Guard Tower

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Guard tower v2.png

Guard Tower





Toughness (HP):


Used in:

  • Outdoors

Other Information:

  • Required: Chief
  • Required Research: Armoury
  • Required Research: Guard Tower.

  • Automatically manned by snipers.


A sniper in a guard tower overlooking a yard.

Guard towers house Snipers, who watch and shoot prisoners who are not keeping within the rulebook. One Guard tower is home to one sniper, and helps supply the calming effect, similar to the Armoury. Snipers without rifles will watch prisoners, but not shoot.

A sniper in a Guard tower got a range of 48 blocks


  • The towers are not mortally bound to one sniper. Another one will swap in when needed.
  • The Snipers will fire several warning shots at prisoners. Escaping prisoners (or any prisoner when Freefire is enabled) do not get said warnings.