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Guard Dog

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Guard Dog



Daily Wage:




Toughness (HP):


Other Information:

  • Required: Chief
  • Required Research: Patrols
  • Required Research: Dogs

Guard Dogs can be purchased after unlocking Security, Patrols and Dogs from the Bureaucracy screen. Hiring a Dog Handler is the only way to obtain a guard dog. Dogs were introduced into the game with the purpose of aiding the player in detecting Smelly Contraband and Escape Tunnels. They do so by barking at any prisoner that may be carrying some narcotics, or by digging at the ground when they think a tunnel is underneath them. However, just like the Metal Detector, guard dogs can generate false positives which can result in prisoners being unnecessarily searched, and the dog randomly digging at the ground due to its nature.

Guard dogs are a useful asset for the player as they are a lot faster than regular Guards in chasing prisoners that attempt to escape the prison. Moreover, their ruthless nature will often result in them mauling a prisoner near death as the prisoner fights back. After leaving the prisoner incapacitated, the dog will then wait for the arrival of its handler, and a guard to escort the escapee back to his Cell. Much like guards, dogs can also have set patrol paths which they will follow with their handler to help patrol the prison.

Additionally, guard dogs are the first staff members to have Energy. The energy status bar can be found underneath the dog, and will gradually deplete over time. In order to restore energy, the dog will require its handler to guide it back to an available Kennel where it will rest inside of a Dog Crate. Dogs will automatically leave their dog crates once they are fully rested. They will stay in the kennel until assigned a job.

How to use a Guard DogEdit

  • Assign Dog Patrol around cell blocks to find tunnel diggers. Optionally you can schedule this patrol at night only. A little yellow flag will be on the ground when he finds a tunnel. Usually a single flag is a false positive.
  • Assign Dog Patrol at the entrance to the visitation area, the reception, the Cleaning Cupboard and the delivery zone to find smelly contraband.
  • Assign Dog Patrol at crowded areas, e.g. the entrance of the canteen or the yard to get the best efficiency out of the Guard Dog.


When Guard Dogs start attacking a prisoner, they will not stop until the prisoner dies or they are stopped by Dog Handlers. If the Dog Handler is killed, you can sack the Guard Dog to stop the Guard Dog from attacking. He will not stop on his own and will not be adopted by a new Dog Handler.


Different designs for the Guard Dog before it was released.
  • Because dogs and their handlers are separate entities, once one of them is fired, the second will run out of the map.
  • Despite the Doctor's inability to heal the guard dogs, their health will be healed slowly and automatically while on duty or resting.
  • When a Guard Dog spots an incident or sniffs out contraband, it will bark.
  • The Guard Dog's appearance was originally to be different as seen on the image to the right.
  • Choosing J. W. Periwinkle as a warden gives guard dogs a 50% chance of fully uncovering any tunnels they detect.