            Select

codex_mods								Mods
codex_mod_activetitle					Active Mods
codex_mod_inactivetitle					Available Mods
codex_mod_deactivate					Deactivate all mods
codex_mod_wiki							Find more mods (Wiki)
codex_mod_openmodsfolder				Open Mods Folder
codex_mod_moresteammods					Find more mods (Steam Workshop)
codex_mod_findsteamtranslations         Find more translations (Steam Workshop)
codex_authortitle                       Author
codex_versiontitle                      Version
codex_datetitle                         Date
codex_urltitle                          URL
codex_typetitle							Type
codex_mod_graphicsandsound				Graphics and Sounds
codex_mod_translation					Translation
codex_mod_scenario						Scenario
codex_mod_content						Content
codex_mod_load_scenario					Play Scenario
codex_publishmod						Publish This Mod

codex_mod_update						Update This Mod
codex_mod_published_good				Mod Published
codex_mod_published_good_msg			Your mod has been published successfully.
codex_mod_published_bad					Failed To Publish Mod
codex_mod_published_bad_msg				Your mod failed to publish.
codex_mod_modsupdated					Mods Updated
codex_mod_modsupdated_msg				Some of your active mods have been updated. Click OK to apply the new changes. Your game will be autosaved.
codex_mod_translationcaption            Is this a translation to another language?

codex_language                          Language
codex_language_englishdefault           English (Default)
codex_language_default                  Default Language
codex_language_download                 Download
codex_language_failed_download          Failed To Download Translation
codex_language_failed_download_msg      Your selected translation has failed to download.
codex_language_searching_workshop       Searching Steam Workshop
codex_language_community                This translation is created and maintained by the community - Thank You!

codex_polaroids_new                     NEW

codex_save_confirm                      Are you sure you wish to overwrite *X with the current prison?
codex_researtchapter_confirm            Are you sure you wish to restart the current chapter? Unsaved progress will be lost.

codex_premadeprisons                    Premade Prisons

codex_trending_more                     ...
codex_sortbycaption                     Sort By:
codex_trending_oneday                   One Day
codex_trending_oneweek                  One Week
codex_trending_threemonths              Three Months
codex_trending_sixmonths                Six Months
codex_trending_oneyear                  One Year
codex_trending_alltime                  All Time
codex_trending_failedtogetlist          Failed to get prison list
codex_trending_failedtogetlist_msg      Failed to get the list of trending prisons.

codex_settings                          Map Settings
codex_settings_gangs                    Enable Gangs
codex_settings_events                   Enable Events
codex_settings_weather                  Enable Weather
codex_settings_confirm                  Once enabled, this setting cannot be deactivated. Are you sure you wish to enable *X?

codex_packrects							Pack Rectangles
codex_addboxbutton						Add New Rectangle
codex_setsize							Set Space Size
codex_removeallrects					Remove All Rects
codex_packrects_widthcaption			Space Width
codex_packrects_heightcaption			Space Height
codex_packrects_boxwcaption				Rect Width
codex_packrects_boxhcaption				Rect Height

mods_downscaled_spritesheet				Sprite Sheet Downscaled
mods_downscaled_spritesheet_msg			The sprite sheet has had to be downscaled due to your graphics card limitations. This is probably a result of activating a lot of mods. Please disable some mods in order to improve quality.
mods_errors_no_memory					No Mod Sprites Loaded
mods_errors_no_memory_msg				There is insufficient graphics memory to load additional mod sprites. This is probably a result of activating a lot of mods. Please disable some mods in order to use less memory.

# =============================================================================
# Graphics Change Confirmation
# =============================================================================

graphicschange_message					Do you wish to keep these graphics options? These changes will revert in
graphicschange_time						seconds.
graphicschange_accept					Accept
graphicschange_revert					Revert

# =============================================================================
# Script
# =============================================================================

scriptdebugger_title                    Script Debugger (F3)

# =============================================================================
# Mod Confirmation
# =============================================================================

modnotification_title                   Mod Differences Found
modnotification_info                    These mods were used when the current prison was saved. We highly recommend downloading and activating them before playing this prison.
modnotification_playnow                 Play Now
modnotification_active                  Active
modnotification_inactive                Inactive
modnotification_new                     New
modnotification_unknown                 Unknown
modnotification_popup_title             Mod difference
modnotification_popup_active            This mod is currently active. Click to deactivate.
modnotification_popup_inactive          This mod is currently inactive. Click to activate.
modnotification_popup_new_url           This is a new mod. Click to open it's link in a web browser.
modnotification_popup_new_steam         This is a new steam mod. Click to subscribe to and download the mod now.
modnotification_popup_unknown           We were unable to determine where this mod came from. Please find and install this mod yourself.

# =============================================================================
# Biography
# =============================================================================

biography_search                        Stop and Search
biography_selected                      SELECTED
biography_prisoner_name                 *S, *F
biography_prisoner_number               Prisoner #*X
biography_prisoner_age                  Age : *X
biography_prisoner_traits               Traits  :
biography_prisoner_convicted            Convicted of *C (pleaded *P)
biography_prisoner_sentenced            Sentenced to *X years in jail
biography_parole_now                    Eligible for parole now
biography_parole_later                  Eligible for parole after *X years
biography_prisoner_served               Served *X years
biography_prisoner_priors               Priors: 

# =============================================================================
# Rap Sheet
# =============================================================================

rapsheet_age							Age:
rapsheet_category						Category:
rapsheet_traits							Known Traits:
rapsheet_conviction_text				*C - *Y years
rapsheet_found_text						(Plea: *P)
rapsheet_convictions					Convictions
rapsheet_misconductstitle				Recent Misconduct
rapsheet_biography                      Biography
rapsheet_guilty							Guilty
rapsheet_notguilty						Not guilty
rapsheet_served							Served
rapsheet_served_time					Served *Y years
rapsheet_time							*Y years
rapsheet_bio							Sentenced to *Y years for *A.
rapsheet_bio_med						Sentenced to *Y years for multiple crimes including *A, and *B.
rapsheet_bio_long						Sentenced to *Y years for multiple crimes including *A, *B, and *C.
rapsheet_category_minsec				Minimum Security
rapsheet_category_normal				Normal Security
rapsheet_category_maxsec				Maximum Security
rapsheet_category_protected             Protective Custody
rapsheet_category_supermax              SuperMax
rapsheet_category_deathrow              Death Row
rapsheet_tab_biography                  Biography
rapsheet_tab_experience                 Experience
rapsheet_tab_grading                    Grading
rapsheet_tab_character                  Character
rapsheet_punish                         Punish
rapsheet_recruit                        Recruit Informant

rapsheet_timeinside                     *X days in your prison
rapsheet_timeinside_hours               *X hours in your prison
rapsheet_mood                           Mood
rapsheet_activity                       Activity
rapsheet_condition                      Condition
rapsheet_program                        Program
rapsheet_passchance                     Success Chance
rapsheet_reformhistory                  Reform Program History

rapsheet_reform_success                 Success
rapsheet_reform_successcount            Completed *X times
rapsheet_reform_failed                  Failed
rapsheet_reform_failcount               Failed *X times

rapsheet_grading_punishment             Punishment
rapsheet_grading_health                 Health
rapsheet_grading_security               Security
rapsheet_grading_reform                 Reform
rapsheet_grading_points                 *X points : 
rapsheet_grading_penalties              *X penalties : 

rapsheet_scheduleexecution              Schedule Execution

punish_lockdown_6                       Lockdown (6hrs)
punish_lockdown_12                      Lockdown (12hrs)
punish_lockdown_24                      Lockdown (24hrs)
punish_solitary_6                       Solitary (6hrs)
punish_solitary_12                      Solitary (12hrs)
punish_solitary_24                      Solitary (24hrs)
punish_solitary_perm                    Solitary (Permanent)
punish_lockdown_perm                    Lockdown (Permanent)
punish_solitary                         Solitary
punish_lockdown                         Lockdown
punish_none                             None
punish_timer                            *Xh *Ym
punish_timer_minutes                    *Xm
punish_active                           ACTIVE
punish_permanent                        (Permanent)
punish_end                              End Punishment

punish_up								Up
punish_down								Down
punish_setmin							Min
punish_setmed							Med
punish_setmax							Max
punish_setsuper							Super

# =============================================================================
# Misconducts
# =============================================================================

misconduct_reporttype_none                  None
misconduct_reporttype_complaint             Complaint
misconduct_reporttype_destruction           Destruction
misconduct_reporttype_escapeattempt         Escape Attempt
misconduct_reporttype_injuredprisoner       Attacked Prisoner
misconduct_reporttype_injuredstaff          Attacked Staff
misconduct_reporttype_seriousinjury         Serious Injury
misconduct_reporttype_murder                Murder
misconduct_reporttype_contrabandweapons     Found Weapons
misconduct_reporttype_contrabandtools       Found Tools
misconduct_reporttype_contrabandnarcotics   Found Drugs
misconduct_reporttype_contrabandluxuries    Found Luxuries
misconduct_reporttype_intoxicated           Intoxication
misconduct_title                            =[Misconduct]=
misconduct_totalitems						(Plus *X more)

misconduct_report_addiction                 Addicted to *X
misconduct_report_recoving                  Recovering from *X addiction
misconduct_report_alcoholic                 Alcoholic
misconduct_report_recovingalcoholic         Recovering alcoholic

# =============================================================================
# Research Names + Captions
# =============================================================================

research_required                       You need a *X to prepare this report.
research_requireunlock                  You need to research '*X' to unlock this report
research_approved                       APPROVED
research_cost                           Cost: *X
research_costperitem                    + *X per item.
research_timetounlock                   Time to unlock : *X hours
research_movementpenalty                Movement Penalty: *X%
research_protectionbonus                Protection: *X%
research_tap_to_authorise               TAP TO AUTHORISE

research_none                           None
research_warden                         Warden
research_maintainance                   Maintenance
research_security                       Security
research_legal                          Legal
research_mentalhealth                   Psychology
research_finance                        Finance
research_landexpansion                  Land Expansion
research_cctv                           Surveillance
research_riotguards                     Riot Guards
research_health                         Health
research_cleaning                       Cleaning
research_groundskeeping                 Grounds Keeping
research_clone                          Clone
research_deployment                     Deployment
research_patrols                        Patrols
research_dogs                           Dogs
research_prisonlabour                   Prison Labour
research_education                      Education
research_contraband                     Intelligence
research_policy                         Prison Policy
research_armoury                        Armoury
research_bodyarmour                     Body Armour
research_tazers                         Tazers
research_tazersforeveryone              Tazer Rollout
research_bankloans                      Bank Loan
research_lowertaxes1                    Tax Relief
research_lowertaxes2                    Offshore Tax Haven
research_remoteaccess                   Remote Access
research_extragrant                     Extra Grant
research_advancedmanagement             Micromanagement
research_deathrow                       Death Row
research_permanentpunishment            Permanent Punishments
research_removemincellsize              Small Cells
research_reduceexecutionliability       Execution Liability
research_legalprep                      Legal Prep
research_legaldefense                   Legal Defense
research_guardtowers                    Guard Towers

researchtooltip_warden                  Unlocks the Warden, and the entire Bureaucracy system.  Hire him from the Staff toolbar.\n\nLike all Administrators, he requires an office to work.  
researchtooltip_security                Unlocks the Chief of Security, who can be hired from the staff toolbar.  The chief gives you access to the Deployment screen, and will also give you a realtime report of the danger level of your prison, often predicting future trouble.\n\nLike all Administrators, he requires an office to work.  
researchtooltip_maintenance             Unlocks the Foreman.  Hire him from the Staff toolbar.\n\nLike all Administrators, he requires an office to work.  
researchtooltip_legal                   Unlocks the Lawyer, who can be hired from the Staff toolbar. Unlocks a number of research options to give you greater control over your prison.\n\nLike all Administrators, he requires an office to work.  
researchtooltip_deployment              Allows you to permanently station Guards to the sectors of your Prison.
researchtooltip_patrols                 Allows you to define patrols around crucial areas of your prison (eg the perimeter), and assign guards to walk those patrols.
researchtooltip_dogs                    Unlocks the Dog Handler and Guard Dog.  They excel in sniffing out the smelly contraband in your prison, and detecting escape tunnels.\n\nDogs are also very fast which allows them to chase prisoners with ease. 
researchtooltip_cctv                    Unlocks CCtv cameras and security monitors.  Use these to keep watch on unmanned parts of your prison.\n\nAlso unlocks the Phone Tap system, which allows you to listen in on prisoner phone calls and gain vital intelligence.
researchtooltip_remoteaccess            Unlocks high-tech equipment for remote control and automation of doors. Doors can be opened remotely using a Door Control System (operated by a Guard), or opened by a Door Timer at specific times of day.
researchtooltip_riotguards              (CURRENTLY SERVES NO PURPOSE)\nUnlocks the Riot Guard.  These guys are armoured and better able to deal with violent situations.
researchtooltip_maintainance            Unlocks the Foreman.  He allows you to do further research on things like Prison Labour, or additional staff members like the Gardener.\n\nLike all Administrators, he requires an office to work.  
researchtooltip_clone                   Unlocks the clone tool on the main toolbar.  Use this tool to rapidly duplicate areas of your prison, such as Cells.  To use, select a zone to be copied with a right mouse drag, then left click to stamp down a copy.
researchtooltip_groundskeeping          Unlocks the Gardener.  He will keep your outdoor areas tidy.
researchtooltip_cleaning                Unlocks the Janitor.  He will clean all the indoor areas of your prison and can also help with the prison laundry service.
researchtooltip_health                  Unlocks the Doctor, along with the Infirmary and the Morgue.  Injured prisoners and staff will be taken to the Infirmary and Doctors will patch them up.
researchtooltip_MentalHealth            Unlocks the Psychologist, providing you with a valuable insight into your Prisoner's internal psychological state at all times.\n\nLike all Administrators, he requires an office to work.  
researchtooltip_finance                 Unlocks the Accountant, which gives access to the financial report for your Prison.\n\nAlso allows you to spend more each day than your income would normally allow, assuming you have the funds in reserve.\n\nLike all Administrators, she requires an office to work.  
researchtooltip_landexpansion           Authorises you to purchase neighbouring plots of land, and thereby expand the size of your prison beyond its initial bounds.
researchtooltip_prisonlabour            Allows you to put your prisoners to work around your prison (Cooking, Cleaning etc), saving you on staff wages, earning you money, and teaching your prisoners new skills at the same time.\n\nAlso Unlocks the Workshop and the Laundry.
researchtooltip_education               Unlocks the ability to run educational reform programs for your prisoners, using externally hired teachers. 
researchtooltip_contraband              Training for your Guards to become better at tracking and recovering contraband. Unlocks the contraband Supply and Demand report, the Contraband overlay (showing all possible theft locations within your prison), and tracks all recovered contraband back to where it was smuggled or stolen.\n\nAlso unlocks the ability to recruit prisoners as Confidential Informants.\n\nAlso unlocks the gang intelligence view.
researchtooltip_policy                  Unlocks the Policy Report, allowing you to increase and decrease the punishments for all types of misconduct, as well as automatically triggering searches of the misbehaving prisoner and their cell.\n\nAlso allows you to control the nutritional policy, changing the quantity and variety of food served to prisoners. 
researchtooltip_armoury                 Unlocks the armoury room, and allows you to deploy armed guards throughout your prison.
researchtooltip_bodyarmour              Equips all your Guards, Armed Guards and Dog Handlers with body armour. This can help absorb damage during a fight, but your guards will move slower.\n\nGuards must visit the armoury to get this equipment, and it will cost you for all body armour purchased this way.
researchtooltip_tazers                  Allows your Armed Guards to carry Tazers, a potent single-shot weapon that will render most targets unconscious instantly. Tazers can only be fired once before they need a full hour to recharge.\n\nArmed Guards must visit the armoury to get this equipment, and it will cost you for every tazer purchased this way.
researchtooltip_tazersforeveryone       Extends the Tazer program so that your regular Guards may also carry Tazers for defense.\n\nThey must visit the Armoury to get this equipment, and it will cost you for every tazer purchased this way.
researchtooltip_bankloans               Allows you to borrow large lump sums of money from the bank, in exchange for a daily payment of interest. Paying off your loans will increase your credit rating and allow you to borrow larger sums later.
researchtooltip_lowertaxes1             Takes advantage of government tax incentives and reduces your effective Corporation Tax rate to just 15%.\n\nYou will save $1,500 taxes per $10,000 of daily profit.
researchtooltip_lowertaxes2             Your accountant stretches the rules to breaking point, and moves all your official accounts and business processes to a foreign country with highly preferential tax rates. Your effective Corporation tax liability will drop to around 1%.\n\nYou will save a total of $3,000 taxes per $10,000 of daily profit.
researchtooltip_extragrant              Enables you to accept up to three grants simultaneously instead of two.
researchtooltip_advancedmanagement      Gives you the tools to micro manage aspects of your prison so they meet your exact requirements.\n\nUnlocks Food logistics, allowing you to specify which kitchens cook for which canteens, and which canteens inmates eat in.  Similarly, Laundry logistics lets you override which cell blocks are covered by which laundries.\n\nAlso unlocks the Deployment Scheduler, which lets you customise your guard deployment at different times of day.\n\nUnlocks the Reform Program Scheduler, letting you manually override the daily schedule of programs.
researchtooltip_permanentpunishment     Sometimes being in Prison just isn't locked away enough. Your lawyer can file the necessary papers to let you confine prisoners to a cell, permanently. 
researchtooltip_removemincellsize       The cells in your prison require a certain amount of space to fit legal requirements. But imagine how many more cells you could fit in if that wasn't the case! Removes the minimum size requirements for standard cells.
researchtooltip_reduceexecutionliability Your lawyer lobbies for a reduction in the required strength of the conviction before death row proceedings can be properly started. Essentially lowers the number of appeals a prisoner gets before you can schedule their execution without liability.
researchtooltip_legalprep               Every prison runs into problems every now and then, and some of them come with fairly big legal consequences. Your lawyer will start the paperwork to help keep the heat off you should something go wrong, but this needs to be done in advance.
researchtooltip_legaldefense            You're in a bad situation - something went terribly wrong and you've been put on notice. If it looks like you aren't going to be able to manage the situation, your lawyer can help get you off the hook. Completing this research will remove any current warnings that might otherwise result in you being fired.
researchtooltip_guardtowers             Unlocks Guard Towers and Snipers, allowing you to have highly trained marksmen keeping an eye on the outdoor areas of your prison.\n\nSnipers will need to visit an armoury to collect a rifle, otherwise they will be unarmed.

