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Helipad.png Helipad
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Date of the last article update. Content based on The Rock
7/2020 | The Rock
Cost: $5 000
Size: 7x7
Toughness 1 000 HP
Used in: Outdoor
Other Information:
  • None provided
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Boat Dock.png
Boat Dock,

Helipad is an object that has the same function as the road and boat dock. It can be installed to allow delivery of building materials, objects, visitors or prisoners by a helicopter. You can have more than one helipad installed to make delivery system more efficient.

Helipad is also used by air emergency units such as air paramedics, air firefighters or elite ops. That how many air emergency services you can call in is also based on how many free helipads you have as each of the helicopters require its own.


Helipads can be linked with the rooms via delivery logistics and customized which type of cargo they accept in transport logistics.

For more information, see:
Deliveries Logistics,
Transport Logistics


  • Helipad is source of water for Air Firemen who attach their hoses to it upon arriving.
  • One helipad can be used only by one helicopter at the same time. In order for another helicopter to arrive or to be called in, the first one must leave the map.