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Release date / Patch
2022-06-14 / Kite

Store: Expansion

Prison Architect: Gangs is the 7th expansion for Prison Architect. It was announced on 2022-06-01[1] and was released on 2022-06-14[2] alongside the free Kite update.

Expansion overview[edit | edit source]

They are organized and want to take control of your prison. Show them who’s in charge and stop their schemes! Carefully manage your inmates, staff, and guard presence to avoid riots and ensure a peaceful - yet profitable - prison.

  • Meet The Gang: Gangs form and grow is gang members arrive through intake or recruitment. Each gang now has its own personality and traits, and will naturally be drawn to recruiting inmates with similar attributes.
  • Boiling Point: As gangs grow and begin to flex their strength, the 'danger temperature' of your prison will rise. Thanks to the 'Boiling point' UI, you get a detailed overview of what's affecting the life of your inmates, allowing you to act swiftly, keeping them happy, and preventing irrepressible riots.
  • Reform and Release: Gang members can now leave their crew. Help them come clean by removing their tattoos and enrolling them in the Gang Rehabilitation Program.
  • New Rooms: Use the Tattoo Removal Room to remove gangs' tattoos, or have gang members train in the Fight Club Room, turning their destructive energy into fighting in a controlled environment.
  • Crooked Guards: Gangs may coerce guards into smuggling contraband or accepting bribes. You can vet guards during the hiring process (Bureaucracy) as well as recruit C.I.s to identify guards that have turned.

Expansion details[edit | edit source]

  • New Grants - 3 new grants not only to aid the player financially but to also serve as an onboarding tool to some of the new features present within the DLC
    • Positive Energy, Advanced Protection & Gang Welfare
  • New Gangs! - All new gangs complete with their own visual identify, personality and strategy - including a 'gang' of reformed ex gang members
    • Jackals, Bone Breakers and Vipers
  • New Staff and Prisoner Programs - New Programs for Prisoners and a new Advanced Hand to Hand combat training for Staff Members
    • Fight Club, Gang Rehabilitation, Tattoo Removal, Faith, Breathe and Art Class Programs.
  • New Rooms and Quick Rooms - Several new rooms for the player to experiment with
    • Tattoo removal room, the Cage and the Fight Club
  • A 'Boiling Point' system - Detecting the 'temperature' of the gangs within the prison from the Intelligence menu
  • Improvements to the Intelligence menu with more security details and options such as restricting access to certain rooms for specific prisoners, transfer prisoners, Guard assignment, Removing prisoners to other facilities (for a large fee) and marking prisoners.
  • A host of new Gang Behaviours - Making Gangs a deeper gameplay experience - how gangs target prisoners, extracting a toll from non gang members and the recruitment of prisoners into the respective gangs
    • Gang Members can actively recruit prisoners, make demands and threats to the player, promote new leadership, assassinate targets and can bribe guards
  • Gang 'Events' - From planned Assassinations of a Gangs leader to food fights in the Canteen - there are a lot of new methods that gangs will use to mark and defend their territory
    • Once Gangs reach a number of 20 members, they will be able to start making demands. The prisoners who are part of the Gang making the demand will Kick off and start causing problems around the prison. Jackals will start Escaping. Bone Breakers will start Destroying. Vipers will start Fighting.
  • New method of contraband smuggling into the prison - Crooked Guards!
    • Crooked Guards will smuggle in contraband
  • Gang grouping - Gangs will sit (such as Canteen) and move with each other as much as possible to re emphasized their strength and unity
  • Territory Marking - Gangs will mark their territory with graffiti

Videos[edit | edit source]

Cinematic trailers[edit | edit source]

Gangs: Release trailer. Bring order to your prison!
Gangs: Announcement trailer. Prison Architect: Gangs introduces Gang warfare. Bring order to your prison and manage its boiling point by reforming gang members and protecting your inmates and staff.

Tutorials[edit | edit source]

Gangs: Territory, Behaviors, and Recruitment. The Geek Cupboard will show you all the new behaviors, actions, smuggling, recruitment, and more with the Gangs DLC coming to Prison Architect!
Gangs: Programs, New Rooms, and Management. Prison Architect has new rooms, programs, and management options for your prison! With the Gangs expansion you'll get tattoo removal rooms, fight clubs, new trainings, and many other new options.
Gangs: Free Update. The Geek Cupboard lays out all the new stuff -- whole variety or improvements, fixes, and dogs! -- coming to every owner of Prison Architect with the free Kite update coming out alongside Gangs expansion.

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