research_legaldefense_adviser1          It looks like your lawyer has filed some paperwork that is protecting you from the consequences of this mess. I guess that means I can't fire you. This time.
research_legaldefense_adviser2          Get your prison in order, quickly, and make sure it stays in line. That trick won't work again and it won't protect you forever.

research_missingadministrator           REQUIRED:

# =============================================================================
# Room Requirements
# =============================================================================

roomrequirement_required                REQUIRED:
roomrequirement_recommended             Recommended: 
roomrequirement_minimumsize             Minimum Size *W x *H
roomrequirement_minimumsize_short	Size *W x *H
roomrequirement_indoor                  Indoors
roomrequirement_outdoor                 Outdoor
roomrequirement_solidground             Solid Ground
roomrequirement_secure                  Secure (behind at least one Door)
roomrequirement_secure_short		Secure
roomrequirement_enclosed                Enclosed (surrounded by walls and doors)
roomrequirement_enclosed_short		Enclosed
requirement_entrance                    Requires Entrance
roomrequirement_title                   =[Room Requirements]=
roomrequirement_passed                  [PASSED] 
roomrequirement_failed                  [FAILED] 
roomrequirement_adjacentobject          Adjacent to Room: *X

# =============================================================================
# Unlocks
# =============================================================================

unlock_title                            UNLOCKED

unlock_special_electricity              Electrical Systems
unlock_special_food                     Food Preparation
unlock_special_officersafety            Officer Safety
unlock_special_misbehavior              Misbehavior
unlock_special_accounting               Accounting
unlock_special_gangs                    Gangs

unlock_electricity_caption              Allows the construction of power stations and electrical cables, providing electricity to all devices that require it.

# =============================================================================
# Advisers
# =============================================================================

click_to_continue                       Click to Continue...
incoming_call                           Incoming Call...

adviser_name_unknown                    Unknown
adviser_name_ceo                        The CEO
adviser_name_warden                     The Warden
adviser_name_governer                   The Governor
adviser_name_chief                      The Chief
adviser_name_doctor                     The Doctor
adviser_name_kingpin                    The KingPin
adviser_name_edwardshooter              Edward
adviser_name_edwardsinner               Edward
adviser_name_edwardinmate               Edward
adviser_name_edwardswife                Edward's Wife Susan
adviser_name_priest                     The Priest
adviser_name_newsreader                 CNDC News
adviser_name_mayor 						Mayor Calvin Heller

# =============================================================================
# Valuation, Reports etc
# =============================================================================

report_staff                            Staff
report_prisoners                        Prisoners
report_jobs                             Jobs
report_needs                            Needs
report_threats                          Threats
report_regime                           Regime
report_policy                           Policy
report_grants                           Grants
report_finance                          Finance
report_valuation                        Valuation
report_contraband                       Contraband
report_programs                         Programs
report_schedule                         Scheduler
report_intake                           Intake

report_grants_bankloan                  Bank Loan
report_grants_bankloan_text             You can borrow a large lump sum from the bank. In return the bank will charge you interest each day which you must pay out of your cashflow.\n\nAs you make regular payments your credit rating will increase, and the bank will allow you to borrow more. However if you miss payments your credit rating will be decimated and the bank will refuse to lend you more when you need it.\n\nNote: Your loan will never be paid off by daily interest payments alone.  
report_grants_max1                      You can accept only one grant at a time.\nUse your accountant to raise this limit.
report_grants_max2                      You can accept no more than two grants at a time.\nUse your accountant to raise this limit.
report_grants_max3                      You can accept no more than three grants at a time.
report_grants_bankloan_amount           Current Bank Loan: *X
report_grants_bankloan_interest         Interest: *X per day
report_grants_bankloan_max              Maximum Loan: *X
report_grants_creditrating              Your Credit Rating: *X
report_grants_inprogress_tt             (IN PROGESS)
report_grants_completed_tt              (COMPLETED)
report_grants_locked_tt                 (LOCKED)
report_grants_advancepayment            *X Advance payment
report_grants_completionbonus           *X Completion bonus
report_grants_objectives                [Objectives]
report_grants_prereqs                   [Pre-requisites]
report_grants_completed                 COMPLETED
report_grants_locked                    Locked
report_grants_inprogress                In Progress
report_grants_hidden                    (*X more hidden)
report_grants_taptoaccept               TAP TO ACCEPT
report_grants_cancelfee                 Cancellation cost: *X

report_staff_title                      Total Staff: *X
report_prisoners_title                  Total Prisoners: *X
report_staff_group_builders             Workers
report_staff_group_guards               Guards
report_staff_group_staff                Staff
report_staff_group_administrators       Administrators
report_staff_group_prisoners            Prisoners
report_staff_group_prisoners_high       High Risk
report_staff_group_prisoners_normal     Normal Risk
report_staff_group_prisoners_low        Low Risk
report_staff_group_prisoners_protected  Protective Custody
report_staff_group_prisoners_supermax   SuperMax
report_staff_group_prisoners_deathrow   Death Row

report_staff_fire                       FIRE

report_intake_title                     Intake
report_intake_catheader_cat             Category
report_intake_catheader_pay             Payment
report_intake_catheader_available       Available
report_intake_catheader_amount          Ratio
report_intake_next_header               Next Intake : *X
report_intake_cat_minsec                Min Sec
report_intake_cat_normal                Med Sec
report_intake_cat_maxsec                Max Sec
report_intake_cat_deathrow              Death Row
report_intake_slider_minsec             Adjust the Min Sec intake ratio
report_intake_slider_normal             Adjust the Med Sec intake ratio
report_intake_slider_maxsec             Adjust the Max Sec intake ratio
report_intake_slider_deathrow           Adjust the Death Row intake ratio
report_intake_closed                    CLOSED
report_intake_locked                    LOCKED
report_intakeclosed                     Intake Closed
report_intakeclosed_tooltip             Your prisoner intake is closed. You will not receive any new prisoners until you open it again.
report_intakenumperday                  Daily Intake
report_intakenumperday_tooltip          The total number of prisoners you want delivered in the next intake. You can increase or decrease the number of prisoners you wish to receive in the next intake.\n\nThe number of prisoner from each category is adjusted with the sliders above.
report_intaketotalprisoners             Total Prisoners
report_intaketotalprisoners_tooltip     The total number of prisoners you want in your prison. Intake will automatically top up to this number each day.\n\nThe number of prisoner from each category is adjusted with the sliders above.
report_intakeallavailable               All Available
report_intakeallavailable_tooltip       All available prisoners, from all open intake pools, will be delivered in the next intake.
report_intakefillcapacity               Fill Capacity
report_intakefillcapacity_tooltip       Take as many prisoners as possible from available intake pools in order to fill your prison to capacity.\n\nThe number of prisoner from each category is adjusted with the sliders above.
reports_intaketypenone                  Closed
reports_intaketypefillcapacity          Fill Capacity
reports_intaketypetotalprisoners        Total Prisoners
reports_intaketypenumperday             Num Per Day
reports_intaketypeallavailable          All Available
report_intakemaxperdaydecr              <<
report_intakemaxperdayincr              >>
report_intakemaxperdaynone              None
report_intakemaxperdayall               All
reports_intakedelivernow                Deliver Now
report_intakepayment                    Payment
report_intakeall                        ALL
report_intakefill                       Fill to *X
report_intakefill_mothers               Fill to *X (Family Cells not counted)
report_intake_list_tooltip_title        Intake Categories
report_intake_list_tooltip              A list of all categories you can have delivered to your prison.\n\nThe pool size shows the total number of prisoners available to be delivered in each category. This number will grow over time depending on the ratio of the sliders.\n\nYou can adjust the sliders to change the ratio of prisoner categories you will receive in the next intake.
report_intake_list_tooltip_dr           \n\nDeathrow inmates require a specifically designated Deathrow cell before they are able to be transferred in to your prison. The Deathrow intake is also a lot slower than regular intake, and you won't always get an increase to the Deathrow pool. These inmates are few and far between.
report_intake_buttons_tooltip_title     Next Intake
report_intake_buttons_tooltip           You can increase or decrease the number of prisoners you wish to receive in the next intake using this section.\n\nSelecting "None" will close your prison to new prisoners, while selecting "All" will take the total number of available prisoners.\n\nThe number of prisoner from each category is adjusted with the sliders above.
report_intake_overview_tooltip_title    Intake Overview
report_intake_overview_tooltip          Here you can view your next prisoner delivery, and the payment you will receive. The number of prisoners being delivered, and their category, can be changed with the sliders and buttons above. The payment is based on the number of prisoners in each category.

valuation_categoryprison                Prison Value
valuation_construction                  Bricks and Mortar
valuation_objects                       Fixtures and Fittings
valuation_stock                         Stock and Materials
valuation_staff                         Staff
valuation_startupgrant                  Starting Grant
valuation_capacity                      Prisoner Capacity
valuation_cash                          Cash
valuation_debt                          Bank Loans
valuation_categoryperformance           Safety and Security
valuation_bonustimewithoutincident      [Bonus] Time without incident
valuation_finedeath                     [Penalty] Deaths in past 24h
valuation_fineescape                    [Penalty] Escapes in past 24h
valuation_total                         TOTAL
valuation_sell                          SELL
valuation_sellprison                    SELL PRISON
valuation_sell_tooltip                  Selling your prison will allow you to take the profits from this prison and start a new one with a much higher starting bank balance.\n\nYou will still be able to continue running this prison, but you can only sell a prison once. All profit from the sale will be transferred to your new site.
valuation_sold                          This prison was sold for: *X
valuation_donotown                      You cannot sell this prison as you do not own it.
valuation_sellsome                      Sell shares
valuation_buysome                       Buy shares
valuation_shares                        Buy and Sell Shares
valuation_shares_tooltip                You can sell up to 50% of your prison as shares to outside investors. You will be paid in cash immediately. In return for their investment, your shareholders will take their fraction of the total sale price when you sell your prison.\n\nEg if you sell 30% shares in your prison, you will only receive 70% of the final sale value. You can buy back shares you have previously sold at any time - although the cost may be higher than the sale price you received.
valuation_ownership                     You own *X% of your prison
valuation_saleprice                     Sale Price: *X
valuation_title                         =[VALUATION]=
valuation_totalprisonvalue              Total Prison Value : *X
valuation_subcashreserves               Minus Cash Reserves : *X
valuation_tenpercentprice               Price for 10% : *X
valuation_profit                        Your Profit : *X
valuation_tap_to_authorise              TAP TO AUTHORISE

salecondition_title                     SALE REQUIREMENTS
salecondition_cannotsell                You cannot sell your prison or trade in shares until the conditions below are met.
salecondition_minimumvalue              Minimum value of $50,000
salecondition_cashflow                  Positive cashflow
salecondition_accountant                Accountant on site
salecondition_minprisoners              At least 20 prisoners
salecondition_recentdeaths              No recent deaths
salecondition_recentescapes             No recent escapes
salecondition_passed                    [PASSED] 
salecondition_failed                    [FAILED] 

policy_title                            INCIDENT
policy_search                           - SEARCH -
policy_prisoner                         HIM
policy_prisoner_f                       HER
policy_cell                             CELL
policy_security							SEC
policy_punishment                       PUNISHMENT
policy_quantity                         TIME
policy_punishmenttime                   *X hrs
policy_mealcost                         $*X / day
policy_totalmealcost                    (TOTAL: $*X / day)
policy_cell_quality						Use Cell quality ratings
policy_cell_quality_tooltip_title		Use Cell Quality
policy_cell_quality_tooltip				If enabled, Prisoners will only be assigned to a cell of a quality they deserve, based on their behaviour. Poorly behaved prisoners will never be assigned to a high quality cell, even if there are no other cells available.\nIf disabled, prisoners will be assigned to any cell regardless of quality, but prisoners in cells of lower quality than average will be more resentful. Prisoners will still be upgraded to higher quality cells if they behave well.

job_construct                           Construct *X
job_installobject                       Install *X
job_installobjectinroom                 Install *X in *Y
job_moveobject                          Move *X
job_moveobjecttoroom                    Move *X to *Y
job_loadobjectinto                      Load *X Into *Y
job_storeobject                         Store *X in *Y
job_dismantleobject                     Dismantle *X
job_dumpobject                          Dump *X
job_repairobject                        Repair *X
job_operateequipment                    Operate *X
job_escortprisoner                      Escort Prisoner to *X
job_punishprisoner                      Process Prisoner
job_searchobject                        Search *X 
job_searchentity                        Search Prisoner
job_searchingentity						Searching Prisoner
job_searchcell                          Search Cell
job_searchcellblock                     Search Cell Block
job_improvecellindoor                   Clean indoor area
job_improvecelloutdoor                  Garden outdoor area
job_opendoor                            Open Locked Door
job_giveuniform                         Give Prisoner Uniform
job_failurecount                        Failed *X times
job_feedprisoner                        Feed Prisoner
job_healprisoner                        Heal Prisoner
job_delivermail                         Deliver Mail
finances_title                          Finances
finances_income                         Income
finances_expenses                       Expenses
finances_total                          Total
finances_profit                         Net
finances_timewithoutincident            (*X days)
finances_dailyincome                    *X / day

finances_category_federalgrant          Federal Grant
finances_category_minsecprisoners       Minsec Prisoner Grant
finances_category_medsecprisoners       Standard Prisoner Grant
finances_category_maxsecprisoners       Maxsec Prisoner Grant
finances_category_prisoners             Prisoner Grant
finances_category_workmen               Workmen Wages
finances_category_guards                Guard Wages
finances_category_admin                 Administrator Wages
finances_category_staff                 Staff Wages
finances_category_food                  Food
finances_category_electricity           Electricity
finances_category_workshops             Workshops
finances_category_loaninterest          Loan Interest
finances_category_reformprogs           Reform Programs
finances_category_noincident            Days Without Incident
finances_category_exports               Exports (yesterday)
finances_category_corptax               Corporation Taxes
finances_category_prisonerwages         Prisoner Wages (yesterday)
finances_category_shoprevenue           Shop Revenue (yesterday)

reports_foodtitle                       Nutritional Policy
meal_quantity                           Meal Quantity
meal_variety                            Meal Variety
meal_cost                               Cost Per Prisoner

reports_paroletitle                     Parole Policy
parole_title                            Parole Release Rate
parole_info                             Parole Cutoff: *P%
parole_desc                             If a prisoner has a reoffending rate less than this value, they will be released at the end of their parole hearing.
parole_fine                             Prisoner Reoffending Fine
parole_reward                           Early Release Prisoner Reward

victory_title                           CERTIFICATION

victory_PrisonValue                     Prison Value
victory_Income                          Daily Profits
victory_Prisoners                       Capacity
victory_PrisonersReleased               Inmates released
victory_prisonersdied                   Deaths in Custody
victory_prisonersescaped                Prisoners Escaped
victory_Bankrupt                        Bankruptcy
victory_Riot                            Uncontrolled\nRiot
victory_TooManyDeaths                   Criminal\nNegligence
victory_TooManyEscapes                  Security\nDisaster
victory_failure                         FAILURE
victory_warning                         WARNING
victory_remaining                       remaining
victory_death                           DEATHS
victory_escapes                         ESCAPES
victory_counter                         (*X today)
victory_executions                      Illegal Executions
victory_innocentsexecuted               Innocent Prisoner Executed

victory_warning_bankrupt                You have 24 hours to avert financial disaster.
victory_warning_riot                    End this riot soon, or our government will be forced to assume control.
victory_warning_toomanydeaths           You face prosecution if too many more deaths occur today.
victory_warning_toomanyescapes          You will be fired if too many more escapes occur today.

