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Gymansium.png Gymnasium
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Rope, Club, Medicine

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The gymnasium is a place for inmates to exercise and release their pent up aggression, or train to handle disagreements the old-fashioned way. The gymnasium acts similarly to a yard catering to various prisoner needs (exercise and recreation) but also allows prisoners to gain new and improve their current reputations, such as strong, fast and tough by exercising on the objects placed in the room. Being inside the gym will negatively increase the prisoner's hygiene need by a small amount, encouraging a shower.​ Prisoners will want to visit the gym during the "yard" and "freetime" regime periods.​

With the exception of gang members (mentioned below), all other inmates will still favor the yard since it allows them to spend time outdoors.

Room Grading[edit]

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Room Grading

If the Cleared for Transfer DLC is being used, a gymnasium may also have a room grading associated with it. This grading affects the sector grading of the security sectors that the gym is designated for.

Gym is graded on a scale from 0 to 10 (shown in Logistics -> Room Quality).

Each of the following objects increase its grading by 1 point:

Window small.png Windows
Up.png 2 if gym has 4 windows facing outdoor installed.
Down.png 1 if gym doesn't have any windows.