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System of Archiving[edit]

From time to time it may be necessary to archive talk pages. The content may be obsolete, because discussed changes are incorporated already, or maybe they are irrelevant already. To keep these discussions, they will be archived instead of being deleted.

The archiving has to be done manually.

Setting a link to the archive
  • Edit the talk page and insert the {{Archivebox}} at the top of it. Use the parameters described in the documentary. The note parameter is optional.
{{ Archivebox | year1=2015 | month1=09 | note1=Description }}
  • Use the preview button to check the result !
  • Open the shown red link in a new tab (should be like Archive 2015 / 09 (Description)).

Edit the new archive page
  • Insert {{Archive}} with described parameters (see documentary) in this new page, without the closing brackets !
  • Now switch to the talk page and copy the discussion (without the inserted Archive box!).
  • Go back to the archive and insert the copied discussion (behind content=).
  • Now close the template by adding the closing curly brackets }} at the end of the inserted discussion and save the archive.
  • Check, if everything looks fine.

Finishing the talk page
  • Now switch to the (still previewed) talk page and delete the discussion here, so only the archive box remains.
  • Check the archive link by preview (link should be blue now) and save the talk page at last.

After these steps have been done, you should have a cleared talk page with only the archive box shown on top, and a new archive page that is linked with the box on the talk page.

The Archive[edit]

All talk pages containing the {{Archive}}-Template will be automatically added to the Archive Category.