victory_prisoners_units                 Places
victory_prisonersreleased_units         Released
victory_toomanydeaths_units             Deaths
victory_toomanyescapes_units            Escapes
victory_prisonersparoled                Prisoners Paroled
victory_prisonersreoffended             Reoffended Prisoners

victory_adviserwarning_toomanydeaths1   Yesterday was a very dark chapter in the history of this prison. Far too many people lost their lives here.
victory_adviserwarning_toomanydeaths2   Make sure nobody else dies today, or you will face prosecution for criminal negligence.
victory_advisernotice_toomanydeaths1    Don't say we didn't warn you. You have been found guilty of criminal negligence because of recent events here.
victory_advisernotice_toomanydeaths2    You will now spend the next ten years in prison as punishment for your crime. Your own prison. Good luck.
victory_adviserwarning_riot1            Your prison is out of control. Put down this riot now, or the government will step in and retake the prison by force.
victory_advisernotice_riot1             You have failed to control this riot. The government has revoked our prison contract, and is now sending in the national guard to retake the prison.
victory_adviserwarning_toomanyescapes1  We have a PR disaster brewing here. Far too many prisoners have escaped recently, and it's your fault.
victory_adviserwarning_toomanyescapes2  Lock this place down and make sure nobody else escapes, otherwise the press will expect your head on a platter.
victory_advisernotice_toomanyescapes1   You have failed. This prison is a laughing stock in the media, and they want somebody to blame.
victory_advisernotice_toomanyescapes2   That somebody is you.  You're fired.
victory_adviserwarning_bankrupt1        We are bankrupt! Your disastrous management has led us to financial ruin.
victory_adviserwarning_bankrupt2        Find a way to fix this soon or you will be fired.
victory_advisernotice_bankrupt1         We have no choice but to declare bankruptcy and put the prison into administration. You have failed.
victory_adviserwarning_wardendeaths1    Working for you has become much too hazardous. We're struggling to find wardens who want to work at the prison.
victory_adviserwarning_wardendeaths2    If you let another warden die, we will have no choice but to fire you.
victory_advisernotice_wardendeaths1     You have failed to provide a safe working environment for your wardens. Everyone is afraid to work for you.
victory_advisernotice_wardendeaths2     We have no choice by to let you go. You are fired.
victory_adviserwarning_reoffenders1     A lot of the prisoners you have put up for early release have gone on to commit new crimes. This could cost us if we don't take control of the situation.
victory_adviserwarning_reoffenders2     If too many more prisoners reoffend upon release, you'll be the one to take the blame.
victory_advisernotice_reoffenders1      You have released too many dangerous criminals into the world. We have no choice but let you go. You have failed.
victory_adviserwarning_executions1      This is the second time that you have put an innocent prisoner to death. The public outrage is enormous.
victory_adviserwarning_executions2      If another innocent prisoner is executed, you will be held responsible.
victory_advisernotice_executions1       You have allowed too many innocent people to be executed. We can not longer allow you to run this prison. You have failed.
victory_advisernotice_InnocentsExecuted1 You've just executed someone without following the proper procedure, and it turns out they were innocent. This is a gross  miscarriage of justice, and you are responsible. You're fired, and will probably be jailed yourself.

score_title                             PRISON GRADING
score_reoffendingrate                   REOFFENDING RATE
score_prisonersreleased                 *X prisoners have been released
score_minimumprisonersreleased          *X prisoners must be released before this report can be compiled
score_deaths                            *X prisoners died in custody
score_escapes                           *X prisoners escaped
score_reoffendingchance                 Estimated Re-offending Chance
score_startingreoffendingchance         Estimate on arrival : *X%
score_prisonersparoled                  Paroled Early (Reoffended)
score_prisonersparoled_info             *P (*E%)
score_clemencychance                    Likelihood of Clemency
score_convictionstrength                State Approved Conviction Strength
score_prisonersexecuted                 Prisoners Executed (Innocent)
score_prisonersexecuted_info            *E (*I)

score_tooltip_punishment                This is a grading of how well the prisoner has been punished for their crimes, as perceived by the public. Serving a long term in prison is the foundation of a strong punishment, but hard times locked up alone will also count towards it.\n\nKeep in mind that too much reform or free time will be seen as 'soft on crime' and will count against their punishment grade.\n\nA strong punishment score will deter the prisoner from re-offending after release.
score_tooltip_reform                    A grading of how well you have attempted to reform and rehabilitate this prisoner through the use of Reform programs.\n\nA high reform score will give the prisoner a much greater chance of finding genuine employment after release, and will therefore reduce their re-offending chance.\n\nNote: Putting your prisoners to work around the prison also counts towards this.
score_tooltip_health                    A record of the prisoners health and well-being during their stay in your prison. Outdoor exercise and good food count towards this. Injures that go untreated, drugs and alcohol usage all count against it.\n\nA poor score here will increase their chance of re-offending, particularly if the prisoner leaves prison with untreated drug or alcohol dependencies.
score_tooltip_security                  A grading that represents how well you have kept this prisoner safely locked away. Keeping prisoners locked in their cells under armed guard will count heavily towards this. You will be penalised if the prisoner is involved in fights, murders or escape attempts.\n\nA low score indicates the prisoner simply continued their criminal existence once inside your prison, and hence their re-offending chance will be high upon leaving.

score_tooltip_reoffendingchance         An estimate of the prisoners likelihood to re-offend after leaving prison. Many factors are taken into account to produce this value:\n\n- DECREASE Harsh/strong punishment\n- DECREASE Successful reform programs\n- INCREASE Poor health and security\n- INCREASE Untreated drug and alcohol addictions\n- INCREASE Gang membership\n\n\n- The prisoner's age is a major factor.\n- The number of prior convictions is a strong indicator.\n- A large supporting family can help.
score_tooltip_clemencychance_title      Likelihood of Clemency
score_tooltip_clemencychance            The likelihood that the Appeals Board will grant clemency and commute the prisoners death row sentence. Each unsuccessful appeal lowers this value until it is below the State Approved Conviction Strength, at which point full authorisation to proceed is given. Scheduling the execution before this point will result in extreme penalties if it is later found that the prisoner's appeal would have succeeded.\n\nIf clemency is granted, the prisoner will be immediately released (if found innocent), or transferred to Maximum Security (if still judged as guilty.)
score_tooltip_currentchance             The State Approved Conviction Strength is *X%
score_tooltip_clemencywarning           The chance of this prisoner being granted clemency is currently above the State Approved safe level. If you proceed with this execution, you will be held personally responsible if it is later found he would have been granted clemency. 

experiencefactor_FractionalLockedUp     *X% of stay locked up
experiencefactor_FractionalReform       *X% of stay in reform programs
experiencefactor_fractionalWorking      *X% of stay working
experiencefactor_fractionalsuppressed   *X% of stay suppressed
experiencefactor_fractionalinjured      *X% of stay with untreated injuries
experiencefactor_fractionalintoxicated  *X% of stay intoxicated (drugs/alcohol/withdrawal)
experiencefactor_fractionalmisbehaving  *X% of stay misbehaving
experiencefactor_fractionalarmedguard   *X% of stay under armed guard or suppressed
experiencefactor_fractionalwellfed      *X% of stay well fed
experiencefactor_fractionalexercising   *X% of stay exercising
experiencefactor_fractionalfreetime     *X% of stay in free time

experiencefactor_passedeasyprograms             Passed *X easy programs
experiencefactor_passedintermediateprograms     Passed *X intermediate programs
experiencefactor_passedadvancedprograms         Passed *X advanced programs
experiencefactor_passedexpertprograms           Passed *X expert programs

experiencefactor_YearsServed            *X years served
experiencefactor_fights                 Involved in violent incidents
experiencefactor_murders                Committed murder *X times within your prison
experiencefactor_escapeattempts         Tried to escape *X times
experiencefactor_addictions             *X active addictions
experiencefactor_gangmembership         Gang Member

legend_key                              Key:

needs_graphscale_title                  Prisoners:
needs_key_critical                      Critical
needs_key_high                          High
needs_key_med                           Medium
needs_key_satisfied                     Satisfied
needs_key_active                        Active

needs_show_category                     Prisoner Category
needs_show_category_all                 All

contraband_supplyanddemand              Supply and Demand
contraband_narcotics                    Narcotics
contraband_weapons                      Weapons
contraband_tools                        Tools
contraband_luxuries                     Luxuries
contraband_metal                        Metal
contraband_smelly                       Smelly
contraband_rangedweapon                 Ranged Weapon
contraband_improvised                   Improvised

contraband_key_supply                   Supply
contraband_key_demand                   Demand
contraband_log_stolen                   STOLEN
contraband_log_position                 POSITION
contraband_log_smuggled                 SMUGGLED
contraband_log_traded                   TRADED
contraband_log_thrown                   THROWN
contraband_log_hidden                   HIDDEN
contraband_log_detected                 DETECTED
contraband_log_dog                      DOG
contraband_log_found                    FOUND
contraband_log_owner                    OWNER
contraband_log_arranged                 Arranged *X hours ago

gangs_guards                            GUARDS *X
gangs_soldiers                          SOLDIERS *X / *Y MAX
gangs_evict                             EVICT
gangs_status                            *X Members . *Y Kills . $*Z

schedule_zone_shared                    Shared
schedule_zone_minseconly                Min Sec
schedule_zone_medseconly                Med Sec
schedule_zone_maxseconly                Max Sec
schedule_zone_protectedonly             Protective Custody
schedule_zone_supermaxonly              Super Max
schedule_zone_deathrowonly              Death Row
schedule_zone_staffonly                 Staff Only
schedule_zone_unlocked                  Unlocked

# =============================================================================
# Needs / Actions / Bio etc
# =============================================================================

action_poo                              Poo
action_wee                              Wee
action_wash                             Showering
action_relax                            Relaxing
action_sleep                            Sleeping
action_nap                              Napping
action_getmeal                          Getting Food
action_sit                              Sitting
action_exercise                         Exercising
action_liftweights                      Weightlifting
action_phonehome                        Phoning Family
action_watchtv                          Watching Tv
action_playpool                         Playing Pool
action_stealknife                       Acting Suspicious
action_stealspoon                       Acting Suspicious
action_urinate                          Urinating
action_soilsuit                         Soiling Suit
action_eat                              Eating
action_complain                         Complaining
action_work                             Working
action_visitation                       Visitation
action_parole                           Parole Hearing
action_none                             None
action_misbehaving                      Misbehaving
action_escaping                         Escaping
action_destroying                       Destroying
action_spoiling                         Spoiling
action_fighting                         Fighting
action_rioting                          Rioting
action_hostagetaking                    Hostage Taking
action_reformprogram                    Reform Program
action_changeclothes                    Changing Clothes
action_getbook                          Get Book
action_pray                             Praying
action_shopping                         Shopping
action_playinggame                      Playing Game

action_foodpoisoning_1                  Oh god make it stop
action_foodpoisoning_2                  Everything is coming out
action_foodpoisoning_3                  Vomiting everywhere
action_foodpoisoning_4                  Why is this happening
action_foodpoisoning_5                  Literally dying

status_effect_title						=[Status Effects]=
status_effect_none						None
status_effect_suppressed				Suppressed
status_effect_goodfood					Well Fed
status_effect_drunk						Drunk
status_effect_high                      High
status_effect_withdrawal				Withdrawal
status_effect_tazed                     Tazed
status_effect_overdosed                 Overdosed
status_effect_surrendered               Surrendered
status_effect_calming                   Calming
status_effect_angst                     Angry
status_effect_wounded                   Bleeding
status_effect_virus                     Sick
status_effect_virusdeadly               Sick
status_effect_overheating               Overheating
status_effect_exposure                  Exposure
status_effect_foodpoisoning             Food Poisoning
status_effect_riledup                   Riled Up

condition_treated                       Treated
condition_needstreating                 Needs Treating

experience_totaltime                    Total Time
experience_misconduct                   Misconduct
experience_lockeddown                   Lockdown
experience_regime                       Regime
experience_sleep                        Sleep
experience_work                         Work
experience_class                        Class
experience_freetime                     Free Time
experience_moodbad                      Bad
experience_moodnormal                   Normal
experience_moodgood                     Good
experience_nocondition                  None
experience_kod                          KOd
experience_hurt                         Hurt
experience_suppressed                   Suppressed
experience_intoxicated                  Intoxicated
experience_wellfed                      Well Fed
experience_exercise                     Exercise

need_name_nothing                       Nothing
need_name_bladder                       Bladder
need_name_bowels                        Bowels
need_name_sleep                         Sleep
need_name_food                          Food
need_name_safety                        Safety
need_name_hygiene                       Hygiene
need_name_exercise                      Exercise
need_name_family                        Family
need_name_recreation                    Recreation
need_name_comfort                       Comfort
need_name_environment                   Environment
need_name_privacy                       Privacy
need_name_freedom                       Freedom
need_name_clothing                      Clothing
need_name_drugs                         Drugs
need_name_alcohol                       Alcohol
need_name_starving                      Starving
need_name_spirituality                  Spirituality
need_name_literacy                      Literacy
need_name_babysleep                     [Baby] Sleep
need_name_babyplay                      [Baby] Play
need_name_warmth                        Warmth
needs_locked                            (Psychologist Required To Show Needs)
needs_title                             =[Needs]=

needs_total_prisoners                   *X Prisoners have this need
needs_total_concerned                   *X Prisoners are concerned about this need
needs_total_desperate                   *X Prisoners desperately want this need fulfilled
needs_total_angry                       *X Prisoners are furious that they can't meet this need
needs_total_active                      *X Prisoners are currently dealing with this need

