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Müllraum.jpg Garbage
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4/2020 | The Sneezer


  • Minimum size: 1x3


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An area where bags of refuse are stored. Supply Trucks regularly remove any Bags of Garbage from this area, so it is recommended to be zoned next to the road. Some idle Workmen will wait for work in this zone.


  • Place bins around your prison to collect trash bags together to avoid having your Workmen carry every individual refuse bag directly to the garbage area.
  • Bins in the Garbage zone will not be used to stack up bags, unless garbage production close by would use that bin.
  • If the Delivery zone is on the same level (horizontally), loading the Supply Truck with garbage may happen while the same truck is unloaded.
  • Even though your initial garbage zone is outdoors, there's no need for this room to be there explicitly, you may put it inside a building as well.