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Templates are little helpers which are used for recurring parts of a page. There a several types of templates which can be used in articles.

Head boxes[edit]

As the name mentions, these templates should be placed in the top of a page. They create a box with notable information.

Content specific boxes[edit]

Content specific boxes are spiecial boxes for some kind of content. They are designed for the specific pages.


Infoboxes should give a short overview over all relevant content, as well as icons and images.


Footer-boxes are mainly an overview of all types of pages that count to the specific category, as well as some special pages related to the category. It should be placed on the bottom of the page.

Text templates[edit]

Text templates are used direct in the text. they are often markers for missing informations or as reference.

  • Template:Citation needed (this information needs a citation link, eg to twitter, forum etc)
  • Template:Verification Needed (this information is unclear and needs to be verified)
  • Template:Ref (sets a superscript to an anchor, has to be used with reflink)
  • Template:Reflink (creates the anchor for the ref links and adds a link to a source to verify an information)
  • Template:Main (when an editor needs to link to an article with more information)
  • Template:Seealso (when an editor wants readers to reference more information elsewhere)
  • Template:Unsigned (when an editor forgets to sign a comment on a talk page, this should be used - MUST BE SUBSTITUTED)
  • Template:T (set on an translated page to indicate, that translation is wrong or incomplete)