needs_help_bladder                      Everyone needs to use the toilet, even prisoners. Don't forget that most parts of your prison Regime are pretty strict - they can't use the toilet in their cell if they are supposed to be in the shower room, for example.
needs_help_bowels                       Everyone needs to use the toilet, even prisoners. Don't forget that most parts of your prison Regime are pretty strict - they can't use the toilet in their cell if they are supposed to be in the shower room, for example.
needs_help_sleep                        Prisoners require sleep. Prisoners will only be able to sleep in the cell to which they are assigned, and will only sleep between 8pm and 8am. They'll obviously need a bed, too.
needs_help_food                         Everyone needs to eat, and most people need to eat more than once per day. If you find that your Kitchens aren't able to keep up with the demand, try hiring more Cooks or adding more Cookers to your Kitchens. You can also tweak your food policies in the Policies tab of your Report window.
needs_help_safety                       Even in prison, your Prisoners want to feel safe. If there are lots of fights in your prison or the overall danger level is high, prisoners will feel less safe, and may consider arming themselves. If this is becoming a problem, trying increasing the security throughout your prison by hiring more Guards, creating more patrols, or by seeing to the other needs of your Prisoners.
needs_help_hygiene                      Most Prisoners will want to wash regularly, especially in the mornings after they wake up. The Shower regime will force prisoners who don't have their own personal Shower to go to the nearest Shower room. If this is becoming a problem, consider expanding your Shower facilities, or adding more Freetime so Prisoners can shower as they need to.
needs_help_exercise                     Many prisoners will want to be able to keep in shape. You can help them do this by adding a Yard to your prison. Weights Benches, either in the Yard or other common areas, will also help with this.
needs_help_recreation                   A bored Prisoner is a dangerous Prisoner. You can see to a Prisoners need for Recreation by adding pass-times to the common areas of your prison, such as TVs or Radios.
needs_help_comfort                      Prisoners generally want to feel comfortable, physically and emotionally. There are many ways you can aid this, such as allowing for family visitations, giving them hot showers or simply making sure they have somewhere to sit.
needs_help_environment                  Prisoners hate living in dirty conditions, and with a lot of Prisoners using the same facilities, things can get messy pretty quickly. Hire some Janitors or put your Prisoners to work in a Cleaning Cupboard to keep on top of this.
needs_help_privacy                      Sometimes Prisoners will want some time to themselves. Spending time in their cell will usually see to this, but if they are living in a Dormitory with a lot of other prisoners, they might not find much Privacy there.
needs_help_freedom                      Even in prison, your Prisoners will want to feel as if they have some level of Freedom. You can facilitate this by adding some Freetime or Yard time to your Regime.
needs_help_clothing                     Prisoners are going to want clean clothes from time to time, even if it is just the same coloured jumpsuit. Adding a Laundry to your prison and either hiring Janitors or putting Prisoners to work in it will help make this dream a reality.
needs_help_drugs                        Many prisoners have problems with drug addiction - it might even be why they are in prison in the first place. You can help treat this problem by running a Drug Treatment Program in your Infirmary. 
needs_help_alcohol                      Many prisoners struggle with alcoholism, and will go to great lengths to get their hands on some alcohol. You can try to help alleviate this by running Alcoholic Group Therapy sessions.
needs_help_spirituality                 Lots of prisoners have various religious beliefs. You can enable your prisoners' practice of these beliefs by adding Pews or Prayer Mats to your prison, but building a Chapel and running Spiritual Guidance programs will give the best results and generally help calm your prisoners too.
needs_help_literacy                     Some prisoners just want to read. Adding a Library will let those Prisoners borrow books to meet this need.
needs_help_warmth                       No one wants to be cold all the time, but nature doesn't really care about that. Adding radiators to your prison will keep your buildings warm enough to stop this becoming a problem. 
needs_help_babysleep                    Babies need to sleep more than regular prisoners. If any of your Prisoners have a Baby, make sure you have Cots available so that the Baby can sleep as needed.
needs_help_babyplay                     Babies need engagement and entertainment. If any of your Prisoners have a Baby, make sure you have Play Mats in an accessible area.
needs_help_family                       Most Prisoners want to keep in contact with their families in one way or another. The easiest way to let them do this is to add Phones to your prison, though adding a Visitation facility to your prison will be much more effective. A Mail Room can also help with this need.

reputation_title                        Reputation
reputation_hidden                       (Unknown Reputation)
reputation_hidden_short                 ???

reputation_legendary                    --LEGENDARY--
reputation_strong                       Strong
reputation_tough                        Tough
reputation_volatile                     Volatile
reputation_snitch                       Snitch
reputation_deadly                       Deadly
reputation_stoical                      Stoical
reputation_fearless                     Fearless
reputation_exlaw                        Ex Law Enforcement
reputation_copkiller                    Cop Killer
reputation_quick                        Quick
reputation_instigator                   Instigator
reputation_fighter                      Skilled Fighter
reputation_gangmember                   Gang Member
reputation_federalwitness               Federal Witness
reputation_preacher                     Preacher

reputation_strong_high                  Extremely Strong
reputation_tough_high                   Extremely Tough
reputation_volatile_high                Extremely Volatile
reputation_deadly_high                  Extremely Deadly
reputation_exlaw_high                   Ex Prison Guard
reputation_quick_high                   Extremely Quick
reputation_fighter_high                 Expert Fighter

reputation_legendary_high               --LEGENDARY--
reputation_snitch_high                  Snitch
reputation_stoical_high                 Stoical
reputation_fearless_high                Fearless
reputation_copkiller_high               Cop Killer
reputation_instigator_high              Instigator
reputation_gangmember_high              Gang Member

reputationtooltip_legendary             This prisoner is a legend of the criminal underworld, and has numerous skills and abilities that make them very dangerous.
reputationtooltip_strong                This prisoner hits harder with each punch during fights.
reputationtooltip_tough                 This prisoner can withstand a lot more punishment in a fight. They can also sometimes withstand being hit by a Tazer.
reputationtooltip_volatile              This prisoner is liable to kick off without warning and for no reason.
reputationtooltip_stoical               This prisoner will not become suppressed when locked in Solitary. They really don't care.
reputationtooltip_snitch                This prisoner is a known informant, and as such their life may be in danger. Don't leave them alone with other prisoners for too long.
reputationtooltip_deadly                This prisoner is a master in lethal combat moves, and can sometimes kill with a single hit.
reputationtooltip_exlaw                 This prisoner was once a Police Officer, or some other law enforcement profession. Their life may be in danger.
reputationtooltip_copkiller             This prisoner is guilty of murdering a Police Officer. Your prison guards may be unable to restrain themselves when subduing them.
reputationtooltip_fearless              This prisoner is not intimidated by the sight of Armed Guards, and is less likely to surrender during a fight.
reputationtooltip_quick                 This prisoner is an unusually fast runner.
reputationtooltip_instigator            This prisoner sows seeds of discontent in all those nearby. When he causes trouble, nearby prisoners will feel compelled to do the same.
reputationtooltip_fighter               This prisoner is skilled in defensive combat moves. They can disarm their opponent, or even take their weapon from them in a fight.
reputationtooltip_gangmember            This prisoner belongs to a gang. They will defend their fellow gang members and will harbour hatred towards rival gangs.
reputationtooltip_federalwitness        This prisoner is a witness in an important legal case, and as such as been targeted for death by a gang or crime boss.
reputationtooltip_preacher              This prisoner is extremely charismatic and is able to convert others to their religion, giving them the Spirituality need.

# =============================================================================
# Nameplate status
# ============================================================================= 

nameplate_working                       Working
nameplate_stationed                     Stationed
nameplate_patrolling                    Patrolling
nameplate_resting                       Resting
nameplate_tired                         Tired
nameplate_injured                       Injured
nameplate_unconscious                   Unconscious
nameplate_dead                          DEAD
nameplate_released                      RELEASED
nameplate_researching                   Researching
nameplate_overdose                      OVERDOSED
nameplate_starving                      STARVING
nameplate_wounded                       BLEEDING

# =============================================================================
# Objectives, Grants
# =============================================================================

objective_feedallprisoners              Feed all Prisoners
objective_caption_prisoners             Prisoners
objective_caption_meals                 Meals
objective_readceosletter                Read the CEO's letter
objective_actionrequired                Incident Reports

objective_deathrowinmates               Death Row Inmates Status

objective_prisonerintake                Prisoner Intake
objective_intake_arrivals               *X prisoners arriving 8am
objective_intake_closed                 Your prison is closed to new inmates
objective_intake_closed2                (See the Prisoner's Report)
objective_intake_closed3                (See the Intake Report)
objective_intake_specials				Special Transfers:
objective_intake_categories             Categories: 
objective_intake_minsec                 Min, 
objective_intake_medsec                 Normal, 
objective_intake_maxsec                 Max
objective_intake_deathrow               Death Row
objective_intake_typeclosed             Closed
objective_intake_typefillcapacity       Fill to capacity
objective_intake_typetotalprisoners     Fill to *X
objective_intake_typenumperday          *X per day
objective_intake_typeallavailable       All available

objective_firstgrant                    Accept your first Grant
objective_firstgrant_description        Accept your first monetary grant, by opening the reports window (pressing the button in the bottom right of the screen), selecting the Grants tab and picking one of the available Grants.

objective_builddeliveriesroom           Set up a delivery area 

objective_outgoing                      Prisoners due for release
objective_outgoing_count                *X prisoners due for release soon
objective_outgoing_timer                (*X hrs)

objective_visitors                      Visitors (8am - 8pm)
objective_visitors_waiting              *X families waiting to visit
objective_visitors_onsite               *X visitors on site in *Y groups

objective_staffexhausted                Staff Exhausted
objective_reststaff_exhausted           *X staff members are exhausted.
objective_reststaff_resting             (*X are resting)
objective_reststaff_needstaffroom       Build a Staff Room so they can rest.

objective_punishment_solitary           *X in Solitary Confinement
objective_punishment_solitary_queue     *X awaiting Solitary Confinement
objective_punishment_solitary_mix       *X in Solitary (+*Y awaiting)
objective_punishment_lockdown           *X in Lockdown
objective_incident_medical              *X require medical attention
objective_incident_dead                 *X dead bodies

objective_prisonerparole                Prisoner Parole
objective_parole_count                  *X prisoners up for parole

objective_payment_receivedfull          Payment: *X received
objective_payment_receivedpart          Payment: *X received out of *Y total

objective_grant_bootstraps                  Basic Detention Centre
objective_grant_bootstraps_description      Turn an empty field into a functioning prison.  This government contract gives you the funds necessary to build the absolute minimum facilities for your first set of Prisoners.
objective_grant_bootstraps_holdingcell      Build a holding cell
objective_grant_bootstraps_shower           Build a shower
objective_grant_bootstraps_yard             Build a yard 
objective_grant_bootstraps_kitchen          Build a kitchen
objective_grant_bootstraps_canteen          Build a canteen
objective_grant_bootstraps_guard            Hire at least two guards
objective_grant_bootstraps_chef             Hire at least two cooks

objective_grant_administration                          Administration Centre
objective_grant_administration_description              Every prison project needs a functioning administration facility, to ensure things run smoothly and to hold the project accountable.  This contract pays for a Warden and an Accountant and their offices, which will then give us access to the full Federal Grant system.
objective_grant_administration_offices                  Build two offices
objective_grant_administration_warden                   Hire a Warden 
objective_grant_administration_accountant_research      Unlock Finance through Bureaucracy
objective_grant_administration_accountant               Hire an Accountant

objective_grant_firstcellblock                  Cell Block A
objective_grant_firstcellblock_description      The basics are up and running.  It is time to build your first cell block, and transfer the existing prisoners into cells of their own.
objective_grant_firstcellblock_cells            Raise your Prisoner Capacity to 15

objective_grant_health                      Inmate Health and Well Being
objective_grant_health_description          The physical and mental health of our inmates is very important to us.  This grant is to facilitate the construction of a state of the art medical ward, and to hire doctors and psychologists to look after the inmates health needs.
objective_grant_health_ward                 Build a medical ward
objective_grant_health_doctors              Hire at least two doctors
objective_grant_health_psychologist         Hire a psychologist (Requires an Office)

objective_grant_bailout                     Government Bailout
objective_grant_bailout_description         The government is deeply unhappy with your performance, but has decided your prison is too big to fail. Tax-payer funds will be issued to rescue the prison from bankruptcy. However you must balance your books - return your prison to a positive cashflow (daily income higher than expenses), and clear your debts with the bank.
objective_grant_bailout_cashflow            Income higher than expenses
objective_grant_bailout_debt                Clear your debts

objective_grant_maintenance                         Prison Maintenance
objective_grant_maintenance_description             General upkeep and maintenance of the prison and its grounds are important for both the security and safety of the staff and inmates. Hire the necessary personnel to keep your prison clean and orderly.
objective_grant_maintenance_research_root           Unlock Maintenance through Bureaucracy
objective_grant_maintenance_research_cleaning       Unlock Cleaning through Bureaucracy
objective_grant_maintenance_research_groundskeeping Unlock Grounds Keeping through Bureaucracy
objective_grant_maintenance_foreman                 Hire a Foreman (Requires an Office)
objective_grant_maintenance_janitor                 Hire at least two janitors
objective_grant_maintenance_gardener                Hire a gardener 

objective_grant_visitation                          Visitation Rights
objective_grant_visitation_description              A number of other facilities in the region are facing legal action for denying prisoners their visitation rights. Investors don't want a scandal, and are providing this grant to ensure adequate facilities are available.
objective_grant_visitation_room                     Build a visitation room
objective_grant_visitation_tables                   Add at least three visitors tables
objective_grant_visitation_commonroom               Build a common room
objective_grant_visitation_pooltable                Add a pool table
objective_grant_visitation_tv                       Add at least two TVs
objective_grant_visitation_phones                   Build at least five phone booths

objective_grant_basicsecurity                       Security Procedure Certification
objective_grant_basicsecurity_description           A common pitfall at new prisons are security lapses due to the inexperience of the staff with the facility. Ensure we have no early mishaps that might hurt our record in the future by increasing security to an acceptable level.
objective_grant_basicsecurity_chief                 Hire a Security Chief (Requires an Office)
objective_grant_basicsecurity_guards                Hire ten guards
objective_grant_basicsecurity_patrols               Assign three guards to patrol routes
objective_grant_basicsecurity_research              Unlock Patrols through Bureaucracy

objective_grant_enhancedsecurity                    Governmental Security Ratings
objective_grant_enhancedsecurity_description        The Government has certain requirements regarding security for prisons over a certain size, and applies hefty fines to those that come up short. Ensure this doesn't become a problem.
objective_grant_enhancedsecurity_armoury            Build an Armoury
objective_grant_enhancedsecurity_kennel             Build a Kennel
objective_grant_enhancedsecurity_guards             Hire two Armed Guards
objective_grant_enhancedsecurity_dogs               Hire two Dog Handlers
objective_grant_enhancedsecurity_patroldogs         Assign two Dog Handlers to a Dog Patrol
objective_grant_enhancedsecurity_patrolarmed        Assign two Armed Guards to a Patrol

objective_grant_advancedsecurity                    Max-Sec Infrastructure Implementation
objective_grant_advancedsecurity_description        Maintaining security for a large number of prisoners can be difficult, but the cost of a breach is far greater than the cost of implementing the proper security measures. Install the necessary equipment throughout your prison.
objective_grant_advancedsecurity_guards             Increase the size of your security force
objective_grant_advancedsecurity_researchcctv       Unlock CCTV through Bureaucracy
objective_grant_advancedsecurity_researchbodyarmour Unlock Body Armour through Bureaucracy
objective_grant_advancedsecurity_researchtazers     Unlock Tazers through Bureaucracy
objective_grant_advancedsecurity_office             Build a Security Office
objective_grant_advancedsecurity_cctvmonitor        Build a CCTV Monitor
objective_grant_advancedsecurity_cctvcameras        Place CCTV Cameras throughout your prison

objective_grant_prisonerworkforce                   Prisoner Acclimatization and Engagement 
objective_grant_prisonerworkforce_description       Having prisoners work in your prison is a good way of integrating them into the environment while also cutting costs. Complete the necessary training and build the necessary facilities to put your prisoners to work.
objective_grant_prisonerworkforce_research          Unlock Prisoner Labour through Bureaucracy
objective_grant_prisonerworkforce_cleaning          Build a Cleaning Cupboard
objective_grant_prisonerworkforce_laundry           Build a Laundry
objective_grant_prisonerworkforce_kitchenclass      Have three prisoners complete the Kitchen Safety and Hygiene program
objective_grant_prisonerworkforce_laundryassigned   Assign three prisoners to work in the Laundry
objective_grant_prisonerworkforce_kitchenassigned   Assign three prisoners to work in the Kitchen
objective_grant_prisonerworkforce_cleaningassigned  Assign three prisoners to work in the Cleaning Cupboard

