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Helicopters can be used as an alternative mode of transport for delivery and transport system. They are also used by air emergency services.

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Helicopters are part of the Island Bound DLC, used for delivery and transport purposes. Unlike the boats, they are also used by air emergency services. Currently, there are 5 types of helicopters:

Helicopters require a helipad on which they can land (although landing is not always necessary, see Fire and Elite Ops helicopter sections). Helipads are also required in order to be able to call emergency service helicopters.

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Supply Helicopter[edit]

Supply Heli.png

Supply helicopter is used for delivering various cargo to your prison, such as food and workshop supplies, building materials, objects and even visitors. It require a helipad to land which must be connected to a delivery, storage or/and exports room where the cargo is going to be unloaded. This can be done via Logistics.

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Supply helicopter can bring 20 stacks of any cargo at once.


  • The number of how many helicopters can be used at the same time is based on the number of installed helipads.
  • Visitors arrive in visitors helicopter which looks exactly the same as supply helicopter and which has exactly the same characteristics.
  • Once visitors leave the visitor helicopter, it flies away and never come back unless there's no other way for visitors to leave the prison (no boat dock or road connection) as visitors prefer to leave by the road and boats.
  • Supply helicopter can be dismissed by clicking on it and selecting Dismiss vehicle option.

Prisoner Intake Helicopter[edit]

Intake Heli.png

Intake helicopter has the same function as Prisoner Bus and Inmate Boat which is transporting prisoners in to your prison. The helicopters come at 8AM, one by one unless there's more helipads for intake available.

Intake helicopter have space for 20 prisoners.

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Elite Ops Helicopter[edit]

Elite Ops Heli.png

Elite Ops helicopter can be called in to help with a riot, gangs or other problems. It comes with 4 Elite Ops soldiers, armed with machine guns.

Once called in, Elite Ops helicopter automatically arrives to one of the helipads on which it lands to deploy the Elite Ops squad. Before that happens, you can select the helicopter by left-clicking on it and issue move orders by right-clicking on the area you want the heli to go to. This can be very useful as it allows to deploy Elite Ops in any place, for example as close to the fight as possible.

In order to deploy Elite Ops squad in any location, send the helicopter to hover over it. Next, select the helicopter once again by clicking on it and choose Deploy squad from the context menu. Once pressed, the Elite Ops squad will use fast-roping technique to leave the helicopter and be ready for the next task.


  • Elite Ops can be deployed by fast-roping, directly into the building.
  • You can call maximum 3 Elite Ops helicopters (if 3 free helipads are available).
  • Calling in Elite Ops helicopter costs Icon money.png $3,000.
  • If your play with failure conditions option enabled, have prison on an island and lose the game, soldiers will arrive by Elite Ops helicopter.
  • The National Guard Helicopter shares the same sprite with the Elite Ops Helicopter but doesn't have a siren. It is the only helicopter that can spawn if there are no helipads present and the National Guard will automatically deploy on inmate controlled areas of the prison.
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Air Firefighter Helicopter[edit]

Fire Heli.png

Fire helicopter can be called in to help with prison fires, especially those located on the islands. It brings 4 air firemen that can be deployed upon landing.

Fire helicopter can also put out fires by itself as it comes with its tank full of water which is limited. In order to send the helicopter to combat fires, you must select the helicopter by clicking on it and select Fight Fires option.


  • You can call maximum 3 fire helicopters (if 3 free helipads are available).
  • Calling in fire helicopter costs Icon money.png $2,000.
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Air Paramedics Helicopter[edit]

Med Heli.png

Air paramedics helicopter arrives with 4 air paramedics on board and requires a helipad to land on. Once paramedics leave the helicopter, you can dismiss it by clicking on it to make the landing zone free for another helicopter.


  • You can call maximum 3 helicopters with paramedics (if 3 free helipads are available).
  • Calling in paramedics helicopter costs Icon money.png $1,000.
  • The hearse helicopter shares the same sprite with the Air Paramedic helicopter.
  • Paramedic Helicopter along with Hearse helicopter and National Guard helicopter are the only emergency heli without a siren sound
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