objective_grant_educationreformprogram              The Reform through Education Initiative
objective_grant_educationreformprogram_description  A prominent campaign group is conducting a large scale social experiment into the effects of education on prisoner re-offending rates. Set up some classrooms and begin educating your prisoners.
objective_grant_educationreformprogram_research     Unlock Education through Bureaucracy
objective_grant_educationreformprogram_classroom    Build a Classroom
objective_grant_educationreformprogram_desks        Build twenty school desks
objective_grant_educationreformprogram_foundationed Have ten prisoners pass the Foundation Education Course
objective_grant_educationreformprogram_generaled    Have one prisoner pass the General Education Course

objective_grant_prisonlabour                        Prison Manufacturing Facility
objective_grant_prisonlabour_description            Financiers want you to increase your prison's profitability, and are willing to invest funds to help build workshops and turn your prisoners into a labour force.
objective_grant_prisonlabour_workshop               Build a Workshop
objective_grant_prisonlabour_saw                    Build two workshop saws
objective_grant_prisonlabour_press                  Build two workshop presses
objective_grant_prisonlabour_reform                 Have five prisoners pass the Workshop Safety Program
objective_grant_prisonlabour_plates                 Produce 30 license plates

objective_grant_furnituremanufacturing              Carpentry Apprenticeship Program
objective_grant_furnituremanufacturing_description  Offering carpentry courses to your prisoners can teach them a valuable skill they can use once they are released, and allow them to produce high end furniture in your workshop which can be sold to increase income. 
objective_grant_furnituremanufacturing_forestry     Build a Forestry
objective_grant_furnituremanufacturing_table        Build two carpenters tables
objective_grant_furnituremanufacturing_reform       Have two prisoners pass the Carpentry course
objective_grant_furnituremanufacturing_bed          Produce ten Superior Beds

objective_grant_reducestaffstress                   Staff Well-being Initiative
objective_grant_reducestaffstress_description       Prison worker unions have been receiving reports of staff being overstressed and overworked, to the point that mistakes are being made. Make sure similar issues do not occur in your facility.
objective_grant_reducestaffstress_staffroom         Build a Staffroom
objective_grant_reducestaffstress_freeguards        Have at least five guards without assigned duties
objective_grant_reducestaffstress_restedstaff       Ensure none of your staff are exhausted

objective_grant_shortterminvestment                 Short-term Investment
objective_grant_shortterminvestment_description     Pay money into an investment fund which will ultimately give a reasonable return on your initial sum.
objective_grant_shortterminvestment_wait            Wait for funds...

objective_grant_longterminvestment                  Long-term Investment
objective_grant_longterminvestment_description      Pay money into an long-term investment fund which will ultimately give a large return on your initial sum.
objective_grant_longterminvestment_wait             Wait for funds...

objective_grant_cellblock50                         Cell Block B
objective_grant_cellblock50_description             It's time to further expand your prison beyond a simple holding facility. 
objective_grant_cellblock50_cells                   Raise your prisoner capacity to 50

objective_grant_cellblock100                        Cell Block C
objective_grant_cellblock100_description            Make adequate use of your land by continuing to expand your prison.
objective_grant_cellblock100_cells                  Raise your prisoner capacity to 100

objective_grant_cellblock200                        Cell Block D
objective_grant_cellblock200_description            More prisoners means more government funding. Increase your capacity to capitalize on this.
objective_grant_cellblock200_cells                  Raise your prisoner capacity to 200

objective_grant_cellblock500                        Cell Block E
objective_grant_cellblock500_description            The government offers a great many financial incentives to the largest prisons. It's time to work towards that goal.
objective_grant_cellblock500_cells                  Raise your prisoner capacity to 500

objective_grant_nutritionresearch                   Inmate Nutrition Research
objective_grant_nutritionresearch_description       An independent research group is offering funds in order to participate in a trial on the effects of varying inmate eating habits. 
objective_grant_nutritionresearch_poor              Serve a single low quantity, low variety meal for two days
objective_grant_nutritionresearch_good              Serve three high variety, high quantity meals for two days

objective_grant_drugsearch                          Crackdown on Drugs
objective_grant_drugsearch_description              Concerns about drug use in larger prisons is increasing recently. Take a pro-active stance and show that you are tackling the problem.
objective_grant_drugsearch_find                     Find ten illegal narcotics

objective_grant_contrabandsupply                    Tool Cleanup
objective_grant_contrabandsupply_description        Following a number of incidents in other prisons involving stolen items, a group is performing studies on the distribution of tools and weapons throughout prisons. This part of the trial involves trying to remove all such items from your prison population.
objective_grant_contrabandsupply_tools              Remove the supply of stolen tools
objective_grant_contrabandsupply_weapons            Remove the supply of stolen weapons

grant_category_completed                            Completed:
grant_category_unlocked                             Unlocked:
grant_category_cash                                 Cash:
grant_category_cashflow                             Cashflow:
grant_category_debt                                 Debt:
grant_category_prisoners                            Prisoners:

grant_property_atleast                              At Least *X
grant_property_atmost                               No More Than *X

# =============================================================================
# Materials
# =============================================================================
object_none                              None
object_box                               Box
object_stack                             Stack
object_bed                               Bed
object_bunkbed                           Bunk Bed
object_crib                              Crib
object_toilet                            Toilet
object_table                             Table
object_chair                             Chair
object_bench                             Bench
object_electricchair                     Electric Chair
object_jaildoor                          Jail Door
object_jaildoorlarge                     Large Jail Door
object_door                              Door
object_solitarydoor                      Solitary Door
object_staffdoor                         Staff Door
object_remotedoor                        Remote Door
object_roadgate                          Road Gate
object_jailbars                          Jail Bars
object_window                            Window
object_windowlarge                       Large Window
object_tree                              Tree
object_light                             Light
object_cooker                            Cooker
object_fridge                            Fridge
object_bin                               Bin
object_sink                              Sink
object_servingtable                      Serving Table
object_showerhead                        Shower Head
object_brick                             Brick
object_concrete                          Concrete
object_steel                             Steel
object_ingredients                       Ingredients
object_ingredientscooking                Ingredients (Cooking)
object_ingredientscooked                 Ingredients (Cooked)
object_ingredientsspoiled                Ingredients (Spoiled)
object_meal                              Meal
object_foodtray                          Food Tray
object_foodtraydirty                     Food Tray (Dirty)
object_grassturf                         Grass Turf
object_prisoneruniform                   Prisoner Uniform
object_dirtyprisoneruniform              Prisoner Uniform (Dirty)
object_crumpledprisoneruniform           Prisoner Uniform (Crumpled)
object_bleach                            Bleach
object_sheetmetal                        Sheet Metal
object_licenseplateblank                 License Plates (Blank)
object_licenseplate                      License Plates
object_log                               Log
object_wood                              Wood
object_workman                           Workman
object_truckdriver                       Truck Driver
object_guard                             Guard
object_riotguard                         Riot Guard
object_armedguard                        Armed Guard
object_prisoner                          Prisoner
object_doctor                            Doctor
object_paramedic                         Paramedic
object_cook                              Cook
object_gardener                          Gardener
object_janitor                           Janitor
object_fireman                           Fireman
object_avatar                            Avatar
object_actor                             Actor
object_visitor                           Visitor
object_executionwitness                  Execution Witness
object_doghandler                        Dog Handler
object_dog                               Guard Dog 
object_dogcrate                          Dog Crate
object_teacher                           Teacher
object_soldier                           Soldier
object_sniper                            Sniper
object_warden                            Warden
object_chief                             Chief
object_foreman                           Foreman
object_psychologist                      Psychologist
object_accountant                        Accountant
object_lawyer                            Lawyer
object_supplytruck                       Supply Truck
object_prisonerbus                       Prisoner Bus
object_fireengine                        Fire Engine
object_riotvan                           Riot Van
object_ambulance                         Ambulance
object_hearse                            Hearse
object_trooptruck                        Troop Truck
object_fire                              Fire
object_garbage                           Garbage
object_rubble                            Rubble
object_bookshelf                         Bookshelf
object_officedesk                        Office Desk
object_filingcabinet                     Filing Cabinet
object_medicalbed                        Medical Bed
object_morgueslab                        Morgue Slab
object_equipment                         Equipment
object_prop                              Prop
object_dummy                             Dummy
object_powerstation                      Power Station
object_capacitor                         Capacitor
object_electricalcable                   Electrical Cable
object_powerswitch                       Power Switch
object_logiccircuit                      Logic Circuit
object_logicbridge                       Logic Bridge
object_waterpumpstation                  Water Pump Station
object_pipevalve                         Pipe Valve
object_pipelarge                         Large Pipe
object_pipesmall                         Small Pipe
object_drain                             Drain
object_sprinkler                         Sprinkler
object_metaldetector                     Metal Detector
object_weightsbench                      Weights Bench
object_phonebooth                        Phone Booth
object_tv                                Tv
object_largetv                           Large Tv
object_pooltable                         Pool Table
object_polaroid                          Polaroid
object_cctv                              CCTV
object_cctvmonitor                       CCTV Monitor
object_laundrymachine                    Laundry Machine
object_laundrybasket                     Laundry Basket
object_ironingboard                      Ironing Board
object_visitortable                      Visitor Table
object_visitortablesecure                Visitor Booth
object_workshopsaw                       Workshop Saw
object_workshoppress                     Workshop Press
object_carpentertable                    Carpenter Table
object_boombox                           Boombox
object_guardlocker                       Guard Locker
object_sofachairsingle                   Sofa
object_sofachairdouble                   Wide Sofa
object_drinkmachine                      Drink Machine
object_arcadecabinet                     Arcade Cabinet
object_radio                             Radio
object_radiator                          Radiator
object_bookshelflarge                    Library Bookshelf
object_weaponrack                        Weapon Rack 
object_treestump                         Tree Stump
object_schooldesk                        School Desk
object_superiorbed                       Superior Bed
object_doorcontrolsystem                 Door Control System
object_phonemonitor                      Phone Tap
object_servo                             Door Servo
object_doortimer                         Door Timer
object_pressurepad                       Pressure Pad
object_statuslight                       Status Light
object_wire                              Connect
object_dismantleobject                   Dismantle Object
object_dismantleutility                  Dismantle Utility
object_sellobject                        Sell Object
object_canceljobs                        Cancel Jobs
object_showallwires                      Show Wires
object_tidywires                         Tidy Wires
object_cutscenepolaroid                  Cutscene Polaroid
object_cutscenecamera                    Cutscene Camera
object_cutscenecue                       Cutscene Cue
object_cutscenecaption                   Cutscene Caption
object_foodwaste                         Food Waste
object_altar                             Altar
object_pews                              Pews
object_prayermat                         Prayer Mat
object_paroleofficer                     Parole Officer
object_parolelawyer                      Parole Lawyer
object_spiritualleader                   Spiritual Leader
object_librarybookshelf                  Library Shelf
object_librarybookunsorted               Library Book (Unsorted)
object_librarybooksorted                 Library Book (Sorted)
object_sortingtable                      Sorting Desk
object_ruinedbook                        Ruined Book
object_foodbowl                          Food
object_appealslawyer                     Appeals Lawyer
object_appealsmagistrate                 Appeals Magistrate
object_mailsatchel                       Mail Satchel
object_mailunsorted                      Unsorted Mail
object_mailsorted                        Sorted Mail
object_prisonermail                      Mail
object_prisonermailopened                Mail (Opened)
object_shopfront                         Shop Front
object_shopgoods                         Shop Goods
object_shopshelf                         Shop Shelf
object_playmat                           Play Mat
object_guardtower                        Guard Tower
object_waterboiler                       Water Boiler
object_pipehotwater                      Hot Water Pipe

material_none                            None
material_building                        Building (Brick)
material_buildingconcrete                Building (Concrete)
material_demolish                        Bulldoze
material_clearindoorarea                 Clear Indoor Area
material_demolishwalls                   Demolish Walls
material_removetunnels                   Remove Tunnels
material_canceljobs                      Cancel Jobs
material_dirt                            Dirt
material_sand                            Sand
material_pavingstone                     Paving Stone
material_grass                           Grass
material_gravel                          Gravel
material_road                            Road
material_roadmarkings                    Road Markings
material_roadmarkingsleft                Road Markings (Left)
material_roadmarkingsright               Road Markings (Right)
material_stone                           Stone
material_fence                           Fence
material_concretetiles                   Concrete Tiles
material_concretefloor                   Concrete Floor
material_woodenfloor                     Wooden Floor
material_ceramicfloor                    Ceramic Floor
material_mosaicfloor                     Mosaic Floor
material_metalfloor                      Metal Floor
material_marbletiles                     Marble Tiles
material_whitetiles                      White Tiles
material_fancytiles                      Fancy Tiles
material_concretewall                    Concrete Wall
material_brickwall                       Brick Wall
material_perimeterwall                   Perimeter Wall
material_burntfloor                      Burnt Floor
material_burntwall                       Burnt Wall
material_buildingframe                   Building Frame
material_roof                            Roof
material_water							 Water

room_none                                None
room_cell                                Cell
room_holdingcell                         Holding Cell
room_solitary                            Solitary
room_superiorcell                        Superior Cell
room_dormitory                           Dormitory
room_familycell                          Family Cell
room_sharedcell                          Shared Cell
room_canteen                             Canteen
room_kitchen                             Kitchen
room_shower                              Shower
room_yard                                Yard
room_storage                             Storage
room_deliveries                          Deliveries
room_garbage                             Garbage
room_execution                           Execution
room_workshop                            Workshop
room_security                            Security
room_office                              Office
room_medicalward                         Infirmary
room_morgue                              Morgue
room_commonroom                          Common Room
room_laundry                             Laundry
room_visitation                          Visitation
room_cleaningcupboard                    Cleaning Cupboard
room_kennel                              Kennel
room_armoury                             Armoury
room_staffroom                           Staffroom
room_library                             Library
room_forestry                            Forestry
room_classroom                           Classroom
room_exports                             Exports
room_chapel                              Chapel
room_intake                              Reception
room_clearrooms                          Clear Rooms
room_paroleroom                          Parole
room_mailroom                            Mail Room
room_shop                                Shop
room_nursery                             Nursery

equipment_none                           None
equipment_fists                          Fists
equipment_baton                          Baton
equipment_club                           Club
equipment_shank                          Shank
equipment_knife                          Knife
equipment_fork                           Fork
equipment_gun                            Gun
equipment_spoon                          Spoon
equipment_needle                         Needle
equipment_booze                          Booze
equipment_poison                         Poison
equipment_cigs                           Cigs
equipment_saw                            Saw
equipment_jailkeys                       Jail Keys
equipment_mobilephone                    Cellphone
equipment_lighter                        Lighter
equipment_screwdriver                    Screwdriver
equipment_drugs                          Drugs
equipment_sheers                         Shears
equipment_mop                            Mop
equipment_rake                           Rake
equipment_hose                           Hose
equipment_spatula                        Spatula
equipment_woodenspoon                    Wooden Spoon
equipment_cleaningbrush                  Cleaning Brush
equipment_hammer                         Hammer
equipment_clipboard                      Clipboard
equipment_drill                          Drill
equipment_pianowire                      PianoWire
equipment_scissors                       Scissors
equipment_medicine                       Medicine
equipment_shotgun                       Shotgun
equipment_moneybag                      Money Bag
equipment_tazer                         Tazer
equipment_guarduniform                  Guard Uniform
equipment_stabvest                      Stab Vest
equipment_rifle                         Rifle
equipment_dogleash                      Dog Leash
equipment_assaultrifle                  Assault Rifle
equipment_woodenpickaxe                 Wooden Pickaxe
equipment_cbradio                       Cb radio
equipment_axe                           Axe
equipment_spade                         Spade

research_requires_short                 Requires a *X

reformprogram_workshopinduction         Workshop Safety Induction
reformprogram_foundationeducation       Foundation Education Program
reformprogram_generaleducation          General Education Qualification
reformprogram_carpentry                 Carpentry Apprenticeship
reformprogram_kitcheninduction          Kitchen Safety and Hygiene
reformprogram_therapy                   Behavioural Therapy
reformprogram_methadone                 Pharmacological Treatment of Drug Addiction
reformprogram_alcoholicsmeeting         Alcoholics Group Therapy
reformprogram_tazertraining             Guard Tazer Certification
reformprogram_spiritualguidance         Spiritual Guidance
reformprogram_parolehearing             Parole Hearing
reformprogram_deathrowappeal            Death Row Appeal

reformprogram_tazertrained              Certified : Tazer

reformprogram_workshopinduction_text    Safety first! Inmates must pass this course before they are permitted to work in the Workshop.
reformprogram_foundationeducation_text  Many inmates lack even a basic foundation in reading, writing, and maths skills. This course brings inmates up to that level. Passing allows prisoners to work in the Library.
reformprogram_carpentry_text            A complex tradeskill that requires good practical ability. Qualified inmates can use this skill to create high value wooden items on the carpenters table.
reformprogram_kitcheninduction_text     Food standards are important when catering for hundreds of people at once. Inmates must complete this course before they are permitted to work in the kitchen.
reformprogram_therapy_text              Inmates often struggle to control their violent nature. These one-on-one sessions with the prison psychologist aims to give them the tools necessary to de-escalate any situation they find themselves in before it turns violent.
reformprogram_methadone_text            A course of 5 pharmacological substitutes, used to combat a prisoner's addiction to narcotics. Each treatment helps the prisoner with their addiction need, and completing the course has a chance to remove the addiction all together.
reformprogram_alcoholicsmeeting_text    A group therapy meeting for alcoholics. Helps reduce the desire for alcohol. Never completely removes the need.
reformprogram_parolehearing_text        A hearing to determine is a prisoner is eligible for early release. A successful release in which a prisoner doesn't reoffend will award a nice bonus. 
reformprogram_spiritualguidance_text    Some prisoners are religious, or have a general need for some spirituality in their life. Bring in a spiritual leader from the local community to lead them through prayers and instil a sense of calm amongst your prisoners.

reformerror_unscheduled                 UNSCHEDULED
reformerror_noroom                      NO ROOM FOUND
reformerror_nofreetimeslot              ALL ROOMS BOOKED
reformerror_staffonly                   ALL ROOMS STAFF ONLY
reformerror_noobjects                   NO EQUIPMENT
reformerror_noregimetime                NO REGIME TIMESLOT
reformerror_noteachers                  NO TEACHER

reform_interested                       *X Interested 
reform_interested_qualified             *X Interested/Qualified 
reform_queued                           *X in Queue 
reform_completion                       - *X Finished - *Y Passed (*P%)
reform_locked                           LOCKED
reform_start                            START
reform_costpersession                   *X per session
reform_placespersession                 *X places / *Y sessions
reform_program_starting                 Starting
reform_program_active                   ACTIVE
reform_program_paused                   Paused
reform_program_stop                     STOP
reform_program_ledby                    - Led by a *P in a *Z
reform_program_ledwith                  - Assisted by a *S
reform_program_length                   - Session Length: *X hours
reform_program_requirements             - Each prisoner requires a *X
reform_program_requirements_alt         - Each prisoner requires a *X or a *Y
reform_program_prereqs                  Prisoners must have completed:
reform_program_research_required        Required: *X

reform_program_intake_none                      None
reform_program_intake_mandatory                 Mandatory
reform_program_intake_voluntary                 Voluntary
reform_program_intake_referralviolence          Referral: Violence
reform_program_intake_referraldrugaddiction     Referral: Drug Addiction
reform_program_intake_referralalcoholism        Referral: Alcoholism
reform_program_intake_guards                    For Guards Only
reform_program_intake_parole                    After either 50% or 75% of sentence has been served
reform_program_intake_needrequired              Each prisoner requires a specific need before joining
reform_program_intake_deathrow                  Prisoner is on Death Row

reform_program_properties_canhireexternally     Can Hire Externally
reform_program_properties_studentssit           Students Sit
reform_program_properties_academic              Academic
reform_program_properties_practical             Practical
reform_program_properties_repeatable            Repeatable
reform_program_properties_passive               Passive
reform_program_properties_staffonly             Staff Only
reform_program_properties_outsideofwork         Can be outside of work hours
reform_program_properties_teacherssit           Teachers Sit
reform_program_properties_canescortstudent      Students can be escorted by guards

reform_program_waittime                         Can only be done once every *T days

reform_program_difficulty_easy          - Easy
reform_program_difficulty_intermediate  - Intermediate
reform_program_difficulty_advanced      - Advanced
reform_program_difficulty_expert        - Expert

regime_nothing                          Lockup
regime_sleep                            Sleep
regime_eat                              Eat
regime_shower                           Shower
regime_yard                             Yard
regime_work                             Work/FreeTime
regime_lockdown                         Lockdown
regime_freetime                         FreeTime
regime_currenttime                      Now
regime_unspecified                      Unspecified
regime_worklockdown                     Work/Lockup

regimetooltip_nothing                   Prisoners are locked in their cells. They have nothing to do but reflect on the choices they made that led them to this place.\n\nLong stretches of lockup can prove a decisive punishment to even the hardest of prisoners.
regimetooltip_sleep                     Prisoners are locked in their cells, and the lights are turned out. Everyone goes to sleep.\n\nExcept those who are digging escape tunnels...
regimetooltip_eat                       Prisoners make their way to the nearest accessible canteen and sit down for lunch.\n\nPrisoners are permitted to use any facilities within the Canteen, but are not allowed to leave until this period ends.
regimetooltip_shower                    Prisoners strip off their clothes and get into the showers. Daily shower time is essential for prisoner hygiene, but some inmates will simply not bother unless forced to do so.
regimetooltip_yard                      Prisoners are let out of the facility and into the yard for some much needed exercise, sunlight and fresh air.\n\nPrisoners will make use of any facilities within the yard during this time, like the weight benches for working out, telephones to call loved ones, showers etc.
regimetooltip_work                      Prisoners are put to work around the prison.  Any job openings will be filled and prisoners will automatically report to their job locations. (You can set up job openings from the Deployment screen.)\n\nAll Reform programs also take place during Work time.  Prisoners without a job and not currently assigned to a Reform program are free to roam around the prison as if under 'Freetime'.
regimetooltip_freetime                  Prisoners are let out of their cell and are permitted to use any facilities around the prison. Prisoners enjoy this time best of all, and will socialise and take care of their needs as best they can.\n\nLong periods of free time can reduce the stress and tension within your prison, but many believe it hardly counts as punishment.
regimetooltip_worklockdown              Prisoners are put to work around the prison.  Any job openings will be filled and prisoners will automatically report to their job locations. (You can set up job openings from the Deployment screen.)\n\nAll Reform programs also take place during Work time.  Prisoners without a job and not currently assigned to a Reform program are restricted to their cells as if under 'Lockup'.

regime_clear                            Clear the regime for this category of prisoner, and use the default Normal Security regime instead.

schedule_editor_students                Students: *X/*Y
schedule_editor_error_staffonly         Target room is marked as Staff Only
schedule_editor_error_noregimetime      Program is outside a valid Work regime
schedule_editor_error_noteachers        No teachers exist for this program
schedule_editor_error_noobjects         The objects required for this program cannot be found in a valid room
schedule_editor_pin                     Pin this program in place
schedule_editor_unpin                   Unpin this program

# =============================================================================
# DoorTimer stuff
# =============================================================================

doortimer_title                         Door Timer Control
doortimer_connected_servos              *X Connected Servos
doortimer_state_open                    Open
doortimer_state_closed                  Closed

doortimer_security_none                 Any Security
doortimer_security_minsec               Minimum Security
doortimer_security_normal               Normal Security
doortimer_security_maxsec               Maximum Security
doortimer_security_Protected            Protective Custody
doortimer_security_SuperMax             SuperMax
doortimer_security_DeathRow             Death Row

# =============================================================================
# Execution
# =============================================================================

execution_stage_completed               COMPLETED
execution_stage_authorise               AUTHORISE
execution_stage_Start                   Execution initiated
execution_stage_Lockdown                Initiate prison-wide lockdown
execution_stage_Testing                 Test facility
execution_stage_Assemble                Assemble execution detail
execution_stage_Witnesses               Escort witnesses to facility
execution_stage_Escort                  Escort prisoner to facility
execution_stage_Execution               EXECUTION
execution_stage_Dismissed               Dismiss staff and witnesses
execution_stage_FinalReport             Final report

execution_stagetooltip_start            You have scheduled the execution of this inmate, and must now follow the official procedure.
execution_stagetooltip_lockdown         All prisoners are sent back to their cells and the prison is locked down.
execution_stagetooltip_testing          The final test pass to ensure everything is working. The electrical supply to the chair is tested under load.  In addition, the final route of the prisoner is planned out - he must be able to walk to the execution room himself.
execution_stagetooltip_assemble         The Warden and the Chief make their way to the condemned inmate's cell.  In addition, a priest or spiritual leader of the prisoners choice arrives on site and visits the prisoner in his cell to say final prayers.
execution_stagetooltip_witnesses        Witnesses to the execution arrive on site, and make their way to the execution facility. This group can include family members of the condemned inmate, and also members of the victims family.\n\nNb. Execution witnesses should be provided with chairs.
execution_stagetooltip_escort           The condemned inmate is escorted from his cell to the execution facility. The Warden, Chief, and Priest accompany him.
execution_stagetooltip_execution        With everyone in place and all procedures followed, the final authorisation for the execution is given.
execution_stagetooltip_dismissed        The staff and witnesses are dismissed and may leave the facility.
execution_stagetooltip_finalreport      With the execution completed, a report is compiled, and your performance graded.

execution_underway                      EXECUTION UNDERWAY
execution_result_ok                     The mandated execution of *N was carried out at *T as scheduled, by electric chair, in the presence of witnesses. The standard compensation of $10,000 is awarded to the institution for their part in this process.
execution_result_appealed               The mandated execution of *N was carried out at *T as scheduled, by electric chair, in the presence of witnesses. Regrettably, new information came to light after the fact that would have affected his appeal for clemency, though no action will be taken against the institution and they will receive the standard compensation of $10,000 for their part in the process.
execution_result_innocent               The mandated execution of *N was carried out at *T as scheduled, by electric chair, in the presence of witnesses. Regrettably, evidence was later uncovered that revealed *N's innocence, though no action will be taken against the institution and they will receive the standard compensation of $10,000 for their part in the process.
execution_result_illegal                The execution of *N was carried out at *T as scheduled, by electric chair, in the presence of witnesses. Due to the failure to follow the legally required appeals process and the discovery of information that would have ultimately resulted in a successful appeal, the institution is fined $50,000. Due to the failure to follow proper protocol, executions are suspended until a later date, and any remaining Death Row prisoners will be transferred to another facility. 
execution_result_illegalinnocent        The illegal execution of *N was carried out at *T as scheduled, by electric chair, in the presence of witnesses. Due to the failure to follow the legally required appeals process and the fact that *N was innocent of his crimes, the administrator of this facility is terminated from their position, effective immediately. 
execution_warning_one                   Should the next execution performed here not follow the correct procedure, you will be fired from your position.
execution_warning_two                   Due to your past failures to follow correct procedure, one more breach of protocol in this manner will result in you being fired from your position.

execution_error_MissingEquipment        ERROR: MISSING EQUIPMENT\nYou need an execution room with an electric chair.
execution_error_ElectricalSupply        ERROR: POWER FAILURE\nThere is insufficient electrical power to the chair.
execution_error_NavigationPrisoner      ERROR: PRISONER NAVIGATION\nThe condemned inmate cannot walk from his cell to the execution room.
execution_error_NoRouteFromRoad         ERROR: NO ACCESS\nPeople attending the execution from the outside cannot reach their destination.
execution_error_NoSpaceInRoom           ERROR: NO SPACE\nThere is not enough empty space in the execution room for the people attending.
execution_error_NoRoom                  You need an Execution Room before you can begin an Execution

roomerror_nokitchen                     There are no kitchens capable of sending food to this canteen
roomerror_noprisoners                   There are no prisoners assigned to eat at this canteen
roomerror_nocanteen_cells               There are no canteens accessible by this cell. Prisoners in this cell will have nowhere to eat
roomerror_nocanteen_kitchen             There are no canteens accessible by this kitchen. It will not cook any food for meal time
roomerror_deathrow_sharedcell           Death Row Prisoners require individual cells, and cannot be assigned to shared housing
roomerror_nonursery                     There are no nurseries accessible by this cell. Family Cells require a nursery for the prisoners to eat in
roomerror_laundryoverloaded             Laundry Baskets are unable to be unloaded. The Laundry may be too small to meet the demand.

# =============================================================================
# Misc
# =============================================================================

box_contents                             Contents: *X
stack_contents                           Contents: *X x *Y
mail_contents                            Contents: *X Letters
mail_opened_from                         Letter from *X's *F
mail_closed_from                         Letter to *X

object_dump                             Garbage
object_todo                             Todo: *X
object_sale_price                       Sale Price: *X

object_door_cyclepermissions            Click to cycle Access Permissions
object_door_cyclepermissions_1          (Open, Staff Only, Closed)

object_firemen_hosehelp_move            Click Right Mouse to order your Firemen to move there
object_firemen_hosehelp_intro           Firemen will aim hoses at any nearby fire
object_firemen_hosehelp                 Press H to Aim their hoses manually

interface_clone_help_copy               Hold Right Mouse and drag to select an area to clone
interface_clone_help_paste              Click Left Mouse to copy selected area

object_inactive                         INACTIVE
object_cctv_moremonitors                Build more CCTV Monitors
object_cctvmonitor_needsguards          Guard Required to Operate Monitor
object_processor_blocked                Working Position Cannot be Reached

administrator_requiresoffice            Requires Office
administrator_requiresoffice_2          *X Requires Office
office_ownership                        *X's Office

teacher_teaching                        Teaching
teacher_preparing                       Preparing

prisoner_assignedto                     Requires: *X
prisoner_roomquality                    Cell quality: *X (*Y)
prisoner_roomquality_average            Average
prisoner_roomquality_aboveaverage       Above average
prisoner_roomquality_wayaboveaverage    Way above average
prisoner_roomquality_belowaverage       Below average
prisoner_roomquality_waybelowaverage    Way below average
prisoner_attendance                     Attendance
prisoner_concentration                  Concentration
prisoner_understanding                  Understanding
prisoner_concentration_0                Terrible
prisoner_concentration_1                Bad
prisoner_concentration_2                Adequate
prisoner_concentration_3                Good
prisoner_concentration_4                Excellent
prisoner_passchance                     Success Chance: *X%
prisoner_informant                      Confidential Informant

prisoner_dayswithoutincident            *X days without incident
prisoner_availablemoney                 Cash : $*X

informant_title                         INFORMANT
informant_coverage						COVERAGE
informant_suspicion						SUSPICION
informant_status						STATUS
informant_none                          You Have No CI's On Record
informant_hint                          (Recruit Prisoners under Duress - eg in Solitary)
informant_recruitable                   (Potential CI)
informant_target                        Target
informant_dead                          DEAD
informant_released                      Released
informant_coverblown                    COVER BLOWN
informant_activate                      Activate
informant_deactivate                    Deactivate
informant_idle                          Idle
informant_onroute                       On Route...
informant_active                        Active
informant_coveragecaps                  COVERAGE *X%

contraband_owner                        Owner: *X
contraband_ownerunknown                 Owner Unknown
contraband_stolenfrom                   Stolen from *X, *Y hours ago
contraband_smuggledthrough              Smuggled through *X, *Y hours ago
contraband_smuggledin                   Smuggled in by Prisoner, *Y hours ago
contraband_type                         Type: *X
contraband_tradevalue_title             Trade prices
contraband_tradevalue_low               $
contraband_tradevalue_medium            $$
contraband_tradevalue_high              $$$
contraband_tradevalue_veryhigh          $$$$

staff_exhausted                         Exhausted
staff_tired                             Tired
staff_needsrest                         Staff prefer to rest in a Staff Room.

dog_needskennel                         Dogs need a Kennel to sleep in.

doctor_requireinfirmary                 Requires an Infimary

entity_carryingequipment                Carrying *X
entity_carryingkeys                     Carrying Jail Keys
entity_carryingstaffkeys                Carrying Staff Key
entity_wearingarmour                    Wearing a *X

reports_schedule                        Reschedule All Programs
reports_edit                            Edit Schedule
reports_bankloan                        Bank Loan
reports_increaseloan                    Increase
reports_decreaseloan                    Decrease
reports_unlockbankloans                 Unlocked by Accountant

drugs_heroin                            Heroin
drugs_cocaine                           Cocaine

#                                       Eg "Bob's Mother"
visitor_relationship                    *X's *Y
visitor_age                             Age : *X

family_wife                             Wife
family_exwife                           Ex-Wife
family_girlfriend                       Girlfriend
family_son                              Son
family_daughter                         Daughter
family_mother                           Mother
family_father                           Father
family_brother                          Brother
family_sister                           Sister
family_lawyer                           Lawyer
family_priest                           Priest
family_victims                          Victim's family
family_caption                          Family: 
family_none                             None
family_husband                          Husband
family_exhusband                        Ex-Husband
family_boyfriend                        Boyfriend

damage_dead                             Dead
damage_unconscious                      Unconscious
damage_serious                          Seriously Injured
damage_injured                          Injured
damage_amount                           *X% Damaged

message_autosaving                      Auto-Saving...

buildtoolbar_entersearchterm            enter search term...

deploymentscheduler_title               DEPLOYMENT SCHEDULER
deploymentscheduler_patrolonly          [Schedule *X only]
deploymentscheduler_schedulenow         Showing deployment NOW
deploymentscheduler_scheduletime        Showing deployment for *X.00 - *Y.00
supplyanddemand_supplyheader            SUPPLY
supplyanddemand_demandheader            DEMAND

tooltip_multipleobjects                 Press TAB to cycle objects
remotedoor_noservo                      Remote Doors will not open without a working servo attached.

targettingfood_prisonersassigned        Prisoners assigned : *X
targettingfood_predicteddemand          = PREDICTED DEMAND =
targettingfood_demand                   DEMAND *X
targettingfood_supply                   SUPPLY *X (+*Y)
targettingfood_prisoners                prisoners
targettingfood_required                 Meals required : *X
targettingfood_ready                    Meals ready : *X
targettingfood_cooked                   Meals being cooked : *X

roomgrading                             Room Grading
roomgrading_cell_roomsize               Room size at least *X Squares
roomgrading_cell_cleanliness            Cleanliness above *X%
roomgrading_cell_outsidewindow          Outdoor Window 
roomgrading_cell_item                   Item : *X

roomgrading_dormitory_roomsize          Room size at least *X Squares per Prisoner
roomgrading_dormitory_cleanliness       Cleanliness above *X%
roomgrading_dormitory_outsidewindow     1 Outdoor Window per 8 Prisoners
roomgrading_dormitory_item              Item : 1 *X per 4 Prisoners

roomgrading_sharedcell_roomsize          Room size at least *X Squares per Prisoner
roomgrading_sharedcell_cleanliness       Cleanliness above *X%
roomgrading_sharedcell_outsidewindow     Outdoor Window
roomgrading_sharedcell_item              Item : 1 *X per 4 Prisoners

roomgrading_result                      Grade *X
roomgrading_currentoccupant             Occupant entitled to grade *X
roomgrading_unoccupied                  Unoccupied
roomgrading_shared_occupuants           Current Occupants: *X / *Y

weathermap_temperature_title            Temperature
weathermap_temperature_text             *CC / *FF
weathermap_temperature_c                *CC
weathermap_temperature_f                *FF

roomerror_nokitchen                     There are no kitchens capable of sending food to this canteen
roomerror_noprisoners                   There are no prisoners assigned to eat at this canteen
roomerror_nocanteen_cells               There are no canteens accessible by this cell. Prisoners in this cell will have nowhere to eat
roomerror_nocanteen_kitchen             There are no canteens accessible by this kitchen. It will not cook any food for meal time

ceos_letter                             Dear Sir/Madam,\n\n\nCongratulations on completing your basic induction - you are now a fully qualified Prison Architect!  Soon you'll be designing, building and running your own prisons starting from nothing but an empty plot of land and a few stacks of bricks.  Before you get started, I thought I might share some important lessons with you.\n\n1. Every prison needs a Warden - he should be one of your first hires.  Build him a nice office and he'll open up a whole range of advanced facilities via the bureaucracy system.\n\n2. Individual jail cells are expensive, especially early on when funds are very tight.  Save money by starting with a single large Holding Cell, which can be shared between many prisoners at once.\n\n3. Get your Kitchen and Canteen up and running before the first prisoners show up, and be sure to hire some Cooks - nothing irritates a prisoner more than an empty stomach!\n\n4. Building a prison is an expensive undertaking, and you need to become a master of raising large volumes of money through grants and contracts. You can access these grants through the 'Reports' screens.\n\nThat's about everything - good luck!\n\nThe CEO,\nPrison Architects Corp.

quickbuild_basiccell                    Basic Cell
quickbuild_solitarycell                 Solitary Cell
quickbuild_office                       Office
quickbuild_luxurycell                   Luxury Cell
quickbuild_sharedcell                   Shared Cell
quickbuild_kitchen                      Kitchen
quickbuild_canteen                      Canteen
quickbuild_utilityroom                  Utility Room
quickbuild_classroom                    Class Room
quickbuild_commonroom                   Common Room

season_current                          Current Season: *X
season_spring                           Spring
season_summer                           Summer
season_autumn                           Autumn
season_winter                           Winter

prisoner_cellerror_nonefree             There are no free cells for this prisoner
prisoner_cellerror_toohighquality       All of the available cells are too high quality for this prisoner
prisoner_cellerror_nosolitary           This prisoner requires solitary confinement, but no solitary cells are available

# =============================================================================
# Campaign info
# =============================================================================

campaignchapter_chapternumber			Chapter *C

# =============================================================================
# Death Row
# =============================================================================

campaignchapter_deathrow                Death Row

campaignchapter_deathrow_description    We've been contracted to build an Execution Chamber at this prison, in time for the scheduled execution of one of their inmates.

campaigncutscene_deathrowmurder         Double Murder
campaigncutscene_deathrowconfession     Confession

adviser_deathrow_murder1                I knew I'd catch you two here.
adviser_deathrow_murder2                Edward! I...
adviser_deathrow_murder25               Don't.  Just... don't.
adviser_deathrow_murder3                What are you going to do?

adviser_deathrow_church1                Can I help you?
adviser_deathrow_church15               ...
adviser_deathrow_church2                Are you looking for forgiveness?
adviser_deathrow_church3                I don't know. I have to do something, I can't live with the things I've done.
adviser_deathrow_church4                You have to turn yourself in. Whatever you've done, you cannot evade the consequences. 
adviser_deathrow_church5                You will never be able to live with yourself until you face up to your past.
adviser_deathrow_church6                I want to go back. I want to forgive her. I want her to forgive me.
adviser_deathrow_church7                God will forgive you, no matter what you have done, if you ask him to. 
adviser_deathrow_church8                But you must answer for your crimes in the eyes of the law.  There is no other way.

adviser_deathrowintro_1                 This is a tough one.
adviser_deathrowintro_2                 There's a prisoner incarcerated at this facility who's been convicted of a double murder, and sentenced to death.  
adviser_deathrowintro_3                 That's where we come in.  We've been contracted to construct an execution chamber in time for the guy's big day.
adviser_deathrowintrob_1                This is where I want the new facility to be built.
adviser_deathrowintrob_2                The first step with any project like this is to construct the building itself - with enough space inside to fit an execution room and a holding cell.
adviser_deathrowintrob_3                So let's get started.  Construct a new building here.

adviser_deathrow_explain1               Your Workmen are responsible for the construction of buildings.
adviser_deathrow_explain2               They'll collect the steel and concrete from this store room and take it to the construction site.
adviser_deathrow_explain3               They'll use those raw materials to build the foundations and framework of your new building.
adviser_deathrow_explain4               This is the slowest part of construction, so you should plan ahead when building new facilities.
adviser_deathrow_explain5               While we wait, take a look around.  Use WASD or the arrow keys to move around, and use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out.

objective_deathrow_building             Construct a building to house the Execution Facility

adviser_deathrow_buildinside1           We will also need an entrance to the new Execution Facility.
adviser_deathrow_buildinside2           Build a Large Jail Door into the south wall.

objective_deathrow_buildouterdoor       Build a Large Jail Door entrance

adviser_deathrow_internalwalls1          Inside the building I want a Cell and an Execution Room.
adviser_deathrow_internalwalls2          Partition the space by constructing some Brick Walls.

objective_deathrow_buildinternalwalls   Build internal walls

adviser_deathrow_internaldoors1          Now add Large Jail Doors to those dividing walls.
adviser_deathrow_internaldoors2          You can rotate an object before placement by clicking the middle mouse button (or press R).

objective_deathrow_buildinternaldoors   Build internal doors (Middle Click or press R to rotate an object)

adviser_deathrow_designation1           That's looking good.  We now need to designate Rooms within those spaces.
adviser_deathrow_designation2           Designate a Cell in the smaller area where our condemned inmate will live.
adviser_deathrow_designation3           Then designate the Execution Room itself in the larger area.

objective_deathrow_designatecell        Designate a Cell
objective_deathrow_designateexecution   Designate an Execution Room

adviser_deathrow_roomrequirements1      Those new Rooms have requirements before they become functional.  
adviser_deathrow_roomrequirements2      The Cell needs a Bed and a Toilet.
adviser_deathrow_roomrequirements3      The Execution Room requires the Electric Chair.

objective_deathrow_cellobjects1         Build a Bed
objective_deathrow_cellobjects2         Build a Toilet
objective_deathrow_executionobjects     Build an Electric Chair

adviser_deathrow_optional1              That's the essentials taken care of.  But there are still a few improvements you could make.
adviser_deathrow_optional2              It's up to you though, these aren't strictly required.  It depends how much you care about your prisoners and their environment.
adviser_deathrow_optional3              The Cell itself could be improved with an outward facing Window, and a small Bookshelf.  
adviser_deathrow_optional4              And the facility would look better with a higher quality floor material - like Wooden Floorboards or Mosaic Tiles.
adviser_deathrow_optional5              Outside you could add some lighting, and a paved pathway if you think it needs it.

adviser_deathrow_transfer05             This is the man in question, Edward Romsey.  A teacher once, would you believe.
adviser_deathrow_transfer06             It's not our place to decide if he deserves this.  The Law has made that decision.  We're just here to do a job.
adviser_deathrow_transfer1              Once you are satisfied the facility is ready, you can begin the Prisoner Transfer to his new cell.
adviser_deathrow_transfer2              Simply click on the polaroid in his cell to initiate the transfer.

objective_deathrow_path                 (OPTIONAL) Build a Path to the new facility
objective_deathrow_window               (OPTIONAL) Add a Window to the Cell
objective_deathrow_bookshelf            (OPTIONAL) Add a Bookshelf to the Cell
objective_deathrow_flooring             (OPTIONAL) Redo the flooring with higher quality materials
objective_deathrow_outerlights          (OPTIONAL) Create some outdoor lighting around the facility
objective_deathrow_transferinmate       When you are done, begin the Prisoner Transfer by clicking on the polaroid in Edward's cell.

adviser_deathrow_setupmurder1           Don't shed one tear for this guy.  He's a stone cold killer, guilty as charged. 
adviser_deathrow_setupmurder2           He even confessed.  Wanna hear his description of what he did?  
adviser_deathrow_setupmurder3           It's juicy stuff.  "It was around 11pm.  The lights were already on.  I knew she was home..."
adviser_deathrow_postmurder1            Like I said, a stone cold killer.
adviser_deathrow_postmurder2            Clear as day if you ask me.  Deserves every volt he's gonna get.
adviser_deathrow_postmurder3            All men deserve forgiveness, even him. Are you so sure in yourself that you can deal out such final judgement?
adviser_deathrow_postmurder4            Catching your wife with another man is no excuse for what he did. 
adviser_deathrow_postmurder5            And he went there with a loaded gun, knowing he'd find them together. That's double pre-meditated murder.
adviser_deathrow_postmurder6            He's done nothing but co-operate with the authorities. This state is making an example of him. 
adviser_deathrow_postmurder7            If he'd committed his crime 100 miles north he'd be looking at life imprisonment instead. How is that justice?
adviser_deathrow_postmurder8            Do you want a guy like this running free? I'll sleep just fine at night when I know he's gone.

adviser_deathrowelectricity_1           Good work so far.
adviser_deathrowelectricity_2           However there is one problem - the execution room isn't functioning yet, because it doesn't have any power.
adviser_deathrowelectricity_3           We need to connect it to the electrical supply.

adviser_deathrowelectricityb_1          We are now viewing the prison in Utilities mode, which shows us the electrical wiring layout for the entire prison. 
adviser_deathrowelectricityb_2          Each building in the prison is connected to the Power Grid by these thick underground electrical cables.  
adviser_deathrowelectricityb_3          Power is provided to the prison by this substation, which draws electricity from the national grid.
adviser_deathrowelectricityb_4          As you can see, this entire wing of prison cells is without power.  All of the lights are out.
adviser_deathrowelectricityb_4b         To fix this problem, we first need to switch into Utilities mode to understand why the lights are without power.
adviser_deathrowelectricityb_5          The nearest electrical cables are too far away - our engineers can't complete the wiring for this area.
adviser_deathrowelectricityb_6          Extend the electrical cables nearby to cover this wing of the prison.

objective_deathrow_cellpower            Connect the rooms to the Electrical Supply

adviser_deathrow_connectchair_1         Lights aren't the only thing that needs power.  Your new Electric Chair does too.
adviser_deathrow_connectchair_2         Use the Power Cables to connect the execution facility to the power grid.
adviser_deathrow_connectchair_3         The Electric Chair itself is a special type of electrical item.  It requires its own dedicated power line. You'll need to connect it up directly with mains cables.

objective_deathrow_chairpower           Connect the Electric Chair to the Electrical Supply
objective_deathrow_condemnedcellpower   Connect the Cell to the Electrical Supply

adviser_deathrow_testchair_1            We are almost done I think.  We should test the new Execution room at least once before we try to use it though.
adviser_deathrow_testchair_2            I'm just going to turn it on for a few seconds, make sure everything is ok.
adviser_deathrow_testchair_3            Well, that didn't work.  Looks like we drew too much power, and tripped a circuit breaker in the power station.  The whole prison is dark.
adviser_deathrow_testchair_4            We're going to need more juice to be able to handle the power spike that the electric chair generates.
adviser_deathrow_testchair_5            First, we need to turn the power back on.   This is a two step process:
adviser_deathrow_testchair_5b           Switch the power station back on by clicking on it, and selecting Switch On in the menu that appears.
adviser_deathrow_testchair_6            Then build three more capacitors so we have enough Power Capacity to handle the electric chair.
adviser_deathrow_testchair_7            Once you've done that, test the Electric chair again by clicking on it and selecting Switch On in the menu.

objective_deathrow_poweron              Turn the Power Station back on. (Click the power station, then select Switch On from the menu)
objective_deathrow_expandpower          Expand the power station with three new Capacitors
objective_deathrow_chairworking         Test the chair again (click on it, and select Switch On)

adviser_deathrow_execution_1            Well done.  I believe we are finished with this job.
adviser_deathrow_execution_2            What happens now is out of our hands.  We did a professional job, and that's important in our business.
adviser_deathrow_execution_3            Try not to worry about what happens next.  

adviser_deathrow_setupexecution1        It is time, Edward. 
adviser_deathrow_setupexecution2        You have done the right thing, even though this world will not forgive you for it.
adviser_deathrow_setupexecution3        You will be with God soon, and He will have the final judgement on you.

adviser_deathrow_setupexecution4        Edward Romsey.  You have been found guilty of two counts of murder in the first degree.
adviser_deathrow_setupexecution5        The penalty is death.  
adviser_deathrow_setupexecution6        Do you have anything to say?
adviser_deathrow_setupexecution7        Susan...
adviser_deathrow_setupexecution8        I'm sorry.

# =============================================================================
# Expense popups
# =============================================================================

finance_cost_prisonsale                 Sale of previous prison
finance_cost_equiptazer                 Equipment: Tazer
finance_cost_equipbodyarmour            Equipment: Body Armour
finance_cost_exports                    Exports
finance_cost_foundations                Building Foundations
finance_cost_cashflow                   Cashflow
finance_cost_bankloan                   Bank Loan
finance_cost_bankloan_repayment         Bank Loan Repayment
finance_cost_sharesale                  Share Sale
finance_cost_sharepurchase              Share Purchase
finance_cost_grantadvance               Grant Advance
finance_cost_grantcompletion            Grant Completion Payment
finance_cost_reformprogram              Reform Program Session
finance_cost_repair                     Repair
finance_cost_sellobject                 Sell Object
finance_cost_landpurchase               Land Purchase
finance_cost_prisonerintake             Prisoner Intake
finance_cost_grantcancellation          Cancellation Costs
finance_cost_grantrefund                - Repayment: *X
finance_cost_grantfine                  - Fine: *X
finance_cost_executionfine              Improper Execution Fine
finance_cost_executioncompensation      Execution Compensation
finance_cost_shopintake                 Shop Intake
finance_cost_prisonerwages              Prisoner Wages 
finance_cost_fine                       Fine

# =============================================================================
# Clock
# =============================================================================

clock_speed_0                           ||
clock_speed_1                           >
clock_speed_2                           >>
clock_speed_5                           >>>
clock_speed_half                        ...
clock_add_hour                          +
clock_am                                am
clock_pm                                pm

# =============================================================================
# Events
# =============================================================================

event_powerstationfire                  A power surge has caused our generator to overload and catch fire!
event_powerstationfire_x                A power surge has caused a catastrophic overload in our generator, and the whole thing has exploded!
event_powerstationfirelarge             A power surge has caused our generator to overload and catch fire!
event_powerstationfirelarge_x           A power surge has caused a catastrophic overload in our generator, and the whole thing has exploded!
event_kitchenfire                       A fire has started in the kitchen!
event_waterpipeburst                    A water pipe has burst and is flooding the area. Fix it before the damage becomes too severe.
event_bulkintake                        A disaster at a nearby prison has rendered a whole section of the facility unusable. We have no choice but to transfer the prisoners there to your prison, as there are no other suitable facilities nearby. They will be arriving soon.
event_workshopaccident                  A prisoner has been seriously wounded in a workshop accident, and can't be moved! Send a doctor, quickly!
event_subsidence                        Subsidence of the land has destroyed a section of our outer wall. You should have it repaired, immediately! 
event_earthquake                        A local earthquake has caused a section of the prison to collapse! 
event_virus                             We've been getting reports of sickness from a number of prisoners. It might be worth identifying and quarantining the infected to stop it from spreading. 
event_virus_x                           We've been getting reports of sickness from a number of prisoners, and the symptoms seem quite severe. You should consider quarantining the sick and treating them before it spreads too far. 
event_treefire                          A fire has started in our forestry!
event_foodpoisoning                     We've been getting reports of food poisoning amongst the prisoners. Some of the food in the kitchen must have spoiled. Unfortunately for the sick, there isn't much to do but to wait it out.
event_cilistleak                        We don't know how, but the identities of our confidential informants have got out. If we don't move them somewhere save straight away, they are going to be in real danger.
event_keysersoze                        A recent high-profile gang case has implicated one of our Minimum Security prisoners as a high ranking gang leader. They've remained under the radar, but now everyone knows who they are...
event_preacherconversion                One of our more charismatic inmates has become something of a religious evangelist, and others seem to be coming around to their way of thinking. Not a necessarily a problem, but our prisoners may soon have more spiritual needs.

event_massassassination_1               The identities of a number of witnesses in a federal prosecution case have been leaked, and some of them are inmates in our prison.
event_massassassination_2               Hits have been taken out on them, but we need them alive. You need to identify the prisoners and keep them in one piece until their court date comes up.
event_massassassination_3_x             We're learning about this late, so you don't have much time before these hits go live. 

event_tvremovaldemand_1                 The media have started a campaign over the amenities granted to prisoners, and it's bringing a lot of heat on my office.
event_tvremovaldemand_2                 I'm passing a bill which bans TVs in common areas in prisons, so I need you to remove all TVs from your common rooms or you will be fined. You have 6 hours.
event_tvremovaldemand_fine              You've failed to remove TVs from your common rooms, which is now required by law. You've been fined, and will continue to receive fines until you comply. 
event_tvremovaldemand_complete          The media have moved on to something else and the bill banning TVs from common areas has been repealed. Feel free to re-install them if you wish.

event_weightsremovaldemand_1            The media have started a campaign over the amenities granted to prisoners, and it's brining a lot of heat on my office.
event_weightsremovaldemand_2            I'm passing a bill which bans exercise equipment in prison yards, so I need you to remove all Weights Benches from your Yards or you will be fined. You have 6 hours.
event_weightsremovaldemand_fine         You've failed to remove all Weights Benches from your yards, which is now required by law. You've been fined, and will continue to receive fines until you comply. 
event_weightsremovaldemand_complete     The media have moved on to something else and the bill banning weights benches from yards has been repealed. Feel free to re-install them if you wish.

event_lessfooddemand_1                  The board has decided to experiment with a number of cost-saving measures across our facilities, and your prison is being included.
event_lessfooddemand_2                  We need you to reduce the meal quantity and meal variation policies in your prison to low, so we can see what effect this has on overall budgets.
event_lessfooddemand_fine               Since you've decided not to implement the new food policies we've asked for, we're going to take the potential savings directly from your funds. This will continue to happen until you do as I've asked.
event_lessfooddemand_complete           The food budget experiment is over and the results are inconclusive. You are free to set your food policies back to whatever you wish.

event_removevisitationdemand_1          An incident at another facility has highlighted potential issues with security checks when it comes to family visitation in prisons.
event_removevisitationdemand_2          Until the processes can be properly reviewed, all visitation must be suspended. You have 12 hours to remove all Visitation rooms from your prison.
event_removevisitationdemand_fine       You have failed to remove the Visitation rooms from your prison, despite the current security issues. You've been fined, and will continue to be fined until you comply. 
event_removevisitationdemand_complete   We've completed our security review of the visitation process, and Visitation rooms can now be re-added to your prison if you choose. 

event_lessworkdemand_1                  I've just received word that the prisoners are unhappy with how much time they have to work during the day, and are planning to cause trouble if it isn't reduced.
event_lessworkdemand_2                  A guard overheard someone say that if they had to work for more than 2 hours they were going to "tear this place apart."
event_lessworkdemand_ignore             It looks like the prisoners have given up and settled down. They aren't happy about it, but it's good to show them who's boss around here.
event_lessworkdemand_complete           The prisoners have settled down about their work hours now - I guess they saw the last few days as something of a vacation. We can put them back to work without trouble.       

event_moresleepdemand_1                 We've received complaints that the prisoners aren't allowed to sleep enough, and are getting very irritable about it.
event_moresleepdemand_2                 They've said that if they aren't given at least 7 hours of sleep a night, they are going to start causing trouble. 
event_moresleepdemand_ignore            Looks like the prisoners have finally run out of steam and given up their protests about lack of sleep. Guess they were too tired.
event_moresleepdemand_complete          The whole issue with the prisoners' sleep schedules has finally blown over, so you can change them again without issue if you want.

event_morefreetimedemand_1              The prisoners are apparently unhappy with how little free time they have in their daily schedules.
event_morefreetimedemand_2              The guards have been hearing whispers that if things don't change soon, the prisoners are going to start causing some damage.
event_morefreetimedemand_ignore         The prisoners have settled down and stopped causing trouble over their lack of free time. Maybe they realised they'd have even less if they are always in solitary.
event_morefreetimedemand_complete       The prisoners demands for more free time have been indulged for long enough, so you can feel free to change their schedule again as you wish.

event_contrabandsurge_complete          We've just discovered that one of the teachers we bring in for the inmates classes has been smuggling in huge amounts of contraband. They've been fired, but the damage has been done at this point.
event_corruptingspiritualist_complete	One of the spiritual leaders we bring in for our religious programs has been riling up the inmates with all kinds of hateful speech. They've been fired, but the prisoners will take some time to cool down.

event_agitatingradio_1                  According to some of our Guards, a new radio host on the station the prisoners listen to has been saying a lot of things that are riling a the inmates up.
event_agitatingradio_2                  It might be worth removing the radios for the time being, unless they start to take what he's saying seriously.
event_agitatingradio_complete           That radio host was apparently fired after a lot of complaints. There shouldn't be any more problems with radios in the prison.

# =============================================================================
# Events Objectives (shown in todo list)
# =============================================================================

objective_bulkintake                    Incoming Prisoners
objective_tvremovaldemand               Remove TVs from Common Rooms
objective_tvremovaldemand_child         Ensure there are no TVs in Common Rooms
objective_weightsremovaldemand          Remove Weights Benches from Yards
objective_weightsremovaldemand_child    Ensure there are no Weights Benches in Yards
objective_lessfooddemand                Reduce Meal Quantity and Variation to Low
objective_lessfooddemand_child          Change the prisoners meal quantity and meal variation policies to low
objective_removevisitationdemand        Remove All Visitation Rooms
objective_removevisitationdemand_child  Ensure no visitation rooms in the prison until the security review is complete
objective_virus                         Virus Outbreak
objective_virus_child                   Total Infected Prisoners: 
objective_massassassination             Federal Witness\nCourt Date
objective_massassassination_child       Surviving witnesses: 
objective_lessworkdemand                Prisoners Demand Less Work
objective_lessworkdemand_child          Reduce work to 2 hours a day or less
objective_moresleepdemand               Give Prisoners More Sleep
objective_moresleepdemand_child         Increase sleep time to at least 7 hours a day
objective_morefreetimedemand            Give Prisoners More Free Time
objective_morefreetimedemand_child      Increase free time to at least 6 hours a day
objective_agitatingradio                Agitating Radio Broadcasts
objective_agitatingradio_child          The current radio broadcasts are getting our inmates riled up...

# =============================================================================
# Custom warden strings
# =============================================================================

warden_default_name                     The Warden
warden_default_desc                     The most balanced individual on the planet, he does his job and nothing else. People just call him The Warden.
warden_lobbyist_name                    The Lobbyist
warden_lobbyist_desc                    The Lobbyist has friends in high places, and makes sure the more easily controlled prisoners end up coming his way.\n\n - Halves the likelihood of receiving prisoners who are Violent, Lethal, Volatile, Deadly or Fighters.
warden_lobbyist_desc_short              - Halves the likelihood of receiving prisoners who are Violent, Lethal, Volatile, Deadly or Fighters.
warden_fear_name                        Rita
warden_fear_desc                        Ruthless and terrifying, Rita has a reputation for running her facilities through judicial application of fear. Rumours of her carrying a whip may be exaggerated.\n\n - Halves likelihood of prisoners being Stoical or Fearless\n - Prisoners are suppressed twice as quickly
warden_fear_desc_short                  - Halves likelihood of prisoners being Stoical or Fearless\n - Prisoners are suppressed twice as quickly
warden_tunnels_name                     J.W. Periwinkle
warden_tunnels_desc                     Warden Periwinkle says he was a sapper in the war. He never says which war, specifically, but he certainly knows everything about digging tunnels.\n\n - Guard Dogs have a 50% chance of fully uncovering any tunnels they detect
warden_tunnels_desc_short               - Guard Dogs have a 50% chance of fully uncovering any tunnels they detect
warden_calming_name                     The Pacifier
warden_calming_desc                     The Pacifier has an unusual talent for being able to calm even the most violent individuals. Even being in the same room as him is enough to make people docile and compliant.\n\n - Reduces the overall temperature of your prison, making your inmates less likely to cause trouble
warden_calming_desc_short               - Reduces the overall temperature of your prison, making your inmates less likely to cause trouble
warden_contraband_name                  Saphara Acknova
warden_contraband_desc                  Saphara Acknova has a spotless reputation and a squeaky clean record. But behind the scenes, shady deals and under the table offerings are nothing uncommon for her.\n\n - Gets a small cut of the re-sale value of each piece of contraband found\n - Prisoners found with contraband will be 'fined' directly from their savings
warden_contraband_desc_short            - Gets a small cut of the re-sale value of each piece of contraband found\n - Prisoners found with contraband will be 'fined' directly from their savings
buildtoolbar_wardenlobbyist             The Lobbyist
buildtoolbar_tooltip_wardenlobbyist     Get less violent criminals in your prison
interfacetopbar_tension_calmingwarden   - Your Warden is having a calming effect on prisoners
warden_consultingfee                    Consulting Fee

# =============================================================================
# Crime names
# =============================================================================

crime_bribery                     Bribery
crime_aggravatedburglary          Aggravated Burglary
crime_burglary                    Burglary
crime_arson                       Arson
crime_criminaldamage              Criminal Damage
crime_vandalism                   Vandalism
crime_violentdisorder             Violent Disorder
crime_possession                  Possession
crime_possessionintenttosupply    Possession Intent To Supply
crime_forgery                     Forgery
crime_fraud                       Fraud
crime_counterfeightingcurrency    Counterfeighting Currency
crime_falseaccounting             False Accounting
crime_insidertrading              Insider Trading
crime_moneylaundering             Money Laundering
crime_aggravatedvehicletheft      Aggravated Vehicle Theft
crime_joyriding                   Joy Riding
crime_dangerousdriving            Dangerous Driving
crime_deathbydangerousdriving     Death By Dangerous Driving
crime_drivingunderinfluence       Driving Under Influence
crime_kidnapping                  Kidnapping
crime_falseimprisonment           False Imprisonment
crime_torture                     Torture
crime_assault                     Assault
crime_aggravatedassault           Aggravated Assault
crime_assaultinganofficer         Assaulting An Officer
crime_greviousbodilyharm          Grevious Bodily Harm
crime_murder                      Murder
crime_attemptedmurder             Attempted Murder
crime_manslaughter                Manslaughter
crime_pervertingcourseofjustice   Perverting Course Of Justice
crime_contemptofcourt             Contempt Of Court
crime_drunkdisorderlybehaviour    Drunk Disorderly Behaviour
crime_escapingfromlawfulcustody   Escaping From Lawful Custody
crime_perjury                     Perjury
crime_rioting                     Rioting
crime_espionage                   Espionage
crime_violentdisorder             Violent Disorder
crime_trafficking                 Trafficking
crime_armedrobbery                Armed Robbery
crime_robbery                     Robbery
crime_carjacking                  Car Jacking
crime_blackmail                   Blackmail
crime_handlingstolengoods         Handling Stolen Goods
crime_videogamepiracy             Video Game Piracy
crime_indievideogamepiracy        Indie Video Game Piracy
crime_shoplifting                 Shoplifting
crime_pickpocketing               Pickpocketing
crime_cartheft                    Car Theft
crime_rape                        Rape
crime_grossindecency              Gross Indecency
crime_voyeurism                   Voyeurism

# =============================================================================
# Cause of death
# =============================================================================

causeofdeath_fight                  Killed in fight with *X
causeofdeath_fight_weapon           Killed by *X with *W
causeofdeath_fight_prisoner         Murdered by *X
causeofdeath_fight_prisoner_weapon  Murdered by *X with *W
causeofdeath_fight_actor            Killed with *W
causeofdeath_gang                   Killed by rival gang member
causeofdeath_gang_weapon            Killed by rival gang member with *W
causeofdeath_fire                   Died in a fire
causeofdeath_escaping               Killed by *X while trying to escape
causeofdeath_escaping_weapon        Killed by *X with *W while trying to escape
causeofdeath_mauled                 Mauled to death by Guard Dog
causeofdeath_snitch                 Killed for being a Snitch
causeofdeath_exlaw                  Killed for being Ex Law Enforcement
causeofdeath_copkiller              Killed by guards for being a Cop Killer
causeofdeath_explosion              Killed in an explosion
causeofdeath_electrocution          Killed by Electrocution
causeofdeath_starvation             Starved to death
causeofdeath_virus                  Died from infection
causeofdeath_overdosed              Overdosed
causeofdeath_bledout                Bled to death 
causeofdeath_riot                   Killed during a riot
causeofdeath_executed               Executed by Electric Chair
causeofdeath_unknown_1				Cause of Death Unknown.
causeofdeath_unknown_2 				Unlock Intelligence to determine.